From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 12 - July 1993
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News from Germany(1)

An initiative encouraged and supported by Ulrich

To introduce myself: I became acquainted with scientology only two
and a half years ago, and I never had any contact with the CofS.

Esoteric games

Before, I was busy studying traditional religions: Christianity,
Hinduism, Buddhism. As well I had the New Age wave wash over me, with
esoteric games like crystal healing, pyramid powers and tarot cards.
I came out feeling that in some places they prayed to some awesome,
overpowering godhead, and in others they propitiated to objects and
fancy states. Only Zen-Buddhism held my attention for an extended
period of time. There I felt addressed as an individual living in
his own space-time structure, who was given a chance to become free
on the basis of his own responsibility.

To be in the Here and Now, to recognize the importance of each moment,
to be unhampered by the past and the future - these were concepts
that deeply impressed me, and that I could verify and make real to
myself in my work as a painter. But only there and not always. So
how to attain the serenity of a Zen master without locking myself
up in a monastery for twelve years or more?


This question was on my mind when a friend gave me Dianetics
to read. Admittedly I didn't read it all the way through then, because
after the first few pages I found the answer to my question: in order
to achieve a state of clarity and freedom I would have to get rid
of something to start with, something that was apparently hanging
on to me like a few tons of ballast - and even the best of ships
wouldn't pick up speed with that sort of overload, would it?

After that things moved really fast. I was audited by a very expert
auditor of the independent field, got rid of quite a bit of my ballast
and attested Clear. Along with that I did a course on scientology
theory based on L.Kin's volume one, More than a Cult?(2).
The checksheet wasvery thorough, indeed; after fighting myself through
'wall of clay demoes' I came out with a very thorough understanding
of the relationship between thetan, mind and body. (I was very happy
about L.Kin's simplicity in presenting fundamental philosophical
because this made it very easy to read and comprehend original LRH
bulletins afterwards.)

After that I carried on with volume two, the Handbook, and
did the practical auditor's course. There were checkouts, more clay
demoes and drills to do. Both courses together took just over four
weeks full time. Now I can audit solo and have successfully done so,
as well I audit others when it comes to it. The way I'm being C/Sed
I'm using Postulate Auditing most of the time. It works well for me.

Life changes

As a result of my activities in scientology (I shouldn't forget to
mention the TRs!) my life seemed to pick up momentum. Before I was
a good painter but sold little and in order to make a living I worked
in an advertising agency. Now I'm selling enough to live off, became
self-employed as a specialist in computer graphics, got married and
bought a house! And I do know how this relates to the sessions I had
and did myself.

In a word: so far Scientology has been a very satisfying experience
for me, and I think others should know this, because looking through
IVy it seems like everybody was already 25 years in scientology
and there weren't any new people at all. So here it is: I'm new and
I'm doing it and it works!

(A.H., Limburg)


The CofS and free scn

My idea that scientology could be providing me with a sensible and
workable concept of human existence, was born whilst reading Dianetics
in 1988. Before that, for a decade or so, I studied all kinds of
about natural science, esoterics, existential philosophy, religion,
science fiction and brain research. At that time there was - to
my knowledge - no other source of scientology than the CofS. So
I did some introductory courses. But the longer I stayed the more
I observed strange rules of conduct in the org and became more
and more distrustful - not of Hubbard's ideas as such but of
this group claiming to be unique. In mid-89 the balloon burst for
me - I was no longer willing to accept the terribly high prices
of auditing, the dogmatic bridge scheme and the org's strict regime
based on non-ethics. Consequently I searched for an alternative, found
free scientology, and broke away from the church. I met an excellent
auditor and C/S and soon my curiosity for what goes on beyond the
general view of our world, was satisfied. I encountered other levels
of existence, too.

The energy scenario

As a professional geoscientist and computer analyst I'm aware of
much misorganisation and misdevelopment in the area of alternative
energy supply and environment control. There evidently is a minority
who only wants to make their profit and keep the majority enslaved
by artificially created energy problems. - What was I expecting
to change about this with scn data? Well, first of all I learned many
facts about the real causes of the existing conditions of society,
by looking at them from a viewpoint exterior to the planet. It became
an exciting insight into why and how things occcur, without getting
caught in them with my own mind. I started to see it from the game
level, as a player, rather than from the viewpoint of a victim.

Fighting back

Learning to audit and going solo was and still is one of the greatest
experiences I had in this life - a real enhancement of consciousness.
The two books by L.Kin and the related courses provided me with a
pragmatic, condensed data base without all the artificial stops and
traps the CofS had installed to hinder real free development and
which waste one's time, energy and money. Auditing solo I found out
that even as a single person - and even more so with the back-up
of others with comparable viewpoints and a common intention -
you are able to change things a lot, make them flow better or take
a different course. The trick is to prepare their path on a mental
level and then work them out on the mest level.

