From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 13 - August 1993
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Grave Trouble!

By Nikolay Brovcenko, Australia

OT Phenomena

On venturing to a graveyard for some obscure reason, such as visiting
the dead, I recalled my OT ability in communicating to beings without

As the occasion seemed to be appropriate, I decided to practice my
craft. I was standing near the grave of our local priest. Lots of
memories flooded in, for I had been in reasonable communication with
him when he was alive.

He had not agreed with what I was doing on the spiritual plane, since
he thought that domain belonged firmly in the realms of the Church.
There should be no interference from laymen in the procedures.

However, he had been a likeable and gentle being when I knew him.
So, standing next to his grave, I exerted my OT powers and reached
into the grave theta-wise. Sure enough, he was still there.

OT Communication and decision

So I decided to establish communication with him. 'Lo and behold'
to my surprise and amazement. He answered on the theta perception
line, and his answer shocked me a bit at the time.

Here was a being still attached to the remains of his former body,
stuck in the depth of the grave, and he was communicating with me.

His answer was, and I quote: 'Leave me alone. I am dead'.

That shook me a bit. I was curious, and wanted to explore this
I attempted to continue the communication, but he just repeated the
same statement and indicated that this was not a joke but was the
state of affairs that he firmly believed in and was resigned to.

'I am dead. Leave me alone, I am dead.'

Not to be outdone by another OT, I enquired: How could he communicate
to me if he was as he claimed to be? All I could get out of him was
the same statement, over and over again: 'Leave me alone. I am
dead.' With desperate emotion and exasperation attached to it:
why doesn't he leave me alone - can't he see my plight?

After a few cycles of the same rhetoric, I sensed the futility of
such a conversation.

The Awakening

I felt very wicked at the same time. As I knew he was a very devout
Christian and a deeply religious man, I thought it might be an idea
to connect him back with God, The Almighty that he had served most
of his life.

Is there no end to my wickedness? Well, apparently there was no
remorse at that particular moment during that day.

I mocked up an immediate scenario of how to handle the situation.
The answer was to inform the priest that God required his presence.
With that in mind, I communicated to him: 'God wants you'.

The Aftermath

The events that followed that statement were amazing. No sooner had
I uttered the words (don't ask me how one utters in the theta world
- one just does it), his response was very swift. I could sense
the speed and rapidity of action.

There was no hesitation on his part now. He just went. Took off like
a scared rabbit. Could not see him for dust. Wwwhhhoosh!

He was gone in a flash. His rise was instantaneous, directed high
towards the sky.

I double-checked the grave. He was not there any longer. Just the
remains of his former body.

The Benefits

What is the moral of this experience, if one should be looking for
morals? Well, I conclude that an OT is capable of anything - boy,
is he powerful! I had just had a very good demonstration of the

He had decided that he was dead and, for all intents and purposes,
was so, but not quite. Not 100% so; maybe 99.9999999%. Right next
to his body remains. He was very faithful to his decision. His state,
his game, for the next trillenia or more. If I hadn't come up with
my novel idea of God wanting him, he would still be there in perpetual
motion or, more correctly, no motion. Living that particular idea.
Playing his game of being dead.

The game one plays in present time

How can one benefit from such an experience? One should take a closer
look at one's own powers and games one plays. Who knows? They may
be in the same sort of a category? One mocked up something, very
for the time and occasion (for that moment only) but is still stuck
with it in Present Time. And no-one comes up and says to one: ''Hey!
Isn't it high time for you to wake up to what game you are playing?'
Or 'What game are you playing right now?' The answers are
right there with you, all the time.

May be a novel look. The choice is yours.

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