From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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Green on Goals

By Stanley Green, England

I am primarily writing to congratulate you on two excellent articles
in the November 1993 issue of IVy (No. 14), and in particular
the article on Goals and IVy on p. 7.

Since the early 1980's when it became apparent that all was not well
with the Church, and Indpendent movements began springing up around
the world, we have watched with almost complete disbelief as groups
subsequently fell apart, sometimes with an individual within the Group
actively destroying it whilst maintaining how right they were
in their actions.

In light of the above, could I suggest that the PRIMARY GOAL
of the Group should be to 'Survive and Prosper whilst maintaining
the basic principles and Tech. of Scientology.' Thus, any decline
in the Group's prosperity or survival should be looked at very
and very quickly.

Other Goals

To me, a bit of a mess seems to have occurred in the 'Upper Levels'
with independents having gone off in different directions and with
most claiming various degrees of success with their particular brand
of Tech. Now the last thing i would want is someone trying to
set a 'Group' Goal along one of these particular directions.
I think it is very important that any Group Goals must be general
enough to be fully acceptable to ALL members of the Group.

Within the General Group there will obviously be numbers of
with further common goals, (eg, appraising different types of Meter,
or looking into some aspect of the 'Upper Levels') and providing
such Goals do not run contrary to those of the Group as a whole, I
see no reason why they should not pursue them, but under no
should they be allowed to be put forward as the Group's Goals unless
they are general enough to be fully acceptable to ALL members of the

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