My main gains occurred when the mental operations I had done on solo
in order to influence certain entheta control patterns concerning
this planet, were acknowledged by other solo-auditors (who knew
about it) when they told me they had observed a change in these very
patterns! Moreover the solo sessions made me aware of my personal
responsibility regarding Free Energy and the possibility of success,
because there are well-meaning off-planetary forces who one can join
up with. Apart from that, after having finished with my own case,
I have been auditing various aspects of the GE and am very certain
about being on my way to Theta Clear.

(W.B., Koblenz)


Admin and ethics know-how

I'm in my forties and I didn't get in touch with scn materials and
thoughts until 1983. At that time I was (and still am) working in
business consulting. When I read Dianetics and The Volunteer
Minister's Handbook I was amazed to find out about this very profound
model of the mind and these simple and valuable administrative
I came to work with them increasingly as I went along, and with

Apart from buying some books there, I never was in touch with the
CofS - a decision I immediately made on meeting the first few
church members. In order to get on, I only relied on the books I had
bought, and extracted from them my ethics and admin knowledge. Only
years later did I meet an auditor and C/S who worked with me and took
me to Clear and solo. Having studied the two L.Kin volumes I can see
that he was using the tech pretty much in the way described there.
I grew up on original LRH bulletins which are great fun to read, but
the L.Kin Handbook really helped me in putting it all together.

The galactic connection

Now, about 300 solo hours later, I feel much better personally than
ever before, which in fact is acknowledged by people saying:
you seem much more relaxed than when I saw you four years ago'
and such things. On my job things are going very well indeed. Where
before I dealt with local businesses, I'm consulting multinational
companies now. I'm very conscious of this being tied in with the solo
auditing I am doing. It made me aware of the game I'm playing in,
and my part in it. I understand now why and for what 4th dynamic
I'm so heavily involved with admin and ethics. Dealing with space
ships and the representatives of other civilizations 'out there'
has become routine work on solo. I'm not talking about incidents way
back on the time track but about who is there at the very moment,
about spotting the real powers governing this planet and this galaxy.
I know for a fact that my intentions are furthered or hindered by
these powers, and I can measure this in terms of the results I have
after cleaning up the intentions of the counterforces. It shows
in very earthly things like statistics, gross income increases,
The management problems presented to me by a company sometimes vanish
after I was in session, finding and auditing the correct WHY!

(P.H., Frankfurt)


A mixed career

I got into the CofS in 1980, stayed there for three years and had
some interesting and valuable insights. Then I left, remained inactive
for quite a while and finally joined one of David Mayo's AACs (in
Germany), where I was audited up to Clear. When the AACs fell apart
I got in contact with the group of people around Capt. Bill and did
the OT-levels I to III and Excalibur. I had some very dramatic session
in those days, yet I knew I was auditing entities affecting me and
not 'myself'. As a result I felt very clean and free.

Then I became increasingly interested in auditing others. I simply
started doing so, with no more than the background of 100 hours of
Book One auditing done in my church days and the general auditing
tech I had only so far used in my solo sessions. To my surprise it
went very well although my approach was rather unsystematic.

Getting into the chair

This was remedied through reading L.Kin's Handbook. I started
to use Postulate Auditing and found it very effective, easy to learn
and very broadly applicable. It aims right into the center of the
pc's problems without one having to explain any difficult words to
the pc. There is 'no tech in the way', as it were. You go
straight for the pc's ruin and within minutes you find him working
hard and sweating. He never feels that you 'bypass his case'
whilst auditing him.

This is very important for new people who come with a specific problem
and want to see it handled right there and then - without any
prior Objectives, Purification Rundowns, Grades and what not. No,
you sit them down in the chair and off they go. This is close-to-life
auditing, this is pragmatic scientology.

Postulate auditing

Although Postulate Auditing seems a fixed procedure, the steps given
in the Handbook only provide a rough frame for the thousands
of situations one may encounter in session. Coping with them
requires a lot of flexibility and creativity from the side of the
auditor - in a word: high ARC. It is not a rote rundown. It addresses
postulates, the essence of the thetan's existence. And they are now,
so it is a very PT-type auditing. You look at daily life and take
it from there - and that leads you down the track, to past lives,
entities, other thetans, to all manner of factors influencing the
pc right here and now.

It works very well on solo, too. Currently I am working on the GE,
a fairly unexplored area of charge. I am discovering that there is
a lot of misidentification of charge, i.e. that a lot of what seems
to be 'my problem' is actually a GPM from the GE-track. Clarifying
the authorship and erasing the charge is yet another step in the
of finding out who one really is!

(D.S., Stuttgart)

(1)The authors prefer to stay anonymous because -
scientologists being an endangered species - they fear to suffer
setbacks in civil life if it were broadly known that they are involved
in scn.

of the two L. Kin books on Scientology is VAP Postfach 1180, D-32361
Preuss Oldendorf (see advertisment inserts in earlier editions of
IVy). The two books are also available from DH Books, PO Box 176,
East Grinstead, RH19 4FU, England, and John Laurenson, 45 Prince
Paddington, Qld 4046, Australia. The publishers are keen to hear of
anyone willing to distribute in other areas.

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