From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 12 - July 1993
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...Ulrich's Article on Dianasis - 3

by Joseph Peter, Germany

In IVy 10 I read the interesting article on Dianasis and Axiom
0 by Ulrich. In IVy 11, under the headline of 'Thoughts
inspired by ...', Peter Shepherd's answer followed; very interesting,

Apparently a lot of thoughts were inspired by Ulrich, because it took
Peter Shepherd a full five pages to answer. What caught my attention
immediately is the part about Crowley. In reading this article the
impression would arise that Crowley preached Love, and Peter Shepherd
states that 'Crowley certainly wasn't giving a licence for any
kind of foul play ...'

Now I don't know either about Gurdjeff or about the Gnosis philosophy,
but as far as I know about Crowley, I think some things should be
clarified. I hope that we agree that we should measure the value of
a person by his products and statistics, and that everybody should
work towards the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

So what were Crowley's products? When I read his biography (Aleister
Crowley, The Great Beast, by John Symonds) I cannot verify the
pleasant picture Peter Shepherd paints of him. Other literature, and
Crowley's own work, too, report about aberrated sex, black magic -
things we could probably summarize under the heading of 'R6'.
And if you looked at the fate of his 2D terminals - well, if you
undertook an analysis of Crowley's stats and products in that field
you would certainly see a lot of activity but not, by our judgement
as scientologists, in a particularly high ethics condition.

If anyone wanted to know more about this postulate of 'Do what
thou wilt etc.', I suggest you pick up your solo cans and call
it up with repeater tech. But mind you: make sure there is a good
C/S around!

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