From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 11 - April 1993
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New Realities

By Mark Jones, USA

How we Create our Realities

The old paradigm(1),
we have been using based on Newtonian physics-cause-effect,
the past determines the future-is losing its validity. Scientifically,
quantum physics is confirming what we may have already learned: that
what we postulate for the future has a high probability of
Quantum physicists have proved that the outcome of a scientific
is determined or influenced by the expectation of the person
the experiment. Yet, we may still be attempting to use the old
paradigm of cause and effect.

However, a major energy shift is occurring, and the new paradigm
which applies more and more is that our visualization of the future
and our postulates determine our conditions and outcomes in present
time as well as in the future. Science and metaphysics are coming
into greater and greater agreement.

That the future determines the present may seem at odds with
the concept that what you have done or experienced in the past
your present state. If you visualize your future self as an extension
of what you have been in the past-for instance: a bad or unfeeling
person, or a victim-then, from that projection, you will create
yourself as a bad or victimy person in the present. But if you
your future self as a loving, responsible person, you will create
yourself much more as this type of person now.

Free from limits

This does not mean that it is undesirable to discharge traumatic
experiences of the past so that, reactively, you do not continue to
create them. Yet it is important to do so with the understanding that
you are freeing yourself from limiting, subconscious postulates and
feelings that you might otherwise continue as your mock-up for
the future.

How does reality creation work? On probabilities. When we postulate
and imagine a future condition, we send out vibrations that
are outside the range of physicality. These travel to the causal plane
where all vibrational possibilities lie, and resonant vibrations come
back into the physical plane. If the vibrations from our imaginings
are very strong and congruent(2),
the returning vibrations will have more power. This will result in
a higher probability that the conditions we desire will manifest in
physical reality.

Physicality as we perceive it is a holographic projection, defined
by space-length, width, depth and time. The light rays that we
perceive in this hologram appears to come in a straight line, but,
as Einstein predicted, both light rays and space bend. Viewing the
plains of western Kansas from an infinitesimal(3) point within the
hologram, the land appears
flat. Viewed from the Moon or even an outer Earth orbit, it is curved.
What we view as the physical universe, defined in terms of length,
width, depth and time, could be likened to a huge doughnut that, from
our viewpoint within its boundaries, extends to infinity. It is within
the vibrations and time/space boundaries of this hologram that we
have experienced our many incarnations.

Our imagination provides a means to get outside the boundaries of
the time/space hologram. It could be called the fifth dimension. By
imagining a future based on love, harmony, synchronicity within
and our spirituality, with others and with Nature, we increase the
probability of having these conditions in ourselves and our universes
in the present. For example, even though we may not have agreed upon
the nature of a cleared planet, mocking-up our concept of it brought
about changes and heightened sense of purpose in the lives of many
of us.

Unfortunately, the definition of a Clear was basically a left brain
one, that is, a being who was clear of wrong answers(4);
a being who can create energy at will; an awareness
of awareness unit who can create energy at will and can handle and
control, erase or re-create an analytical mind or a reactive mind(5).
As the practical interpretation of Clear evolved, it came
more and more to mean overcoming, controlling and regimenting:
of a warrior.


The paradigm shift into which we and Mankind are moving is based
on the viewpoint of an adventurer rather than that of a warrior-the
energy of the Goddess more than that of a punishing, controlling god
or leader. Rather than attempting to overcome what we encounter as
warriors, we have the choice to do so as an adventurer, to achieve
greater understanding, harmony and synchronicity with all aspects
of existence.

Goddess energy is that of love, nourishment, compassion, feeling and
creativity. It focuses more on the quality of the process of life
than on the results. The power of the Goddess comes from love, from
an open-ness and receptivity to all supportive spiritual forces,
and on inspiration rather than assertion and control.

Obviously, we have an infinite range of choices in how we imagine
and create ourselves and our world for the future. We can create a
universe of self-assertion and control, or one of love, harmony
and compassion.

What we choose and how vividly we imagine it will determine the
of what we will experience in the present and the future.

(1)Paradigm: An example or model (from
Greek paradeiknunai, meaning to compare, exhibit.)

(2)Congruent: Coinciding exactly when
superimposed (from Greek MIcongruere, to meet together, agree).

(3)Infinitesimal: Immeasurably or incalculably minute.

(4)The Auditor Nr. 4 (UK).

(5)Dianetics 55!

[Definitions are from The American Heritage
Dictionary of the English Language (Dell Publishing Co., Inc.)]

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