From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 14 - November 1993
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True Or False?
The Bilateral Meter Tells All

By Gregory Mitchell, Ireland(1)


The Bialeteral Meter (invented by Gregory Mitchell) when used in
with an E-Meter helps a trained auditor to get down to the most
important charge on a case, much faster than is usually possible with
an E-Meter alone. By combining these two meters, Lower Bridge auditing
can be speeded up by a factor of between 4 and 10.

Man is a being of several parts, which work best together as an
whole. Firstly there is the spiritual Being, which is, essentially,
not located in space nor time. Secondly, there is the Mind
of subtle energies, which relate to the considerations of the Being,
and his located viewpoint in MEST. Thirdly, there is the Body,
which the Being and Mind identify with. The subtle energies are
translated by the brain computer into physical, nervous-system
which cause action of the body. Furthermore, man has a dual brain
which allows him to see two or more aspects of his environment and
to compute upon these aspects simultaneously.
The right hemisphere attends to the nonverbal, holistic, spatial
and emotional aspects of the environment. There is no sense of time,
and much of this process operates below the level of consciousness.
In contrast, the left hemisphere attends to the verbal and detailed
information in the environment, and this material is usually available
to our conscious minds. The left brain is sequential and, above all,
time-based. When the left-brain takes control, this results in rigid
adherence to the one-sided reality in which we have been educated
and culturally conditioned. In short, we have been fed with
pre-packaged third dynamic service facsimiles, which emphasise the
masculine values of activity, manipulation and direct influence over
the environment.
In most cases right-hemisphere participation in conscious thinking
is actually repressed. This repression results from engramic changes
and cultural conditioning. As a result of traumatic experience  and
cultural conditioning many of the important functions of the right
hemisphere are suppressed, e.g. the softer, more feminine ability
to be aware of one's feelings, to let things happen and be involved
in the moment in an unself-conscious way. If only the verbal-analytic
left side  is operating, a person is effectively cut-off from many
of the ways in which he could experience the world around him -
life can become dry, meaningless and boring.
Whether you are left or right handed, man or woman, left-hemispheric
dominance rules the day. As a result we lose touch with our intuitive,
spiritual nature. We push aside our unspoken feelings as irrelevant
to the struggle for survival. We rationalise the beliefs we have
adopted in order to be accepted members of our partnership, family,
peer generation,
etc. We push aside right-hemisphere intuition because it contains
the real truth of who we are, what we have done and what we intend
to do. Above all, we repress what we feel about ourselves, because
the truth hurts. The keystone of left-brain consciousness is time,
the primary lie of the MEST universe. The right brain is timeless,
so it cannot lie!
'The moving finger writes and having writ, moves on;
 Not all thy piety nor wit may cancel half a line,
 Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.'
           Rubyat of Omar Kayham

The Bilateral Meter

The resolution of conflict depends upon the recognition and
of our deepest feelings, and in the light of this experience, the
re-evaluation of our verbal beliefs. The chasm between right
and left hemispheres is only bridged when beliefs and experiences
have been re-evaluated in the light of each other, and then accepted
and integrated. Compared with a superficial analytical cognition,
with little basis in reality, such an integrated cognition will
be linked to actual behaviour and ability.
The Bilateral Meter is used to inform the auditor when the PC is
either the left hemisphere or the right, in response to a question
or command. The Bilateral Meter monitors the selective arousal
of the two hemispheres of the brain. The PC uses special twin
which permit a connection to both the E-Meter and the Bilateral Meter.
The Bilateral Meter is a relatively simple device, costing only 450
English pounds,supplied by Ability Meters International.
The Bilateral Meter uses a 'centre-zero' dial, and the needles
indicates reads to the left or to the right. The needle is balanced
with the
Balance Control (this is similar to the TA on a Scientology Meter),
and the position of the Balance Control shows the degree of left or
right hemisphere dominance.When the Bilateral Meter is used in
with the E-Meter, critical phenomena can be easily, clearly and
measured, thus a vital new dimension is added to auditing.
The E-meter can be used to locate the Thetan and provide a
communication line, then the Bilateral Meter, operating in parallel,
can be used
to differentiate between truth and falsehood, e.g. the evaluation
of the beliefs surrounding a fixed identity. My experiments with the
Bilateral Meter have demonstrated that the various types of meter
reading accord with different classes of falsity and truth. Therefore
this device can be used to analyse the belief structures surrounding
an identity and de-power those that are based on untruth. Once the
belief structure is de-powered the identity is no longer fixed. It
can be absorbed into the true Beingness, or mocked-up at will, rather
in the manner of an actor entering a play at the beginning and leaving
it at the end.

