from International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 15 - January 1994
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Thoughts inspired by ...

...the Dianasis debate - 5

By Todde Salen, Sweden

In the free zone there are many new approaches and roads offered to
assist ex-Scientologists to reach higher states of beingness and
Dianasis is one of these.

There is no reason for anybody who has not participated in Dianasis
to attack it or say it has wrong ideas or methods. The public that
does use Dianasis (or any other route) should be allowed to do so
as long as they feel they get a good exchange from it. The ultimate
test on any system is its ability to survive by people contributing
to its survival. If some people feel they get gains from Dianasis
they should be allowed to continue to do so. It is necessary that
each system wins or loses customers in relation to the system's
to get satisfied customers. In the final analysis, only those systems
will continue to exist that attract enough customers to expand
the number of contributing members in its ranks.

Compared with Buddhism

Hubbard used to create himself as 'only source' in Scientology.
If anybody did care to create Hubbard as the only source for himself,
only then did Hubbard manage to become 'only source' in that
person's own universe (but only as long as that being kept on creating
him as 'only source'.)

I have recently been studying 'The Tibetan Book of the Dead'
and in it you come across a statement that Gautama Buddha 'is
the greatest Buddha that ever lived'.

To me this seems to indicate that in some Buddhist circles they
have a similar view point on Guatama Buddha as many people in
have on Ron Hubbard.

Such Buddhists have created organisations that have maintained this
idea for thousands of years. Maybe the C of S will be able to do the
same with Hubbard.

The three universes

If you understand the idea of three Universes (1U = your own
2U = the home-Universes of others and 3U = the agreed upon Universes
- of which the MEST-Universe or 6th Dynamic is a good example),
you will see that there is only one source for your own Universe

When Hubbard quoted Gautama Siddhartha (= Buddha, or the 4th Great
Buddha in the tradition of Buddhists) and said 'Truth is only
what is true for you', he was on to the idea of 3 Universes.
What should have been said is that 'In your own home-Universe
there is only one source and that source is you' (= 'the
true Self' = The 'I' = the Thetan = the Bodhi-nature =
the awareness of awareness unit).

In a 3U like life (=5D) in the physical universe (= 6D) there are
no such easy rules. Instead there are confusions of Universes and
dynamics etc.

The C of S was an effort created by Hubbard together with a lot
of Scientologists. The Church of Scientology was an example of
a stable datum to align more stable data in order to bring order
in the confusion and 'blow confusions'.

The C of S and the tech were successfully accomplishing this only
if the being (= 1U) realized that he was the only source in his own
Universe (= 1U). When a being had arrived at that point he would only
continue to be successful in 'blowing confusions' if he developed
further by separating his own Universe (= 1U) from the Universes
of others (= 2Us) by taking over more and more of the creation
of the dynamics (= living) on a gradient.

As you regain your ability to be source in your own universe and as
you start to create your dynamics from a cause level instead of
through automaticities, you will feel more and more responsible
for your own quality of life. This is a cycle of action that never
ends. Increasing KRC.

Life is a Game!

P.S. My own personal opinion on Dianasis is based on having purchased
level 1 of Dianasis and a failure to run it with Good Indicators.
I have come to the conclusion that Diansis interiorizes the person
running it into the GPM bank as soon as you overrun the materials.
According to LRH (I am quoting HCOB 8 June 1963 - page 287
Tech Vol V and referring to the book Dianetics 55, chapter
4, 'Accent on Ability'):

'Any system which reduces the charged condition of the Time
Track, without reducing but increasing the awareness and
of the preclear is valid processing. Any system which seeks to
handle the charge, but reduces the preclear's awareness and
is not valid processing, but is degrading.'

It is my viewpoint that Dianasis does reduce the charge on the
but that (since I was already ClearOT) it did not work on me. I also
have the viewpoint that Dianasis is a system that reduces the thetan's
awareness and cause in relation to the Reactive mind. I agree it gives
lots of TA-action (and thus handles charge), but so does Dianetics
on many pcs even after they have gone clear. The problem with running
somebody beyond the release point on any level is that the thetan
does not improve, even if charge is 'handled' (See Chapter
4, 'Accent on Ability', in Dianetics 55).

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