from International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 15 - January 1994
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by Terry E. Scott, England

Snore Analysis

I'm surprised that some nut hasn't gone in for Snore Analysis,
a person's behavior according to the kind of snoring they do at night.

This kind of thing seems to accord well with the way of the world,
and would make a lot of profit for its practitioners.

It would make money because it is so far off base when it comes
to the truth of spirit and mind. It would be far and away from getting
to grips with clearing the reactive bank and sallying forth up to
Operating Theta Being (OTB for short...).

One cannot buy Truth. Oh, one can buy the services of someone
to help on the way, or a book that promises to reveal it. Yet, at
the end of it all, if the truth is not latent (available, then) in
one's immediate being, it will still be missed.

When an auditor audits, is he more concerned with Truth or Profit?
What if he could snap the case up to OTB 99, say, in half an hour
flat? What if auditors were paid on results?

Pontius Pilate's most quote-worthy exclamation was: 'What
is Truth?' Now there was a man who might have had trouble in an
auditing session, because you need to be able to recognize truth to
at least some extent in order to make case gains (and in order to
audit successfully). And of course we can do remarkable things with
truth, which, being as-is-ness, lets one erase undesirable charge.

Truth and Profit really do not mix, and this has been a stumbling
block of religions and the like all down the ages. There has been
a sort of public instinct that anyone charging for religious services
is not quite kosher, to coin a phrase. To aim for truth is to look
up and out of a games condition. Profit is decidedly a games

Trouble is, to offer Truth without taking an exchange of some
sort for something (maybe you give Truth for free but ask payment
for time and expenses) has been a great way to become a victim.

Dennis Stephens, who was auditing in HASI London in the 50s, emigrated
in '57, and lives 27 degrees south of the Equator in the Land of Oz
- Dennis tells me that, in ancient days, there was a notice in
the HASI that read something like: The data is free, you pay only
for our time.

There ought to be some effective way for a being to sell the Truth
and come out the correct side of ethics (real ethics) and profit.
Otherwise, one can live one path during the week, nine-to-five,
and live one's Path evenings and weekends, audit-audit-audit. And
try to blend them neatly.

Are we aiming for truth or profit? Do they go together?

Fri Jul 21 19:18:13 EDT 2006