from International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 15 - January 1994
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Kemp's Column

by Raymond Kemp, USA

Is scientology only masculine?

Ignoring the personal motives of some of the complaints I hear, the
one that
does get my attention is that published scientology appears to some to
incomplete in that it emphasizes the Masculine or Cerebral side of
things, and
pays little attention to the Emotional or Female aspects of Life,
which have been described as Creativity, Love, Compassion, Humility
and in
general the spiritual side of things.

Now I have no intent to get into an argument on this generalization,
except to
re-iterate as I have so many times in previous columns for this and
publications: Opinions, at best, are the result of one's
and in LRH philosophical writings and lectures there can be many
levels of
understandings each being true, at and within the confines of that

Before one can really gain from the absorption of a viewpoint, one's
own or
another's, it is vital that one first defines the parameters of the
from which the viewpoint stems.

Technology is not philosophy

If one confuses the technology of scientology (meaning the processes,
collections of processes that make up a regimen aimed at producing a
specific result) with the overall subject of the philosophy as
outlined by
LRH, then these viewpoints are likely to be distorted at best.

For example, the tech of scientology is indeed the outcome of logic
reason. It has valid claim to being the result of scientific
procedure, and as
such can be said to be cerebral in its approach.

But this is only one area of the overall subject,albeit the one in
training of practitioners was emphasized, and, regrettably a vast
number of
students never completed, let alone understood that back of the
training was
abeauty and simplicity of spiritual understanding and advancement
equal if not surpassing
many other philosophic works.

Did Ron ignore the softer, intuitive side?

It has been implied that Ron did not discuss such things as love, or
ability and desirability of attuning to the Universe. This is patently
and one can go back to the 1950's and read and understand the least
book in scientology Science of Survival, for vivid descriptions of
the difference between the Mest and Enmest Universe(s) and the Theta
Read and understand the Factors, study and live by The Code of Honour,
the purity of even the first few Scientology Axioms and you will enter
an area
that is only comprehensible by an understanding of the Nature of the
Spirituality of Man.
If indeed there does exist a belief that scientology has fallen short
on the
spiritual aspects, then more is the pity, especially since Beliefs are
definition the building blocks of Reality, and Reality is only that
which is
agreed upon ... not necessarily Truth.

Reality and/or truth

The difficulty here is one that has troubled man throughout the ages.
man is the only animal that is aware of being aware, which seems to be
observable fact, and if this awareness is not finite, but can vary
with each person, then there
will always be, between people, levels of agreement between people
with like levels,
(Reality),  and levels where awareness is not equal, producing non
Now awareness, we can call it basic knowingness if you wish, on
that are not strictly physical universe matters, are definitely non
but this does not invalidate their authenticity, and man, being what
he is,
will defend his own awareness, almost despite all odds. When this
however, then awareness becomes fixated, defended, asserted, and so
on, becoming
what we know as Making Self Right, and others Wrong. We get into that
improbability of
how do you prove a negative(1).

As I said, since the dawn Man has pondered his own mortality, has
asked,Who/what am I?, he has looked upwards at the stars and said,Who
is there?

Belief systems

Where no answers were immediately apparent, he has filled in the
blanks and
thus systems of belief have risen, and have been agreed upon by others
either a greater or lesser degree, and these belief systems have grown
agreement has been widespread, and given such agreement, the system
has taken
on a life continuum of its own.
That these belief systems sometimes contain anomalies, has frequently
mattered little to the holder of these systems.
Examples are many. Here are a few:
The earth is the center of the universe, and all bodies revolve around
Look down when praying to a God, who is up.
God is everywhere (leaving no space for you to be).
Heaven is UP, (but up on one side of the globe is down to the other
Blood letting by leaches is a cure for many ills.
Gott mit uns(2) - the phenomena where both side in a violent war know
God is on their side.
I could list a hundred of these such sacred cows, but you probably can
to the list yourself.
A while ago, I was at a friend's house for dinner, a very nice roast.
observed that both ends of the roast had been cut off before cooking,
and I
asked why? My host replied that it was done so the juices stayed in
the meat,
it made it more tender and she had learned it from her mother. Later I
met the
mother and asked her what was the purpose of cutting the ends off a
before cooking, and she replied that it made it more tender, it kept
juices in and that her mother had taught her this many years ago.
Some time later, I met the grandmother, now aged eighty, and in the
course of
conversation I asked her about this method of preparing roast by
cutting both ends off
before cooking.
Her reply was illuminating. She said,"Oh, yes.I used to do it many
years ago.
You see the roasting pan was too small to hold the roast".
Thus do these beliefs grow,and become accepted by others, whole cloth,
and entered into their own consciousness without further evaluation or
Thus has grown religions, cults, politics, morals, mores, and even to
extent sciences, such as medicine, physics, and engineering.

Two sides to man?

One of these beliefs. however. bears more investigation. That is the
stated in different ways, that there is a Spiritual side to Man and a
Materialistic side, implying some separateness. From this we get the
that there is a Male side and a Female side to man, a Yin and a Yang,
Heart and the Head, Goodness and Evil, Logic and Intuition, and so
While these dichotomy systems are useful in some measure in sorting
out raw
information in an effort to understand a particular phenomenon, they
are not
necessarily Truths.
Now we do know, and can observe,that the physical universe does have
sortof order in it, it obeys certain laws. We do not understand all
these laws
as yet, and some of what we thought were fixed laws are turning out to
be not sofixed.
The best example of this is the new science of Quantum Mechanics,and
effect on things we knew we knew all about, such as time. (See my
article on this based
on a lecture I gave in Holland, IVy5, p. 11, 3/92).)

