From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 12 - July 1993
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Kemp's Column

By Raymond Kemp, USA

Magic and OT

Apparently, my recent article, The Magic Track, was well received,
but prompted some questions that I shall comment on here.

One was: 'How did they have babies (sex)?' An interesting
question, for it highlights one of the most noticeable factors about
this present society. It is in this society that we became, if you
will, sex oriented with respect to bodies.

As Ron once said, what if this society was Tree Sex oriented? Then
we would say 'Wow I saw a really sexy oak tree', or 'Should
junipers and pine trees grow together, and in the same field?'

There have been many societies with differing mores in this
area. One of the space civilisations got sexual kicks from fondling
a crystal sphere. Another was hermaphroditic(1),
and could be male or female according to who was the first
to succumb to sex, during the act. Rape was having sex with another
who had not yet matured - it fixed the victim's gender for life.

This society is totally oriented on Body Sex, as a way of life, far
beyond its basic purpose of propagation of the species. We could call
it the glamorization of sex. Until this aspect is confronted and
we are going to have more of the troubles that plague our youth

Even homosexual sex is now being glamorized. It is called 'the
Gay Lifestyle' and is not the basic to homosexuality -
which, by the way, is quite common in many other species.

In the area I discussed in The Magic Track, the emphasis on
bodies as sex objects did not exist, but that is not to say that sex
did not exist. Certainly there was 'blanketing,'(2)
where one overwhelmed another into producing a desired result,
which could range from high levels of sensation to the creation of
new 'bodies'. (That is not the right word as, often, there
were no bodies: more accurately, 'new aspects or terminals of


One could say that a main lifestyle on the Magic Track was the
of a beautiful effect, which leads into what Ron once called the Ninth
Dynamic: Aesthetics. He also said once, with more truth than seems
obvious at first, that the Dollar was the Ninth Dynamic, certainly
so here(3).

Ethics, as a luxury of conduct, did exist. Morals, as a set of rules
of conduct, complete with penalties, did not, until towards the end
of that era.

When was the Magic Track? Well, it was long before items such as OT
III, it was probably the next series after the Home Universe, but
may have segued (4) from that.

Atlantis, Lemuria, Arturia and such are but pale dramatizations or
dreams long remembered and still sought.

The writings of Blavatsky, A. E. Waite, Eliphas Levi, Aleister Crowley
and the Qabbalah are dim, faded attempts to recall past glory ...
because the Magic Track, itself a misnomer, exists Then Now Will-Be,
all coinciding with (or, if you prefer, in quantum relationship to)
what we laughingly call Present Time - as if there were anything
but the present.

How do you contact your excursion on the Magic Track? Well, it is
real magic, you mock it up, make it a little more solid, and keep
it from going away. Then you need to realize that, as you created
it, you can un-create it.

It is all a matter of what your concept of Present Time is, and that
to most people is a matter of a few milliseconds or even

The Magic Track was followed by the first Space Era, with the same
basic postulates plus 'Build a machine that can do it'. After
the decline of that was the first planetary agrarian(6)
society, followed by the industrial (big, heavy machinery) society,
then the technological (smaller to mini machinery) civilization. From
that, the cycle seems to return to the space societies.

Many people's dreams about OT are yearnings for the Magic Track,
thus to bypass the cycle of what has repeated before.

Unfortunately, even the gradient scale of OT and the Magic Track are
separate items and should not be joined.

Being able to do Magic does not mean that one has OT ability. And
to have OT abilities does not mean that one is creating Magic.

I do not remember who said it first, but I have always found it a
useful definition: 'Magic is simply tomorrow's technology, not
fully understood today'.

I hope this answers some of the questions arising from my previous
article. I promise to come down (or it is up?) to earth next time.

(1)Having sex organs/characteristics
of both sexes.The American Heritage Dictionary says Hermaphroditos
was 'the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, who became united in one
body with a nymph'. Ray notes: 'Hermaphroditic is the best
way I can describe it. Actually it was a little more complex than

(2)See L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology. A History of Man chapter eight
(Bridge Publications, Inc. and New Era Publications International

(3)Asked where he meant, Ray replied: 'All over the world
currently. Urge to Survival through (accumulation of) Money, Lecture
circa 1952'. Ed.

(4)Seque follow. < Latin sequi. As a verb, To proceed immediately with the
following ... (World  Book Dictionary, Thorndyke & Barnhart.)

(5)Nanosecond:according to The American Heritage Dictionary,
of a second.

(6)Farming, agricultural.

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