From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 13 - August 1993
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London Conference: A Comment

by Britta Burtles, England

At our recent conference in London Des Popham asked us to think of
a purpose for our growing group, a common reason to meet as a group
and promote it.

At first I thought the Tech which we all admire and profit from is
the purpose. But then I asked myself: Is the Tech an end product?
The answer for me was: No. It is a tool, but neither a purpose nor
a goal in itself. We need and want this tool partly to improve our
lives and relationships with each other and our environment, but
to attain higher levels of awareness.

The purpose of developing an expanding group is to share experiences
and exchange viewpoints and cognitions. To support and strengthen
each other in our endeavour to create a better world. The Tech and
its further development is the cement which holds us together. In
a group we can take a break from the lonely, even selfish one track
march forward. Operating as a group we can help and inspire each
other. While sharing space and time, events and experiences, opinions
and knowledge, we can gradually learn to step off the merry-go-round
called 'I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong'. We can remove the blinkers
which life and the MEST universe force upon us while we play the game
called 'doing-our-own-thing'.

Together, through agreements, we have created this physical universe,
and I believe together we will be able to create a better and stronger

I see as purpose and goal for a group like ours: To evolve and grow
together and play this new game which I see as being rooted in the
8th Dynamic.

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