From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 13 - August 1993
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Clear & The Auditor 10

By Antony A Phillips, Denmark

I have come across data which may be of use to those wanting to get
a better understanding of the word Clear. I happened across a copy
of The Auditor, nr. 10. It came out in 1965. If Ron did not
write it, I am quite sure that he was very closely involved in
its content. I was at Saint Hill, on staff, at the time. I know he
had an extremely close contact with The Auditor, especially
this one as it had the first gradation chart with it, an unusual
task. It is possible that it is one of those few bits of tech data
that did not get into the red volumes.

On the front page: '...recent researches has found that a person
can be released selectively from the principal difficulties of the
mind. On each one the full manifestations of what used to be called
'clear' and is now called RELEASE can be obtained on the person.'

On page 2, a full A3 page of small type entitled 'The States of
Existence', Ron writes: 'Release, for years, was mistaken
for Clear and it was even called Clear. But time has revealed that
Clear was far above anything one had dreamed of previously.'

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