From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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Whither, Scientology?

by Ulrich, Germany

Throwing an item like 'let's find a goal for the group' into
the arena of discussion (Antony in IVy 14) is, I think, a grand
gesture. I should like to congratulate the editor on his courage.

Organisation is senior

As some specific points in Antony's article incited me to write
this one, I shall actually quote him (without any intention to be
critical though - by quoting him I am just indicating what sparked
me off). He says: 'We are strong to the degree we are in
This is true insofar enforced withholds will weaken the communication
lines of a group. And that is the situation of free scientology
But if there were no fear of the CofS and no withholds - would
communication alone result in strength? I doubt it. Communication
certainly would establish a certain level of ARC, but ARC, as we
know, ranges between plus 40 and minus 40 on the tone scale. 'ARC'
doesn't mean that just because people communicate, they are nice
to each other. An intense communication like the one observed in
over the past few years, for example, didn't result in a strengthening
of the country but in its destruction.

Yet despite that and undaunted by it, any good scientologist will
be positive that the ARC triangle, if handled with care, will help
to raise a person on the tone scale. Fair enough. Now supposing one
made plentiful communication happen between non-CofS scientologists,
what would be the result? A friendly understanding. Granting of
Mutual acceptance. And then what? Does this create strength by itself?
It doesn't. But it helps. Because communication is the key ingredient
to organisation and administration, to competence and KRC.

I could wholeheartedly agree to Antony's statement if it read: 'We
are strong to the degree we are organized.' Because organization
implies communication.

Are shamans auditors?

Next point: who is 'we'? Antony's answer: 'people who
agree on some basic principles, which I regard as scientology.'
What basic principles, may I ask? What is it that makes a scientology
auditor different from a psychologist, a shaman, a reiki healer? And
indeed, referrals to psychotherapy, shamanism and 'esoteric'
healing techniques are not unfrequent in IVy. This is fine.
There is nothing wrong with looking over the fence to see how the
next guy grows his cabbage. But are the terms 'auditing' and
'scientology' still justified once 'foreign elements'
are incorporated in the application of the subject?

The philosophical and theoretical umbrella provided by scientology
is so wide that pretty much anything under the sun can be explained
with reference to it. Perhaps we cannot (as yet) teach our preclears
to walk over hot lava or run spikes through their cheeks (standard
feats at a jolly old shaman meeting), but we can at least, in terms
of theory, explain what's happening there. Is shamanism scientology
then? Are shaman healers auditors? If not - why not? What basic
principles add up to what we regard as scientology? Much as the Axioms
and Factors are a mode of describing and explaining spiritual
they are not 'owned' by scientology. Hubbard found them, he
did not invent them. You show them to a Hawaiian Huna healer and
he'll just yawn and say, 'well I knew that all along'. So
please: what is it that makes auditors different from other

Clearing the planet

Then Antony refers to an entity he calls 'the group'. He wonders
if 'we as a group, those interested in LRH's philosophy and
tech, have a common goal now' and reminds us of the old battle-cry
of 'Clear the Planet!', a group amalgamation device he
thinks has gone stale with excessive use. Stale? Well, quite! After
all, it's a rather ancient one. Not a novel idea at all and certainly
not a prerogative of the CofS or other Hubbard-disciples. Since old
Gautama Buddha made up his mind 'to relieve all sentient beings
from suffering', clearing the planet has been the favourite pastime
of many religions large and small - just witness Roman Catholicism,
Islam and the American Way of Life. Even Maharishis's Transcendental
Meditation movement boasts a Spiritual World Government! Therefore,
stale or not, those who are into clearing the planet live in a fairly
classy neighbourhood, even if the CofS happened to be located across
the street.

If scientology were to reduce its aspirations to merely becoming a
'nice therapy', it would lose its spirit and be licked for
good. Isn't it a degrading thing for an upright thetan to need
auditing at all? A good lot of TR-0 should do the job! That it
should be no reason to introvert into the case-handling aspects
of scientology. There's more to be had: admin and ethics know-how.

Who is 'free scientology'?

Now, is there such a 'group' at all? I can't see it. 14 issues
of IVy have evidenced the fact that 'free scientology'
is not carried forward by a unified or homogeneous group but consists
of many separate ones. Some of them wouldn't even dare admit they
are using scientology. Of course, one can't write that word on one's
shingle(1)these days, for legal reasons, but at least to the people in
shop one can refer to one's sources. However, this is not always done.
So where is this group the spirits of which Antony wishes to evoke
and address?

A group is defined by the game it agrees on, its game again by its
admin scale: goals, purposes, rules, procedures, ideal scenes,
products. Does the CofS have an admin scale beyond that of the
imperialistic expansion of their imagined monopoly? Do they have an
admin scale with regard to scientology itself? Does anyone
else have one? I wonder.

