From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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Goals suggestions

By IVy's readers, in much of the world

Here are answers sent in to the question on goals, in IVy 14s
questionnaire.: 'What is your idea of a possible goal for the
group?'. We quote verbatim - in some cases answers refer
to other answers .

To promote the role of Scn/Dn in society.

Wide application of Scn technology in the world.

Third dynamic togetherness and forming or renewing of ARC. Inspiration
to use LRH's Techs. Knowledge and confirmation of us working towards
a more advanced, non-physical, less troubled universe.

To expand the viewpoints of 'independents' and create ARC
between members.

Increased comm. and acceptance of differing forms of working.

Prime goal - to widen the horizons of members - plus other

Communication to pool and advance all Knowledge, past and present.

Something akin to the (C of S) Mission network; groups of people
together on a regular basis at one another's homes to share ideas
and use their knowledge of Tech to help one another, on a more or
less informal and non-profit basis.

The primary goal should be to 'survive and prosper as a group'.
A further goal would then be to research and expand the Tech.

A 6th dynamic goal widely acceptable to the public.

As 1 and 2. A new credibility for usable aspects.

Achieving a stable, defined, attainable upper bridge and making
the whole bridge available to as many people as possible.

To increase readership.

To develop and maintain a free comm network on theta lines and grant
beingness to all terminals.

To help all people to reach their goals.

To continue to pursue the freeing of theta and the encouragement of
more ARC between members.

First dynamic clear for group individuals.

To put the tech into practical usage. Discuss separately.

Getting together and Bringing together.

UK - tech available on National Health Service: Abroad - something

Getting each human being in touch with whatever tech is most
helpful to that human being.

Differentiate between purpose/goal - across all dynamics,
then - find purpose and or goal for each group member across
all dynamics. Then help one another to achieve that.

The goal should be oriented towards growth. A strategy for the
of our service and training.

To clear the planet.

Expanded ARC in IVy and in 'the world'.

To offer oneself and to offer possible means to others for spiritual
survival in this MEST universe.

Goal should be: spiritual freedom. Purpose: To inform on how and why
the LRH auditing tech can be used to improve progress towards the

Help oneself and others.

Perhaps better advice and guidance on what to choose for
but who has the truth, let alone a comprehensive view?

The stated ones in 'My Philosophy'.

Create a club where people/auditors that use scientology cleanly
can exchange comm.

To stay in touch, be helpful, considerate - as a good beginning.
Then time will show.

See my most recent article: we need an admin scale for scientology.

Spiritual Enlightenment, resolution of the accumulation of the past
incidents that one has gathered over millennia and is still carrying
with one.
First, dialogues (exchanges) on what the game and its
goals should be. For me, to find and clarify 'what I am up to',
and to align my intentions and actions.
And to increase my capacity for pleasure in a wider range of
For example, can
I learn to be arrogant, or snivelling, or malevolent? To experience
these kinds of beingnesses, as well as magnanimity or saintliness?
What I like the most is everyday application of scn. principles.
My article 'Release of backflow...' is a good example.
Generalities tend to turn me off.
Take any concept, 'suppression',
for example. To have a good grasp of what this is, I'd have to become
aware of how it works in my daily life, and then handle it. How does
it work against  me? How can someone intimidate me, or get me to agree
I'm a nobody nothing?

Professional application of our philosophy, co-operation, keeping
ARC lines in and maybe promoting some common advancement.

A summation of what works - a better bridge.

Freedom, full OT, wow!!

Sharing: Joy, for one and all, clarity, acceptance and allowing.

Editorial note: answers in this sort of box are
those we have not received from readers who possibly have not sent
them in. Unfortunately we did not have space enough for all in that
category. However, do not despair. There will be more space in future
issues, so we would encourage those with further ideas for goals
to send them in. They are a bit easier for others  to understand if
we get them and print them. In that form they are more likely to
others. It is also quite alright to send in more suggestions. Ed.

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