From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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Reaction to 'Goals and IVy' in IVy 14

By Nellie Bosma, Holland

I will keep my reaction a short one. You mention the goal 'To
clear the planet by 1984'. Drawing on the column by Mark Jones
(see under the heading: 'The climax .. control vs. receiving'),
I gather this goal was formulated in 1982/83(1).
This would mean that the goal was meant to be reached within
one year. To me this looks rather like a pc who would say: 'I
will be clear by tomorrow 9 pm.' Considering all the time that
has gone by before we were where we are now (in terms of power lost,
consciousness lost, mass accumulated etc.) it will probably take
longer than a year to 'Clear the planet'. But that doesn't
mean that the goal in itself is unrealistic, as you seem to say in
your second footnote. It's just the time-tag attached to it that makes
it seem that way. To me the goal of clearing the planet (to begin
with yourself of course, although the two aren't really separate)
is still a very valuable and worthwhile one. There is no need to
this goal. In fact, I think that everyone who ever felt attracted
to the concepts presented in Dianetics or Scientology, if he or she
would look into their hearts, will still find it there.

There are a lot of confusions about the implementation of the goal
- how to go about it, which is the 'right' way, which
way is 'wrong' - which have made it seem like it will
always be the same: an eternal struggle in which we will never be
able to reach it. I believe there are no 'right' or 'wrong'
ways, only different ones - as long as the goal is the same. And
I do not believe that we will never reach it. Of course, I do have
doubts and get confused, afraid, angry or frustrated at times, but
I also do believe we will get there in the end.

In fact, I believe there never has been another goal - and there
never will be for that matter - for beings that want to help make
this Earth a safer place, a place of trust and openness instead of
distrust and power. Which is just another way of saying: to clear
the planet.

(1)My recollection is
1980 (which does not make much difference to the point Nellie is

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