From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 13 - August 1993
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An Australian Viewpoint

By Ray Harman, Australia(1)

So what is a viewpoint? It's the way I see things. As I am
myself, my viewpoint is unique. If I needed any authority to back
this up, I would quote Axiom 2(2). I have
a reality on what a thetan is, having been totally exterior and
from the body on a couple of occasions this lifetime.

Let me digress a moment, and tell you an OT story that explains
how a Biblical miracle occurred. I was being audited once, quietly
sitting in session and minding my own business, when, out of the blue,
this picture turned on vividly. Joshua was a pretty good orator, and
had worked up a lot of enthusiasm in the troops, and we were running
around the walls of Jericho and generally making a lot of noise.
I had my doubts that this would make the walls fall down, and felt
we might have to retire with egg on our faces(3).

However, a defender tossed down a 20-pound rock from the
top of the wall, and it chanced to fall on my head, and I never saw
it coming. It terminated my body rather abruptly. I was so surprised
and annoyed that, without thinking, I went high over the city and
demolished the walls with an energy beam ... and that's how the
walls of Jericho came tumbling down. I still chuckle when I think
of it.

I used to think that my viewpoints were not important. Lately,
I have been working on Belief Changing, and now want to communicate
my viewpoints. Thank you, Mark Jones, for the Belief Changing tech!

IVy has many fascinating ideas in it, and most are written
by highly trained auditors of many years' experience. I am not, so
I figured that my viewpoint might give a bit of balance.

From about the mid-1960s, I guess, I began to wonder what
was wrong with Scn, but, for a long time, assumed that there were
local problems, and that Saint Hill - which was the mecca of Scn
in those days - was above reproach. Things steadily deteriorated
for the next 20 years, but it wasn't until I heard the Zegal tapes(4),
that my worst suspicions were realized, that
the outpoints went all the way to the top.

So it seems to me that, while LRH's contribution to Mankind
is beyond price, he nevertheless loused it up, and that is the concise
statement of the situation. Man's survival now rests with the

Bits of the jigsaw are still falling into place - e.g.,
IVy 9, page 23, paragraph two: the reason LRH disavowed hypnosis!(5)

Before leaving the CofS, I did Dianetic training, and reached
Sunshine Run Down casewise. Currently, I am working on Belief
This suits me because it works, I have had wins and it's not

In Adelaide, Australia, I feel remote from the majority
of the Independent movement, and in the main only know about the
alternative technologies after seeing them advertised in 'The Free
Spirit.' If I did not have the stable datum of Belief Changing,
it would be difficult to select a tech to adopt, as the data in the
advertisements is very brief. I also get the, not necessarily correct,
impression that most Independents are highly trained auditors. Are
there others out there who are in a similar position to me?

I think that what we are doing is worthwhile. Please continue,

(1)Ray has recently started
tackling distribution of IVy in his part of the world.

(2)Axiom 2: The Static is capable of
considerations, postulates and opinions - L. Ron Hubbard

(3)English figure of speech meaning here, 'to retreat in embarrassment
the plan failed'.

(4)A series of three tapes (with a  fourth retraction of all the
made in the 83 to 85 period, giving the background to a lot that was
going on at the time.

(5)Article, 'Another Look at Hypnosis', by Lawrence West., IVy 9 page

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