From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 13 - August 1993
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... David Mayos Newsletter

By Bob Ross, USA

In reading through 'Technical Remarks' by David Mayo, Winter
1993 issue of The Journal of the Ability Advancement Center,
I came across several statements which I think clearly present David's
view of the world and how to help people with self-discovery
I apologize in advance for presenting his statements out of the
order in which he wrote them. In order to make my point they are in
a different order than David gave them, which might give a distorted
view of his real attitude.

David's statement

'. .if the original state of a being was omniscient and all-powerful,
(if) '. . .in his original native state he was not just capable
of, but already possessed all of the abilites that could be.'
'. . . that being could not have ended up trapped and messed up.'

'Another way to look at a being is not that it is static (i.e.
motionless, having no motion or energy or time -- as it has been
earlier) but that a being may be the opposite (i.e. have energy, mass,
motion and time). 'I know that I usually feel that I have a certain
amount of energy, mass, time and motion' 'If you look at it
this way it gives unlimited potential states of being.' (I prefer
to think )'

'. . we started as nothing with unlimited potential and are growing.'
'I call this the ascending spiral.'

'In fact, I think that an erroneous concept of the original state
of being (static) is where and why, some earlier movements(1)
went wrong.'

'. . . the state we find ourselves in today negates the possibility
of an original state or native state of perfection.' . . . such
a thought is depressing . . . for even if recovery is possible it
might not last, as the same 'mistake' could be made resulting
in another dwindling spiral.'

'. . . the fact that 'positive gain' procedures work,
tends to prove that the original state a being was in, was less than
perfect.' (We see that) . . . 'by adding to the being an improvement
occurs. . . .'

'. . . my endeavor is not to help people become more and more
causative as a sole objective, because I think people are better off
when they can be both at cause and effect.'

'One can't ignore the fact that the current environment is far
from optimum. One has to take into account other skills, including
the ability to stand up to a bully and call him to task.' 'Goodnesss'
and 'Badness' are not just considerations.' 'the full
attainment of one's powers as a being is not going to result from
simply trying to become more powerful.'

'Ability enhancement procedures free attention that was trapped
in the past and thus makes the person more aware.'


Part of Mayo's attack on an unnamed prior self-discovery system(1)
lies in his perception
that the goal of that system was to increase the power of the
Certainly Yoga and Budhism teach that the way to freedom is to be
free of desire which includes the desire to be more powerful than

I have always understood that positive gain procedures worked by
to a greater or lesser degree past additives to the being and by so
doing permitted the being to view and as-is those past additives of
whatever nature.

I think Mayo has misunderstood 'toward cause', which was Hubbards
wording, as meaning working for power over others as exemplifed at
0.0 on the Effect Scale (0-8 page 127)

I suspect that he misses the fact that one must create or co-create
all effects that one experiences and so that becoming more cause
also in being able to have effects as well.

I agree with Mayo that if we started off all knowing and all powerful
and then sank down and got stuck in the mud, that effective self
would have to consist of removing things from the being. I further
agree that the more additives you took away the more capable the being
will become. I disagree only in what needs to be removed. Mayo states
that Ability Enhancement Procedures free trapped attention. However,
if that is all that is removed the person will never get much better.
What really needs to be removed is one's mutual and self determined
self limiting decisions.

To Mayo it just does not make sense that an all powerful omniscient
being could possibly have reduced his beingness in order to have a
game. Nor, having reduced his active beingness could this being have
been overwhelmed by other beings playing the game that had been
set up. I would guess that he has not suceeded in auditing people
up to more than human abilities such as out of body experiences.

(1)I and Bob Ross presume he refers to scn. Ed.

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