From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 12 - July 1993
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Funch, Volume Two

Reviewed by Leonard M. Dunn, England

Flemming Funch: Technical Essays 86-123(1)

As before, the essays are in chronological order. The first volume
covered the period March 6, 1990 to May 1, 1992. Volume 2 continues
from May 6, 1992 and finishes with Essay 123 on December 20, 1992.
There are separate sections this time, so that in addition to the
38 Technical Essays there are 18 Reality Design Essays, three Basic
Essays and three Incident Clearing Essays.

Whether one agrees with the author's ideas is immaterial, as they
are designed to provoke thought. I think that strong disagreement
with his views is most likely to come from those who are dominated
by fixed ideas. This is a subject with which he deals very
A fixed idea is one where a being cannot perceive anything other than
this idea being true. We all know people who are like that! These,
having found a truth, think that it is truth.

New idea

One new term that appears is the wide-reaching concepts of the
Holon and the Holarchy. The first term was used by Arthur Koestler,
and is the concept of that which is a whole but also a part at the
same time. The Holarchy is the diagram of a set of these
In biology, one example that Funch gives, we have organisms dividing
into organs, into cells, and into molecules. He also gives a similar
break up in regard to the Eight Dynamics. This outlook is particularly
valid with regard to understanding the relationships of Source,
Static and Thetan.

Personally, I have some reservations in regard to his statement that
statics are in no way aberrated. Since these are a step lower than
Source in this context, it seems to me that something less than total
perfection is in fact a degree of aberration. This could account for
the definitely aberrated state of thetans, who are at a lower level

I found the Reality Essays of very great interest, as well
as the essays on his method of Clearing. The Basic Essays are a very
good introduction to the basic theories of Scientology in

Run the Future

Another essay that appealed to me was that of running future
events. The client is asked to mock up the future that he fears, and
then to run it in the same way that a past incident would be run.
A friend of mine used it on another and found it worked.

I was enthusiastic about the first volume, but I am even more
so about this set. If more volumes follow, I shall look forward to
those, too.

(1)These books can be obtained direct from Flemming Volume one  for
Volume Two for $40, or $80 for both volumes. These prices include
postage. The Address is: The Clearing Institute, 1147, E. Broadway,
#118, Glendale, CA 91205 USA, Scandinavien readers may be interested
to know that a translation to Danish of Essay #1 appears in Uafhngige
Synspunkter, M21, March 1993. Ed.

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