From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 11 - November 1993
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Total Freedom

by John Dorne, Denmark

The last bond of enslavement shattered silently into a multitude of
shards(1), each of which, unmoving, dwindled to nothing: no fragment,
no smoke, no trace ... not one atom to betray that it had existed.

They were truly free - the Younger and the Elder, who for years
had lived and meditated together, helping each other out, inventing
new, faster techniques for freeing themselves from the wheel of life.
That is how they thought of it.

Never again would they have to incarnate. No body would ever trap
them, no matter what sensations and emotions it might contain. No
greed would mar them, nor any lust lure them into staying 'just
a little longer'. Pain could not batter them into the solidity
of unconsciousness once more, so that they would have to engage in
yet another quest for freedom.

The solidities had been dissolved, nothing could tempt them, and the
mental twists necessary for greed had long since been smoothed out.


The Elder stated simply, 'We made it.' 'Elder' referred
only to the body age of his final incarnation, of course, because
in this state there was no age, as there was neither space nor matter.

An aura of quiet love and serenity surrounded him. The Younger,
much the same, communicated agreement.

They were not actually happy. That would have been an emotion too
materialistic for them. But they were pleased, in a serene sort of

'What do we do now?' asked the Younger.

'We exist in pure beingness for ever,' the older one answered,
and so they entered that state.

There is no motion, as, in that condition, nothing is altered, so
there is no way of telling how long they 'sat' there. But,
for practical reasons, let us just say that they sat there for a

'But ... ' said the Younger.

'Hush. You interrupt the serenity.'

Again they sat there for a while.

'I think ...' the younger one started again.

A cloud of the most serene, purest, most nothingest beingness
the Younger very meaningfully. He, feeling no resentment at all, took
the hint and adroitly adopted the suggested state.


They sat there for a while, perhaps the longest, but there is no way
of telling.

'This is ridiculous!' the Younger blasted, and the
Elder - taken by surprise ... communicated nothing at all. 'This
is a complete bore. It was fun to become free, and it was great to
enjoy it for a while, but this is enough!

'I want to play games, feel the thrill of action and love. I am
going to incarnate again.'

The Elder was shocked, although he was not quite able to quit feeling
serene. 'You will get attached to things physical. You will be
back on the wheel of life. That is what we fought to be free from.
You will be enslaved again to reality. You will be trapped
once more!'

The Younger had turned quiet. One could feel the love around him,
but there were also a roguish(2) mirth and a strong spirit of play.'It
be fun. I thank you for the time we spent together, and I wish you
all the best.' And he was gone.

The Elder felt no loss at the departure. Rather, he was a little
Then he settled back into pure beingness. The other would be back
when it was time for him.


He sat for a while, in the purest nothingness that had ever existed.
Then sudden realization hit him! Nonplussed(3),
he opened his eyes wide, eyes that he had not had a moment before.

'Why, this is a bore!' he exclaimed.

The Elder reached down into physical reality, quickly spotted the
young one, who was already lining up a life plot, and put in a
line to him.

'Hey! Wait for me! I want to play, too!' And he was

(1)Shard: `a fragment of a brittle substance, as of glass or metal'.

(2)Rogue: In this context, `a playfully mischievous person'.

(3)Nonplus: `To perplex;baffle' - all definitions are from The
 American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.

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