Reality Testing

The Bilateral Meter and the techniques of Reality Testing, are the
keystones of the Realisation Intensive - the new Part 0 of
The Insight Project (formerly Dianasis). The purpose of this
is to identify the belief systems that are giving a PC problems, and
then to differentiate those beliefs which are non-aberrative from
those, which the pc has accepted or decided upon as safe solutions.
By recovering his own reality, new aspects of affinity and
become apparent, and this results in increased understanding. Then
he is able to address the issues of Knowledge, Responsibility, and
Control, the substance of the next part of The Insight Project.
Initially, the Bilateral Meter was used to differentiate beliefs as
they arose in the course of therapy. Although this was an advance,
it soon became apparent that this type of approach would take several
hundred hours. What was required, was a systematic and hierarchic
approach of questioning and analysis that would identify cardinal
beliefs, so they could be evaluated. By locating and evaluating this
much smaller number of cardinal beliefs, which may be described as
the axiom structure of a belief system, then the entire belief system
derived from these axioms would be open to re-evaluation.
Although the Power Processes appeared to meet the above requirement
and these processes had been used with relative success in their
form, they were not sufficient in themselves to resolve the problem.
The E-meter would read on a mocked-up dream world as well as the
known world, and it did not discriminate adequately between an
implanted or a real memory. Furthermore, above a certain level of
case the E-meter would frequently read on a PC's analytical
and this could be a further source of misinformation. These
can be overcome, when the Bilateral Meter is used in conjunction with
the E-meter.
The E-meter registers emotional charge and effort, when a particular
idea or memory is addressed by the auditor, whether the idea or
memory is grounded in reality or not. However, the E-meter does not
discriminate whether the charged picture is imagined or real. The
Bilateral Meter undercuts this dichotomy, because it can differentiate
between imaginary pictures (left-brain rationalisation) and real
(right-brain integrity). Real pictures either have an existence or
have had an existence in the objective universe, however they may
be repressed if these images confront the individual too frankly with
the reality of his situation.

Deeper still

Frequently something will read on the Bilateral Meter, but not on
the E-meter, unless extensive Prepchecking is applied. Therefore it
could be argued that the Bilateral Meter responds to a much deeper
level of case: the very core of conflict, areas so deeply repressed
that they don't read on the E-meter. This adds a yet further
because a question or command can only truly be classified as
if it reacts on neither meter.
Prepchecking an item that reads on the Bilateral Meter (usually to
the right) will cause a read to transfer to the E-meter, at which
point it is no longer repressed but merely suppressed, and accessible
to the pre-conscious mind. This is certainly of great value in
lower level auditing, and for finding a case entry point. In contrast
to popular belief, what appears to be just a tick on the E-meter,
may be the most highly charged item of all. Such an item will read
clearly on the Bilateral Meter, and if the read is to the right, it
should be followed up. Right-reading items should not be actually
run, however, until they have been got to read on the E-meter,
otherwise the protective mechanisms of the mind may be bypassed and
the PC overwhelmed.
In lower level auditing, left-reading items on the Bilateral Meter
are usually ignored, as these are essentially ego defences: 'red
that lead away from the truth. The left-read may, however, be an entry
to addressing service facsimiles and other patterns of distorted
with upper level PCs, such as PCs on the Realisation Intensive.
When something doesn't read at all on either meter, it is either
uncharged, or it is so deeply repressed that for all practical
purposes it is inaccessible, at the current stage of handling the
case. When further layers of charge have been removed, new items
will surface from the unconscious, until clearing is sufficiently
progressed that the PC can blow remaining charge by inspection, as
it is restimulated by life. He is then ready for advanced solo work
on the Thetan case.

Truth detector

These investigations caused me to doubt the validity of the E-meter,
when running Upper Level techniques. In particular applications the
client may be running imaginary material, because the E-meter, when
used alone, cannot discriminate between the imaginary and the real.
By continuing to validate left-brained material, such as
or whole-track scenarios, the PC may well become more left-brain
Consequently he will be further dissociated from the truth of the
matter which has been suppressed in the right hemisphere. Ironically,
the 'spiritual awareness' that the client may be aiming for is
dependent upon full integration with the right-brain intuitive
The Bilateral Meter acts as a truth-detector, because the right
hemisphere cannot tell a lie about experienced reality or a deeply
held belief. When a lie is told, or when mis-remembering occurs, the
needle will go to the left. In contrast, when a subject contacts his
real feelings on the matter, the needle will go to the right,
indicating the areas of heavy emotion and effort that are so easily
in previous methods of analysis. Finally, when reality is perceived
directly, and has been accepted and integrated, the Bilateral Meter
will float in the manner of a scientology meter.
Although the right hemisphere cannot lie, significant data may be
omitted. To cite a simple example of how this works, I could say:
'I went to Denmark'. This would be true in a nominal sense but
data has been omitted - there is more to it. A statement such
as the above would cause a Bilateral Meter to read to the right. If
I were to say: 'I went to Denmark by train on the 16th January 1993
and spent 10 days in that country; I was excited about going but felt
anxious about the lectures I would be giving', the meter would
float, as the statement is sufficiently close to the objective
reality -
it contains the actual time, place, duration, and mode of transport,
as well as the feelings involved. It does not contain false data,
which would send the meter needle to the left, and it does not
obscure reality by deletion and send the meter needle to the right.
If it read again to the right, there would be more to it - perhaps
further suppressed feelings about the motivations of the trip.
If an origination caused the Bilateral Meter to read to the left,
some distorted thinking would be going on. Often a rationalisation
may seem a satisfactory solution from the PC's viewpoint, and it
may F/N on the E-meter. However for a true release to occur, the
PC's defensive resistance would need to give way to the willingness
to confront the suppressed material in the right hemisphere, before
the topic would be clear and F/Ning on both the E-meter and the
It could be summarised that the Bilateral Meter will read to the left
when the client is knowingly or unknowingly giving false or irrelevant
data. Alternatively, it will read to the right when the client
is knowingly or unknowingly being economical with the truth -
either he is not telling all the truth, or there are occlusions and
barriers that hinder him from consciously perceiving the truth. Part
of the client though, does know the whole truth. Eventually, through
guidance from the Bilateral Meter, this knowingness of the Being can
come to light through the intuitive faculty of the right hemisphere.
With a technique such as Traumatic Incident Reduction (2),
when an incident is restimulated
by the auditor the E-meter will read, and the Bilateral Meter will
initially read to the left. During the first few passes through an
incident most of the material communicated by the PC may be described
as 'conditional itsa'. He may be describing the incident from the
viewpoint of one of the other participants, or he may be mis-assigning
responsibility. After several passes through the incident, the
Bilateral Meter will start to read to the right, because the PC is
willing to face the force and emotion of the experience and is
therefore much closer to the truth of the incident. Finally when the
is fully viewed, both Meters will float.

