From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 12 - July 1993
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The Man Who Invented the Rattle-ti-Bang

By Frank Gordon, USA

Once upon a time a certain Professor Stumpschmausen lived in
the town of Ersatz in Germany. He had an active curiousity, and when
a new 'super-smooth' carriage factory was built in Ersatz,
he decided to try out one of their 'latest-model' carriages.

So he drove one of the carriages to a nearby town and back.
And it certainly was a very smooth ride.
But when he returned, he had a very peculiar feeling, and when
he pondered on this, he discovered that it was a feeling that 'he
hadn't really been anywhere'.

So he decided to try and make the trip again, but this time
he attached a collection of nuts, bolts, rusty springs, and other
odds and ends to the rear axle of the carriage.

Now when he returned from the nearby town, he felt that he
had 'very definitely been somewhere'.

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