from International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 15 - January 1994
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Positive Thinking

By Judith Methven(1), England

AXIOM 2: The static is capable of considerations, postulates and

Positive thinking is what has made scientology worth the effort and
worth following for me. It's all very well finding a good system,
but one wants lasting results and to truly become knowing cause in
your life.

One does scientology to improve oneself and one's circumstances which
it does, for a while - you are clearing the bank - but of
course the bank can be recreated if you don't change your thought

First of all has to come the realisation that one is truly responsible
for one's state and for what happens to you. This realisation can
be obtained through auditing using the four flows. This process tends
to get one into the habit of thinking 'what am I responsible for
in this situation?' Thus you begin to see clearly the effect of
your actions.

Actions are the product of thought, so now let's look at 'thoughts'.
Do we really realise how powerful our thoughts are? Often not, I
or we should be very careful how we think.

First changes

Coming from a time when negative thinking was the norm, positive
has been a big turn around for me. At first I found it heavy going
and had to be very vigilant with my mind. When a negative thought
appeared it would immediately be replaced by the opposite - this
being done consciously and with intent and purpose.

It usually worked, but sometimes I would feel irresistably drawn to
the negative thought. I found that the best way of dealing with this
was to look at it and let it run, i.e., if this negative thing
what would happen. I would imagine the sequence of events in detail,
how I would feel at the outcome and what I would do after that. In
other words, go through the full negative scenario.

After this I would run the positive scenario and then decide that
I preferred the positive outcome. This made being positive much easier
because I had chosen it with reason, wanting my life to go this
way. Clear definition of purpose makes positive thinking easier.

Later stages

From that stage, I moved on again. I did not wish to spend all my
time consciously 'thinking positive' and most important, I
wished to maintain randomity in my life - without it I get bored
(lower toned) and negativity creeps in.

Having grown more used to the habit of positive thinking, I now most
often use the postulate, 'My life runs exceedingly well' and,
guess what, it does! All the hard work (and it was initially) is
off. I have moved into a band of certainty.

If you decide to start on this way of thinking, use the gradient scale
- small successes give you understanding of, and confidence in,
your ability to create by thought. Auditing enhances this process
considerably, helping you to know yourself and recognise thought
Positive thinking balances out the negative gain(2)
of auditing with positive gain, which feels really good. You
tend to 'go forward' very fast using this method.

The growing confidence of being in control of yoursef and your destiny
is heady and wonderful. You begin to realise how infinite, how
how colourful and how interesting your (own) imagination, or power
of thought, is. It takes you into new vistas, new worlds. It's a
tool to use as you wish!

However, these are only words and you cannot really know these things
until you experience them. If positive thinking is a way you want
to try, be strict with your mind and just do it. Take it on a gradient
scale and be sure to acknowledge your successes. This enhances
and finishes the cycle.

Keep at it (it takes courage, vigilance and patience) and you'll be
amazed with the results.

(1)Judith, Tai Chi teacher, writer, housewife
and mother, first came into scientology in 1991. She contacted it
through an Art Society which Leonard Dunn was involoved in, and she
has never had contact with the CofS. After getting auditing she
as auditor under Leonard Dunn's guidance, using mainly the book

(2)'By removal
of a harmful thing you can get a positive advance. That's called
gain'. LRH in 1972, see also Philadelpia Doctorate tape 47.ED.

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