From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 13 - August 1993
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by Terry E. Scott, England

The Ball

A few years back, working in Croydon, I used to play with a giant
ball in my lunch breaks. It was about five feet (150 cm) in diameter
and could be rosy pink, green or yellow according to my whim. It was
one of a few mockups I would let off the leash when I entered the
park at the top of the hill - not many people around, lots of
open sky, plenty of grass and pathways.

I would bounce my rosy ball along the path in front of me, then roll
it over to the trees and back again, make it zig-zag around a bit,
pause now and then; and eventually I would unmock it, prior to going
back to the office.

Playing ball was great, for it was Spiritual Exercise. During this
fruitful time, I was listening in the evenings and at weekends to
the Philadelphia Doctorate Course tapes. Scientology at its purest.

Well, spiritual exercises. I entered Scientology in 1956, and one
of the first things the Registrar at the London HASI (Hubbard
of Scientologists International) suggested was that I should join
the group in the end room and get some group auditing. But Ann Walker
did not call it just that, and used the phrase Spiritual Exercises,
by way of an explanation. And she was so right.

For we did a variety of processes that gave terrific results -
Locational and, later in the evening, Mockups (Mock up a golden ball,
push it into the body; mock up a golden ball, throw it away). Yes,
it was Havingness, but also an introduction to creating mockups -
out there, around the body.

Spiritual exercises. Much later, more adventurous stuff. E-Meters
were old hat but I was audited by Dennis Stephens on a meter just
once, doing personal whole track research. For the rest of it, there
was the sheer wealth of material in Creation of Human Ability,
in Scientology 8:8008 and even some of A History of Man.

Why not use these things today? Once your case is stable, fly North.
With today's skills, we can evaluate and run the best of those
processes and get a lot out of them. They are positive gain
Spiritual Exercises.

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