From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 11 - November 1993
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Create some Success

By Bob Ross, USA

Perhaps you believe that, if you audit people for free, they won't
make gains. That is true for some but not all or most. Between 1950
and 1954, I gave about 4000 hours of free auditing. Those I audited
sometimes tried to audit me, but mainly went on to audit each other.
All made gains, and that is the important thing to realize: it is
not necessary to spend lots of money to get benefits.

When I visited Flag in 1979, I heard about auditors giving
Dianetics sessions to visiting workmen. A free, two-hour session
can create an instant, paying preclear ready to sign for more. Use
pleasure moments and switch to an engram chain when it shows up.
will make gains from free demonstration sessions, and I am willing
to invest up to 10 hours to discover what will work on a preclear
and for them to discover that auditing can help.

Throw out your considerations of how valuable auditing is. It is as
valuable to the guy buying it as he perceives it to be - and,
when you start, his perceived value of auditing is Zero or Negative.

Start by giving it away. L. Ron Hubbard, in a 1963 lecture on running
R6 GPMs, when I was at Saint Hill, remarked that he always had a
but it was not always a paid one. He added that you have to charge
at first only what people perceive as the usual price for the service
in that community.


In 1954, I met an auditor who was making a comfortable living when
most others were complaining they could not do so. She had been
this since 1950. 'How do you do it?' I asked. She charged
$5 an hour when other auditors wanted $20 to $50.

Some people perceive auditing to be worth lots of money. Obviously,
you do, or you would not have paid the Church the fees that you did...
But, think back to your beginning days: would you have paid what you
were happy to pay later? No - but, as you experienced more and
more gains, it was okay to pay more and more.

Notice that the today's high prices for counselling are based on their
being paid for by insurance companies. Above and beyond that, people
are often expected to pay a deductible amount of perhaps $25 an hour.
That is the price they perceive.

In 1959, I moved to Tucson, Arizona. At one point, I shared a house
with a Fuller brush salesman, a Bible salesman and an embryonic
salesman. Each had a dramatic increase in income, and in three months
the insurance man was his company's top producer in the area. I gave
each of them one or more sessions of a Waste process, 'Invent
a way to waste customers'.

One could also run: 'Invent a way to waste money', 'Invent
a way to waste time', 'Invent a way to waste boy/girl friends'
and so on. Just ask, 'What is in short supply?' to find out
what to waste.


Advertise Sunday services in the local paper, and give new public
a service that is not too unfamiliar. Pass a collection plate or have
one at the door - put into it a dollar bill, pound note or whatever.
As your services in addition to a short lecture run things such as
TR-10, Notice the walls, floor, ceiling: 'Look at the ceiling
and notice something you haven't noticed about it before'. 'Touch
your neighbor ... touch another and another.' And so on. Demonstrate
Dianetics, a Waste process, or a decision changing process. Show
taking place as they look on.

Promote free lectures, either through newspaper advertisements or,
more cheaply and effectively, by having some flyers (leaflets) printed
or  photocopied. Pass them out door to door. At the lectures,
some simple processes, including group auditing. You should all be
ministers and, if not, I recommend joining the American Fellowship
Church (225 Cross Roads Blvd #345 Carmel, CA, 93923, USA).

After lectures and some demonstrations, promote co-audits and
communication courses. At $5 per head, if you can get 20 people, you
will pull in $100 an evening. When you have filled up five nights
a week plus courses on weekends, you will have a good income and still
have time to do personal auditing.

As PE lecturer in New York in 1966, I gave the lectures and designed
a comm course that did not need heavy supervision to get gains on
people. I've improved it since. It works by validation, with no
flunking on the part of fellow-students and hence no evaluation
or invalidation from fellow students. There is a description in my
pamphlet #002, The Path to Happiness $5 and, in more detail,
in pamphlet #001, Training by Validation $15.

Run group processing intensives. Charge $5 an hour or less and you
can still make decent money, and people make gains and are ready for
some private auditing in the future.

Possibly you can get preclears to sign an agreement to pay you out
of increased income. I heard stories in 1957 of pcs who had received
25 to 100 hours of Objective processes and then got promoted at work.
One guy was promoted to chief engineer

Run Problems of Comparable Magnitude as it should be run. Write for
my Bulletin #080 + #118. It really works and can even be run on a


If you have some self-created barriers, I will give you a short
free session by phone to blow some of those barriers. If inside the
U.S.A. call me on 818/353-1209 and set up a telephone appointment
or leave your number on my answering machine. I will call you back
long enough to let you know that I am available to make an appointment
or have a session immediately. After the free, demonstration session,
my rate is $30 an hour.

Learn how to do this yourself by buying my bulletins #99, Increasing
the Pc's Cause Level; #103, Taking Apart the Analytical Mind;
#104, Finding and Handling Counter Postulates; #089, Ways
to Put the PC at Cause in Session at lower levels; and, #098, All
Styles Auditing by Clear and OT Auditors, plus several more. Package
$50 US. Plus airmail postage outside USA, $4.

Be successful. Be Successful. Be Successful. Create yourself
some success.

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