From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 13 - August 1993
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On Making It Your Own

by Frank Gordon, USA

Many have complained about Ron's eclectic and encyclopedic collection
of other people's techniques, without numerous footnotes and

I've written scientific papers, where I had tons of these, a
paper trail. But this is something else.

When you can really digest something, understand it, and incorporate
it into your way of life, then it becomes a new entity. And it is
actually only as useful as you have made it your own.

For example, any robotism in the TR's is an immediate signal that
this is being done by implant and not by understanding. Just how easy
is it anyway to take a line from Alice or anyone, and 'make it
your own'? Not very. Thus the usefulness of valences and circuits.

Suggestion for IVy

How about a little more on what a real communication is, or a real
problem. As far as I'm concerned a real problem is one that is unreal.
That is, no matter how I try to approach it , I veer off. I can't
'get' the damned thing. OK, so parrot that it's 2 opposed
terminals and simple. But that's not my experience, which is more
like trying to grab a greased pig. (How dull, let's talk about how
to beam energy off the moon. Let's ADVANCE!).

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