Those who were breastfed in the CofS got it with each gulp until it
penetrated their system to the last fiber: 'Thou shalt not do
anything that isn't written by LRH.' Period. End of admin scale.
Now that some of us are weaned off, a process that took a good ten
years, we seem to look around wondering what to do with our freedom.
Scientology obviously is more than what LRH concentrated upon during
his lifetime; in terms of procedures and results he certainly never
exhausted the potential of his own brain child. Only doing what he
wrote would set unpermissible limits, we know that - but without
any limits, where will Scientology wind up?

So what's the admin scale of, for example, the Ron's Orgs with regard
to scientology? Of the Clearing Institute? Of Dianasis? Of the AAC?
What about the individual non-aligned practitioners? What goals do
they set for scientology? What purposes do they connect with its
What policies govern their auditing procedures? What ideal scene do
they envision for the subject? Not for their pcs, for the subject!

Restoring life

If one really wanted to 'restore life to Free Scientology as a
group', free scientologists would need to get together and form
an agreement on what they mean when they say 'scientology'.
One would need to do something that neither the CofS nor Ron himself
ever did, and that is to work out an admin scale all those who would
call themselves 'Hubbard Practitioners' could agree to follow.
And once one had done that, one could go further and agree on training
qualifications and certification of auditors, one could agree on the
basic rudiments of a bridge and on the attestation of states such
as Clear. One could demonstrate that scientology works in all cases
of mental disability and psychosomatic illness and thereby establish
the credibility of scientology by actual result - instead of by
enforcing such agreement by heavy promotional campaigns.

Then, only then, would Free Scientology be truly independent of
the CofS. Because even after 10 years of independence from the CofS
a Class IV auditor (let alone a Class VIII) is respected for his
title. Free Scientology has not created the equivalent training
yet. This, although it may sound utopic to some, wouldn't but put
scientology on equal footing with most professional disciplines such
as medicine, physics, law, etc. Free Scientology would finally
have an entry point to the professional community and see the end
of its shadow existence.

Scientology fashionable

The CofS is here to stay. Don't let yourself be fooled by the press.
Just look at the actual product of such slander: scientology has
a household word now. You think people are terrified? Perhaps. But
they know as well that VIPs, TV personalities and film stars are CofS
clients. That's good PR for the CofS. Each bit of 'bad press'
has promotional value.

Consider some recent events: in 1917, certain big powers in the US
established communism in Russia (that's historical fact). After that,
communism was slipped into various countries by the CIA; concurrently
it was 'controversially discussed' in the papers all over
the world. They went on and on about how terrible communism was.
With the result that so much interest was created in communism that,
in the 60's, pretty much every intellectual in Europe was of communist
or 'socialist' persuasion! How come? Well, because the very
powers that make big politics own the press! (Historical fact, too.)
Regarding scientology, the story is going to be no different. During
Ron's times, they tried to suppress it and didn't succeed. Then Ron
was made invisible, eliminated, neutralized. A new management came
on and after a few fairly quiet years the press started to go wild
on the subject of scientology. Why? Because the same big powers
still own the press! That they discuss scientology 'controversially'
with such heat smacks of an attempt to establish it real good and
solid - CofS style, of course. You bet: in ten years' time it
will be just as fashionable to be a scientologist as it was once
to be a Marxist.

And for that reason it would be unwise for independent scientologists
to go about their business like each rabbit taking care of his
own hole only. If they have it in their minds to out balance the CofS
and preserve the value of Ron's teachings in the future, they must
get organized - KRC, admin scale, ethics conditions, all
those 'hateful' things. And although it's a truism that all
organizations sooner or later will get infiltrated and usurped, that
shouldn't keep one from trying. Ron tried. No matter what one may
think of the CofS in retrospect - if Ron hadn't set it up, we
wouldn't be here.

How to beat Rothschild

Only getting organised saved Ron from being wiped off the table by
the big powers that tried. Since Nathan Rothschild took possession
of the Bank of England in 1815, this planet has been running on his
steam alone. Rothschild created the Illuminati, the Rockefellers,
the Federal Reserve System, the UN, the World Bank and the Food and
Drug Administration. The world is managed by secret lodges commanding
vast amounts of money. In the teeth of that LRH built his CofS and
within twenty years established it all around the planet. Within
years! If that isn't a feat I don't know what a feat is.

And how did he do it? He formed a secret lodge (the Advanced Orgs
with their OT levels) and made it make money, make money, make money.
He used the exact same method as Nathan Rothschild's father who had
Adam Weishaupt form the Illuminati in 1776 and made this lodge
infiltrate the administrative systems of the rich and the powerful.

Against all that, Ron made it. Certainly, it may have been harsh on
some - but there is no reason for them to bewail their fate and
deplore their past. They should look at the final product of their
labour. Thanks to their efforts, scientology is there. And
it's KRC that did it. ARC alone wouldn't have sufficed.

(1)2. U.S. Informal, a small signboard, especially
outside a doctor's or lawyer's office. World Book Dictionary

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