From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 11 - November 1993
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Philosophical Viewpoints

By Todde Salen. Sweden

The Three Universes & OT

In his book SCN 8-8008 Hubbard discusses the subject of OT
and universes(1).

An OT is by definition operating or functioning. Thus OTs are active
in the 3rd universe. OT thus is a state of existence where the 1U
is having an effect upon the 3rd Universe(s). Hubbard points out that
'to become OT you have to become OT in all the three universes.
It is not enough to become OT in the 1st Universe'.

The Auditing technology aimed at making the thetan aware of his own
beingness (1UOT), but it did not accomplish much of turning anybody
into a state of OT in the 2nd Universe(s) (=2U) or the 3rd Universe(s)
(= 3U).

If you want to become an OT in all the 3 Universes you need to ask
yourself: 'How can I attain OT in the 2nd and 3rd Universes?'

The way you increase your ARC and KRC on your 1U in Scientology is
by applying the technology of auditing to your case. Hubbard also
stated that 'More than 50% of the gains in SCN you get from training.'
As far as I can see he gave us a clue to how we can become OT in 2U's
here. Auditor training and experience gives you a unique chance to
learn to know 2U's. As long as you actually deliver good Auditing
reults to your pcs, they will open up their Universes (2U) to you
and allow you to learn to become more cause (= more OT) in their

I have never encountered a better way to increase your ARC and KRC
in the 2nd Universe(s). It is a holy mission and something sacred.
No religion I have encountered (that I can remember) on this planet
has given me such a valuable opportunity to increase my cause-level
on the 2U.

Since going OT is a gradient and that gradient obviously goes from
OT on the 1st Universe to OT on the 2nd Universe and then OT on the
3rd Universe I have no doubt that everyone on this planet who really
wants to make it to OT sooner or later will have to confront training
as an auditor. I do not say that it has to be done in this lifetime,
but you had better use the possibility to confront this task while
you are living in a culture that allows you to take time off from
your daily work-a-day routines. In the future we may very well face
times where it will be much more difficult to get the time and
needed for auditor training.

(1) For definition of the three universes see article
in IVy 12 page 18 '1D versus 1U',. See also article
in The Creation of Human Ability, page 187 to 194, by L. Ron
Hubbard, 1954.

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