From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 13 - August 1993
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Another Look at Admiration

By Frank Gordon, USA

Let us take a look at a fundamental. Admiration is one of these.

Can admiration be tolerated?

Recently, I examined my tolerance for admiration, affection and
Since I have difficulty handling admiration (praise, respect, acclaim,
wonderment, et cetera), I checked: 'How much admiration can you

This gave a rapid LFBD of a division, as an image came up of me
naked above a crowd lookingly up admiringly at my erection. A 13
session gave a TA of 2.2 (equal to 10 divisions an hour).

'Handling' blocked admiration

I can relate this to an interest in pornography, with its exchanges
of admiration - submission (admiration that submits to the more
beautiful, competent or powerful); hypnotic control (extracting
by devious means); hidden interest in another's body (covert
and force, torture or witholding necessities (as a way of squeezing
out admiration forcibly: 'making them beg for it,' in other

Thus I can view the appeal of pornography as an attempt to free up
blocked and inhibited admiration lines.

Cognited that I had enjoyed admiration received when younger, but
had witheld (like a 'good' puritan) showing it. And now, years
of suppressing feelings of pleasure at being admired results in my
being embarrassed by it.

I have learned about this from a cat who comes to visit for a bowl
of milk and a nap. When he sees me looking at him while napping, he
stretches, relaxes, and bathes in the attention. What I have learned
is that my 'embarrassment' is suppressed, unacknowledged pleasure.

'Too much'

With such a blockage, the possibility of too much admiration
arises. As an example, in a therapy group, we were all invited to
say something nice about Ricky...who spent his time tearing up paper
for the psychologist to pick up. We did so, and the next day he was
in hospital with double pneumonia.

Another example is Mark... When he was quite young, a psychiatrist
told his mother that she should always praise him, even if it were
not true. Now he distrusts any admiration or positive attention as
being insincere.

Since as-is-ing the bank requires some admiration to dissolve
it, such a critical denial impedes it.

As the substance of a comm line

Even accusations have this basic element, since the substance of any
communication line is admiration. Charge itself may be only encysted
or ridged admiration. If so, then charge can be blown by spotting
how it is being suppressed on each of the flows. 'How could someone
handle admiration?' has helped me spot this, by bringing up
like 'There isn't anyone out there, anyway' or 'Oh, it's
nothing,' in response to praise.

In Tech Vol.I, p.311, Admiration Processing, Ron states that
it can be run with energy flows, concepts or mockups. He gives a rule:
'Those things which are not admired, persist'. A logical corollary
is that those things which refuse, deny or block admiration also tend
to persist.

Ron states that a psychotic (and, by inference, a bank) can be cured
by being fed admiration - slowly, perhaps, considering the case
of Ricky. Here is an area for research, using admiration as the
particle. Attention to this should enhance everything from 2WC on.

Erasing Blockages

The first logical step is to erase blocks to its reception, such as
Nakedness is Bad, Beauty is Egotistical, and so on. With an increased
tolerance for attention, respect, awe, libidinous glances and so
any bank should succumb much more rapidly.

Lines are below terminals. Thus the admonition in Dianetics 55!
to maintain 2WC(1)
This means admiration, and this may be hard to get. I have often
perfunctory acknowledgements which I felt should have been more like
the 'Ahhh!' often heard when fireworks explode over the sky.
'Terrific! Great! Boy, you really did it that time!'

The old acceptance level items can be used: 'What bad/awful/terrible
[assessing the adjective] thing could you [could someone] admire?'
Like, 'It was a wonderful movie, I cried my eyes out'.

For me, in biofeedback work, admiration can liven things up. You
might like to try it.

(1)2WC: Two-way communication -Ed.

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