From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 11 - November 1993
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Goals and IVy

By Antony A Phillips, Denmark

Have you ever read Ron's 'Essay on Management'? It's an early
article, from August 1951. A gem. It is well worth reading - again!
You will find it in Technical Bulletins, Volume I, page 133,
and also in The Organization Executive Course Volume VII, page
243. In fact, I would recommend a reread. Go and get your red (or
green) volume now, and read it before you go further.

One point in the article is that the goals finder and management
Should be separate. So in this article I am not talking of details of how
we achieve a goal.

Goals are important. Essential to life. Together with freedom and
barriers. Ron wrote another exciting article on the subject, in 1967.
People call it the Simon Bolivar Policy Letter, but its real title
is 'The Responsibility of Leaders'. You will find it in The
Org Exec Course, Vol VII, page 349.

Here is a little quote. After describing how Bolivar failed to set
new goals when the old had been achieved, Ron writes. 'And so
the players started fighting amongst themselves just to have a game'.
Does that remind you of anything in your life or experience? For
some things in the columns of IVy?

Failed purpose

See what Ron has to say in another Policy Letter: 'When you diverge
from a constructive purpose to 'stop attacks', the purpose has been
abandoned. You get a stop.' And a little earlier: 'There
is a law about this - all you have to do to restore life and action
is to rekindle the failed purpose. The stops will at once blow.'(1)

We all have goals, purposes and barriers as individuals.

But do we as a group, those interested in LRH's philosophy and tech,
have a common goal now? Once we did - I can remember 'to clear
the planet by 1984'. That has a bit of a sour taste to me.(2)

But do we have one now?

IVy's purpose

When IVy started, I hoped that amongst other things it would
be a place for goals finders to set forth their ideas on goals for
the group, and for a discussion to take place. So far this hasn't

Pondering on why this hadn't happened, I became somewhat embarrassed.
Here was I complaining to myself that no one was suggesting goals,
or writing on them. But I had never written a word suggesting that
that was what people were 'supposed to do'; never in writing
encouraged people to invent or redefine goals. Were my readers
to thought read my intentions?(4)

So help me out, would you?

What are your ideas of possible goals for the group?

Lets 'restore life' to free scientology as a group.

(1)Both quotes from Org Exec Course, Volume 0, page 318, HCO Policy
Letter of 14 January 1969, 'OT Orgs'

(2)To sacrifice much for a goal that turns out to be unrealistic can

(3)The exception is Todde Salen's Three Empire series
- but due to the lack of response, I am wondering if any one else
than me regards it as anything in the nature of a goal.

(4)If they did that well enough, we could stop producing a MEST mag!

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