From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 13 - August 1993
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New Realities

By Mark Jones, USA

Unraveling The Mystery

Suppose that Sherlock Holmes were around today. If he were called
upon to solve the innumerable self inflicted crimes and punishments
that individuals have allowed or committed against themselves over
the millenia, he might feel a bit overwhelmed. However, if he learned
of the advances now available for minimizing the effects of their
self limitating and degradation in the past, he'd likely be heartened.

Of course, all people may not consider that it's a crime for a Thetan
with godlike potentials to disown them, and to pretend to be much
less powerful. Some may have come to consider this to be their normal
state. Yet, while attempting to adjust to it, they still feel
with their limitations.

Each of us is what we consider and believe ourselves to be
at any particular time. We are continuously creating our unique
characteristics and all of our limitations. Yet, instead of
this, we are prone to view them from a time perspective, and believe
that the causes lie in the past. In other words, having responded
to various situations in the past in limiting ways, we believe we
must go back and find those times, discover the clues, solve the crime
and repair the damage. Yet, to find and handle all of those that have
been perpetrated over the millenia may seem like a formidable task.
It may appear to be easier to just adopt beliefs that we are limited,
and to learn to live within those limitations.

A better choice

Fortunately there is a more fulfilling choice. No matter when we
being a lesser being, we are doing so now if we are limited now.
of the physical universe, where our postulates appear to be formed,
there is no time. As we transform our key postulates into the range
of physical vibrations and time, and call them beliefs, we appear
to put their continuous creation on automatic. It seems essential
to do this in a universe of time and space, one in which we believe
that our postulates and thoughts must be recreated every moment
to give us an identity as beings. For instance, if we had to make
fresh decisions regarding the hundreds of characteristics that define
us, such as our integrity, our spontaniety, our creativity, our
our passion, our degree of enthusiasm, our honesty, our self reliance,
our confidence, our image, our bodily functions, etc. every instant,
we'd have a formidable task indeed. But by storing each of these as
beliefs, we create an image and identity which appears to have
without having to think about it's recreation each moment.

We may recognize from the responses we get that there are flaws in
our image creation and response programs. So to compensate, we've
become adept at creating a facade to cover them. In fact, except for
some gnawing inner signals that we learn to suppress, we may come
to believe that we are our facade.

Fortunately for us, our basic vibrations which link us with the other
parts of this vibrating universe we inhabit, i.e. 'energy in motion',
determine what resonates and what doesn't. We give a name to the way
we interact with the universe, and call it experience. Our experience
is always giving us the feedback we need to determine what the
postulates, we have stored as beliefs, actually are.

We also view experience through the lenses of our beliefs. Someone
who is paranoid, sees enemies everywhere. So our experiences, as
we perceive them, are always providing what we need to know to
our basic beliefs, i.e. our stored postulates.

Look in present time

It is no longer necessary to scour the past to find out what our basic
beliefs or continuing postulates are. We only need to learn how to
look, to see the true evidence that always lies before us, and not
explain it away as something that is created by others or is a result
of one's fate. While it may not always be immediately obvious what
one's limiting beliefs actually are, that are bringing about
undesireable experiences, it's easy to find them. They appear to be
stored in clusters or groups of similar beliefs. Even finding and
changing one will bring about a change in one's vibrations and
Finding more of the limiting beliefs in a cluster and changing them
will produce a greater change.

An integral part of one's experiences comes from the feed back of
one's body, state of health, and one's emotions. These are constantly
giving vital feedback. A useful book by Louise Hay, You can Heal
Your Life, provides some very useful information on how to use
this feedback to change bodily and emotional conditions.

Another useful clue is what one is blaming another or others for.
As Lao Tsu wrote in the Way of Life in about 600 B.C. 'Before
a good man can help a bad man, he must find in himself that which
is the matter with the bad man'. The things for which we blame
others reflect aspects of ourselves.

Using these simple procedures we can find our limiting beliefs. Then,
by changing them using simple procedures, our earlier crimes against
ourselves can be rectified. We can regain more and more of our innate

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Mark Jones, asking why this article for a scn magazine was not more
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