from International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 15 - January 1994
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By Todde Salen, Sweden

Before starting DUGA

I was expelled from the Cof$ several times. The first time was in
1972, when I refused to obey commands from the EULO to falsify my
statistics (when they, for a change, did go down). Actually, the
reason for expelling me was very different on the official Cof$
but it is my opinion that the real reason why is that I sent reports
to FLAG that I was being coerced to falsify my statistics plus maybe
also that I wanted to change the leadership in 'my Org'. The
actual (OT) reason I was declared in 1972 was of course that my karma
matured into an SP-declare.

From summer 1972 to summer 1973 I was declared. I then went on staff
for a short period in the fall of 1973. But in December I had had
enough (my karma made me leave voluntarily this time) and I left staff
in Dec 1973 to start DUGA. My purpose was to get tech delivered (lower
bridge) outside of the 'unsafe environment' of the Org and
then send 'my public' to the AOSH(1) in Denmark (or other advanced
orgs) for 'the rest of the bridge'.

So I was confirmed as being in lower condition and my free-loader(2)
bill (around $25,000)
effectively kept me outside org-lines. I had run into more problems
and stops than I at the time could handle. My DUGA activities slowly
dwindled into nothing and by 1978 they were non-existent. However,
during the time 1975-78 I managed to get a somewhat successful
going and suddenly had enough money available to start negotiations
with the Cof$. By informing them that I was willing to pay
bill' if they would only adjust it according to my considerations
on what was 'fair' (I considered they had debited me quite
unfairly to make the free-loader bill a lot higher than it should
have been). As the Cof$ personnel realized that they could get around
$10,000.00 Gross Income(3)'before Thursday 2 o'clock' they suddenly
very willing to negotiate and my free-loader bill was paid in full
in 1977 (totally I paid around $12,000).

However, I had left the Cof$ voluntarily and didn't want to get back
on staff in the Gothenburg Org. I also had learned the hard way that
I was not allowed to deliver 'lower bridge' processes and/or
courses to the general public. My karma made me rather inactive as
a Scientologist. But I did assist the Cof$ in sending them public
and with other things. One of the things I assisted them in was
a new Swedish translation of DMSMH printed in pocket book form. For
this we (a fellow named Robert Almblad contributed a lot to this)
supported the Pubs org with several thousands of dollars (so they
could get the project going without having to get it through their
Financial Planning). The purpose was to assist the Swedish Orgs to
deliver SCN to the Swedish public in volume.

The Cof$ personnel however were not that easily fooled. They
that the only reason we gave this support to the PUBS org and paid
these costs was that we were 'hungry for profits'. Another
Comm. Ev. was convened on us and I got another SP-declare (together
with Robert) in 1980. Because I was declared SP together with Robert
Almblad I had his assistance in getting the declare handled. Together
we got undeclared (mainly because of efforts by Robert) the same year.
Then when the 'shit hit the fan' in the Cof$ and lots of trained
Auditors started to get declared I was again declared SP in the fall
of 1982. This time I had no desire at all to do anything to get back
in good standing, as I had heard rumours that there were enough
available in the field to make it unnecessary to send 'your own
public' to any Cof$ AOSHs.

I was finally free to leave the Cof$ and the unsafe environment
and influence of this Suppressive Group with its squirrel technology.
I was free to correct the squirrel tech of the Cof$ and get the tech
changed along the lines I could myself see were correct and workable.
I have been busy with that since.

(1)Advanced Org Saint Hill, where upper level services were given.

(2)'1.any person who has failed to complete a staff contract at a Sea
or Scn org or mission is a freeloader. This includes persons
legally dismissed  ... through ... justice procedure...' Modern
Management Technology Defined..  Free loaders were required to
pay for the training and processing they had received free or at
rates - known as the freeloaders bill.

(3)Gross Income was the statistic  for the
organisation (church). There was great pressure to have a high
and not a little discomfort and disgrace associated with a low stat.
Stats were weekly, the week ending at 14.00 on Thursdays. Ed.

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