From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 11 - April 1993
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Philosophical Viewpoints

By Todde Salen, Sweden

1st Dynamic (1D) versus 1st Universe (1U)

Human-Nature versus Bodhi-Nature

Human Being versus Thetan

Our langauge does not differentiate between the 1st Dynamic 'I'
and the true 1st Universe 'I'. That is a problem that causes
a lot of misunderstoods between people when the subject of spirits
or thetans is addressed.

When a human being talks about himself, he says 'I' or 'me'
and with that he means the existence he has as a human being in this
lifetime. Philosophers from all times have however differentiated
between the human 'I' (the 1st dynamic that lasts around 70
years) and the eternal being (the true self or 1st Universe) or

In the subject of Scientology this misunderstood was overlooked by
Auditors, Course/Supervisiors and Senior Executives. Thus some
believed that they as human beings could go OT, which is an entirely
false concept. How much this very basic misunderstood has caused the
confusions amongst $cientologists is hard to say, but since it is
such a basic misunderstood in a subject that deals with immortal
(thetans or 1U-self) there is reason to suspect that a lot of dev-t
and confusion came out of this.

First Universe

If you study buddhism you are not as likely to get this misunderstood
implanted in your mind, as they very clearly differentiate between
the 'Human-Nature' (i.e. 1D) and the 'Bodhi-Nature'
(i.e. true self or 1U). Many students of Scientology have read
in books like SCN 8-8008 about the three universes, but obviously
some did not understand that subject. What Hubbard said about the
three Universes was that the 1st Universe (1U) was your own
or the universe you observed from your own viewpoint. That does of
course mean that your viewpoint as a 1D (1st dynamic) is part of your
1U for one lifetime. So during your existence as a human being (i.e.
that lifetime) your 1D viewpoint is to some degree similar to your
1U viewpoint (but it is not the same if you have higher awareness
or greater than 1st dynamic viewpoints). This is where the

Second Universe(s)

The 2nd Universe (2U) is the universe(s) of some other being than
yourself. That means each other viewpoint than your own is a 2U (from
your own viewpoint). Thus there is an almost infinite number of second
Universes (2Us).

Third Universe

The 3rd Universe is the Universe(s) that is agreed upon by more than
one thetan. You could say that the dynamics are a gradient scale of
agreement from more and more thetans until there is full agreement
(8D). When you look at the human dynamics (1D ... 4D), you will
see that they all get agreed upon by lots and lots of human beings,
especially when we talk about bodies and conditions of the body.
However when you talk about for instance the 2nd dynamic and the
rules and agreements on that dynamic in different cultures, you will
see that the amount of agreements is lessening (there are fewer people
agreeing). You will also notice that there is a certain freedom in
a 2nd dynamic to create very special agreements between the two
individuals that exist in a 2D, as long as such agreements do not
break the fundamental laws of life on the 2nd dynamic or the morals
of the society (3D) or culture (4D) the 2D exists in.

The true self

The true self (or the Bohdi-Nature) however does not belong in any
of the dynamics. The true self (or thetan) is of a different nature
then the agreed-upon conditions and forms of the various dynamics.
The true self exists beyond the dynamics. It is in itself an eternal
viewpoint that has all the basic characteristics of a thetan as
by Hubbard and the Buddhists.

To become aware of the true self (your 1U) or your Bohdi-Nature is
not as easy as becoming aware of your human nature or 1D-self. You
have to exteriorize and reach higher levels of awareness to 'learn
to know your true self'. Your mind has to be trained to think
in the direction of the theta world and it needs to be disciplined
to not only be the effect of MEST-perceptions. Meditations drills
(like TR0) are good to accomplish this. Live meditation drills
(like auditing) are other ways of increasing your awareness of

Maybe the reason that the buddhist religion has so seldom been used
as an argument to start wars, is because the buddhist is less fixated
on his 1D as a result of constant training to become aware of his
true self (1U-existence).

Perhaps free zone Scientologists could become less fixated on
their own 1Ds and more oriented towards 7D survival if this
could be cleared up and they then meditated on the subject to increase
their ARC and awareness of their True Self (1U).

Hubbard even had a process in his book 'Creation of Human Ability' (1)
, where the preclear was asked to 'Conceive
a Static'. That process is as steep a gradient as asking somebody
to 'Learn to know your true self' (as the ancient Greeks tried
to do).

(1)1954.See pages 106 to 108, R2-40: Conceiving a static. Hubbard
'This is a heavy process. It is not recomended for cases having
any real difficulty.'

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