Past Lives

The E-meter limitations have been exceeded when more advanced
techniques are being used, particularly techniques that address
past-life beliefs
and identities. When using one of the more advanced techniques, a
past-life incident may come into view. In running the incident, the
E-meter will behave in the normal way, but the Bilateral Meter
will only read to the left - indicating that the incident is
Eventually, after several passes through the past-life incident there
will be a release, and the E-meter will float. Often, however, the
Bilateral Meter, will not. My hypothesis is that the PC has had a
pseudo-release combined with pseudo-insights. By finding a cause to
his present problem, whether that cause be imaginary rather than real,
the PC is able to rationalise his situation, thus gaining a measure
of temporary release, which is indicated by a floating needle on the
When appropriate (when the end-point of a procedure has not been
obtained) I have ignored such a float on the E-meter, and continued
with the process. Usually, when I have done this, the Bilateral Meter
will start to read on the right, thus indicating the presence of
charge. By continuing in this way, a by-passed this lifetime 'later
similar incident' has come into view. In most cases, when this has
occurred, the incident has been in very early childhood, i.e. before
the age of two. When such an incident has come into view, it can be
handled by using a simple Traumatic Incident Reduction procedure.
The Bilateral Meter will tend to read to the right when re-viewing
the incident, and after several passes through the incident there
will be a release, and both meters will float.
This approach does not invalidate the possibility of past life
but it does indicate that many past life incidents that occur in
before early childhood incidents are completely handled, are unreal.
When the early childhood 'later similar' incident has been handled,
and there is still not a resolution, then it would be realistic to
ask for an earlier similar incident. A past-life incident may come
into view, and it will probably read to the right on the Bilateral
Meter, so it is probably an actual experience.

Bilateral Meter Course

I invented the Bilateral Meter in the 1960s, and have been
using the techniques of Bilateral Analysis with many individual
over the years. Furthermore the Bilateral Meter has been used as a
tool of solo research in Mental Development, and during the late 1980s
it was used to assist Irene Mumford in her researches into the upper
Parts of Dianasis, as a method of double-validation.
I find that with the use of an E-meter alone, scientology techniques
often do not contact the heavily protected, vulnerable aspects of
personality; these techniques are too verbal and clinical. With the
Bilateral Meter, I can take the best aspects of the scientology
but go much further, to integrate the masculine with the feminine
aspects of personality. In other words, the masculine or expressive
and the feminine or receptive aspects of the Ego. Consequently, the
whole person becomes stronger and more sensitive: creative in life,
rather than simply causative.
My company Tools for Thought, recently relocated in Dublin, Ireland,
delivers the full range of Mental Development services including The
Insight Project. Since there has been a demand for training in
the use of Bilateral techniques from our students, impressed by its
application in the Realisation Intensive, we have decided to offer
a Bilateral Meter Course (see the advertisement in this issue of Ivy)
open to all interested persons.
Training in the use of the Bilateral Meter will be of very great value
to practitioners; it will help them resolve all levels of case. I
would of course be pleased to discuss the Realisation Intensive and
other applications of the Bilateral Meter with Ivy readers.
Gregory Mitchell, Tools for Thought, 11 Herberton Park, Rialto, Dublin
8, Ireland.
Telephone: Dublin (+353) (1) 549354

(1)see 'The Duality of the Brain Functioning', by Gregory Mitchell, in
IVy 3, page 26.

(2)Also known as engram running, or dianetic auditing

(3). Ed.note current adress December 2002 can be reached

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