from International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 15 - January 1994
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...the Dianasis debate

By The Editor, Denmark

Yes, we could go on, until we reached number infinity of '...the
Dianasis Debate'. But I am wondering whether we have not reached
End Phenomena, or End Point. The tone level seems to have gone up
from the antagonism and name-calling of some of the first articles.

For me it has been a rather interesting game, with the big problem:
'Should I censor, or should I not?'

In the beginning, I sent Ulrichs article to Peter Mumford,
who is not an IVy subscriber, under the impression that he was Keeper
of the Tech for Dianasis. His first reply gave me an unpleasant shock,
and I refused to publish it until it was toned down a bit. But apart
from that there has been no censorship. And there has only been one
other article in all of IVy's long history, that I have refused. I
did so because of its antagonistic nature, which the author would
not tone down.

The Church, in its latter days, effectively censorred all entheta,
including true but negative remarks on the state of the church, thus
effectively preventing the remedy of negative conditions.

So this series has been a bit of a test - are we strong enough
to face negative remarks? And have we enough self control not to
freedom from censorship. If the answers are negative, then we are
not much better than the church.

My grandmother gave my father some advice. Before saying something,
consider: 'Is it true? Is it kind? Is it neccessary?' I would
not dare set my grandmother on the same high pedestal as Ron, but
maybe there was a little bit of sense in what she said.

So this column is closed. Let's go on to new conquests as a group.

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