From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 15 - January 1994
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by Yaws Truly(1)

A certain Church I know, the Sea of Ess (also known as Essie,
a relation of Nessie, the monster in Loch Ness), trademarks, registers
and copyrights everything in sight.

Including an abbreviation 'OT'. This is not a short
form of Old Terra, nor is it a reference to Old Time Scientologists,
whom Ron dubbed Founding Scientologists back in the late Sixties(2).

Of course, 'OT' (and here insert the appropriate symbol
for copyright, trademark and registration(3)) in the Sea of
Ess means Operating Thetan, and they shouldn't be able to put their
hammer on that term, for it appeared in the early Fifties in the likes
of Scientology 8-8008 and, having been published to the
world at large, would be of questionable property value.

Yet some people in the Independent movement feel uncomfortable
with 'OT', and yearn for a better term.

Well, there is a very old term that, in some quarters, is highly
respectable and implies everything we mean by Operating Thetan. It
is 'Master'. Not bad at all, for its pedigree is many thousands
of years old.

But how about something more fun?

We could use the term 'Wizard'. There could even be
Wizard I, Wizard II right through Wizard VIII or IX. To be a Wizard
would immediately let we Independents greet each other in a special

Not with a secret handshake, as every-one knows Freemasons
do. But with a couple of words that would be indisputable coin of
the realm, recognition between brother and sister Independents
who were into advanced realms of tech.

'Gee, Whiz!'

(1)This article came on a diskette in the way
I normally receive material from Terry E. Scott, England. I
therefore suspect him of perpetrating the hideous overt act of writing
under a pseudonym. Ed.

(2)My recollection is mid sixties, 1965, when the first gradation
came out. But maybe we should give Yaws Truly poet's licence. Ed.

(3)Do you think he means :here comes the trade mark and copyright

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