But there are other universes, there is one's own Universe,there is
Universe, and there is an agreed upon universe,in matters
and Metaphysical. These universes have all been loaded with erstwhile
opinions which may or may not be factual.
And above all, there is the truth that Man is a spiritual being,
called in
Scientology a Thetan, but as Ron has said, even this is not a total
since it implies a separateness from that which is back of  A Thetan,
Theta. In many respects it would be more accurate to say that we are
and we mocked ourselves up as a thetan.
If you read the Factors(3), you will see the basis of Man as
a spiritual entity but actually taken further than usually stated. One
say that Theta says "BE", then a thetan says "I AM", but even such a
statement is not easily communicable in mere words; it requires almost
cognition in order to fully appreciate all the ramifications of such a
And it is this factor of how to communicate an understanding to
another who
does not,or may not, have the same awareness and understanding, that
the apparent phenomena of Ron being very cerebral or masculine (again
arenames from other systems) in his dissemination of the philosophy
behind the
practice of Scientology.

Church of American Science

Few people these days realise that there was a Church connected to
Scientology, that pre dates the Church of Scientology.
In fact the Church of Scientology derived its authority to exist,
not from LRH, but from this original entity,called "The Church of

The Church of American Science had a creed as follows:"Man can best
understand God, Deity and all aspects of the Heavenly Hosts, by
continuing to
Help and Understand his fellow Man."
When we live in a society that cannot differentiate between Love and
there is a wide area for non understanding let alone mis
if one says that a thetan is capable of loving anyone regardless of
I know that on this very point I have heard students asking Ron in all
earnestness whether a thetan is male or female, and I have seen those
same students get
bemused when he replied,"Either, both or neither according to how a
thetan wishes".

But the datum becomes more easily translated if he says, as he did,
Theta is
Life giving, and Affinity is the consideration of Space ... provided
understands this. (If you do not at this moment understand, then
reread and
understand the axioms.)
Remember also, that Belief is a substitute for Certainty, and
Certainty is a
luxury stemming from Understanding, which is not a fixed thing at all.

The Green Cheese Club
As Ron said in 1952, a Scientologist should be a charter member of the
Cheese Club, wherein he is totally willing to be certain at any moment
the Moon is made of green cheese, and equally willing to be certain in
next moment that the moon is not made of green cheese.

People have accused him of being too materialistic on the subject of
never giving him his due, etc. Trouble is that most people, even the
Spiritual have such a degraded opinion of God, compared to what might
be the truth.
It is true and regrettable in many ways, that after about 1960, Ron's
attention went very much onto trying to train people in the mechanics
Auditing, and, observing the rapid collapse of Civilisation in its
true meaning,
he spent much time in, as he put it,"finding ways to go south" to
auditing to happen.

This does not mean however, that the subject changed, nor does it mean
thephilosophy was abandoned. It does mean, and my recent articles have
constantly touched on this, that the philosophy was to a great degree
missed by those who learned the subject and maybe also those who
taught the subject from the
60's onward.

After 60s - stress on mechanics

In the search for ways to get people to take off from the state of
Clear, and
into the realm of OT, much attention was placed on the mechanics, the
Tech, of
how to do it, and as a result much has been temporarily lost to the
general field. For
example, originally OT1 procedure, done on new Clears, was to locate
and date your past
twenty lives, find out the major overt in that life, and locate where
your body was

A highly revelatory procedure.
Unfortunately some attested clears could not do this. Maybe it
required an
actual command that was never actually written up, but used
frequently, i.e.
"Start of Session... Mock up your Bank!"

The published Clear Procedure Issue I, obtainable in any scn bookstore
as a little pamphlet book, made and will make clears. They were
checked out
personally by Ron in 1959. Trouble was some people couldn't do it
because they
became all wrapped up in the significance of the bank.
As an example, as Executive Director of my Orange County Mission (I
one ofthe first Franchise holders), I ordered the American St. Hill
Organisation to refrain from any "review" type actions on any of my
students sent to them
for higher levels of Training or Power Processing. The Reality break
created by my
people, transferring from our taught understanding to the ASHO
understanding,was just
too great.
This by the way was finally confirmed by the Executive Director of
organisation attending and observing my and Pam's operation,and that
order was held in
place for many years, and produced great success in progress.
It is my feeling that for one to really understand the real beauty of
stated philosophy, one must first be willing to suspend one's
disbelief, and
secondly to suspend all prior beliefs.
Above all, apply what you already know, in every aspect of your life
material and spiritual, before going elsewhere into other systems in
order to
gain understanding of the Nature and Estate of Being. Study and
understand what exists in what I feel is the most embracive
of data ever put together.

Hope this helps.

(1)For example:" prove to me that no one on earth has four eyes".

(2)German. God with us (the motto of the former Prussian rulers of

(3)Found in a number of books, Including The Creation
of Human Ability,1954,by L.Ron Hubbard.

(4)Refer to Know to Mystery Scale (for example in The Phoenix
Lectures, by L. Ron Hubbard, chap. 14, on axiom 25). This magazine
consists of words, which are symbols, and thus lie at the level on the
scale of symbolizingness. What we are communicating about, lies much
higher on the
scale,and cannot be fully expressed in symbols. But despair not! This
other articles direct your attention with symbols at certain areas(out
of an
infinity of things for you to have your attention on). From then on
you can
use your knowingness(really high on the know to mystery scale), which
is also
known as intuition.Skilfully done you can greatly enrich yourself (or
thetan,ifyou like to think about it that way). If you want to
contemplate the
deep things of life,go up above the levels of symbols and thinking,
make them your slaves and not your masters.

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