From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 12 - July 1993
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By Terry E. Scott, England


I would like to offer this idea: that the Reality corner of the ARC
triangle is very important.

My studies have shown me that the R point of the triangle covers a
multitude of virtues. At its highest, Truth. In own universe,
In the physical universe and in relationships between beings,

And, if there is a common denominator to all these ways of looking
at the R-factor, it is summed up in the word Belief. The highest
Belief of all would be Truth, but in games a thetan can create, keep
and let go of beliefs - and these beliefs become actualities or
realities on a sliding scale of solidity.

As you sow, so shall you reap, says the Good Book. Well, according
to Belief, so affinity and communication.

If your next door neighbor is indifferent to you, it is probably
of his beliefs. Even your attempting communication might not work
well if his beliefs get in the road. But if he suddenly gets the idea
that you might support the same football club that he does, guess
what? He is likely to wave across the garden fence and start talking
to you. Belief has changed his communication and his affinity.

If his wife is fond of green and you start wearing green, she too
is apt to get into communication where she was cool before. Here a
factor of aesthetics is entering in, but it is her belief about you
now that you are wearing that aesthetic that is more important.

As Ron said: 'If it is true for you, it's true': belief!

Belief can be run incredibly simply, and we are so in awe of complex
tech that I wonder if the power of this process will be evident. It
can be run on rich and poor, raw meat and Master.'What could
you Believe about (terminal)?'

The best terminals to run are Opponents, but practice makes perfect
on light everyday things. Select what reads, and continue on a
scale of difficulty. Run, too, 'What about you could (terminal)
Believe?' And the cousin of this process is in creative processing:
mocking up the terminal and changing its form, color, location and
so on.

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