From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 10 - January 1993

Two Ray Kemp Books
Reviewed by Leonard Dunn, England

Raymond Kemp: "Management Without Ulcers" and "Handbook of the Gods"

(Rion Press, UK Office, H.G. Parkhouse, 32 Pembroke Crescent, Hove, E.
Sussex BN35 DD,GB. Phone: 0044 273204963; Rion Press, P.O. Box 1216,
Wildomar, CA 92595 USA; Rion Consultants Inc, (Michael Zippel)
Schillerstr. 109, D - 1000 Berlin 12, Germany.)

The first of these two books is a straighforward application of
Scientology to the running of a business. It has a seven section Org.
Board, hatted posts and the Table of Conditions from Non Existence to

The whole is well written and every part is simply and professionally
explained so that I feel that this would work well under fairly good
conditions. On the other hand such conditions do not always occur in
the business world.

It is necessary that the head of the firm should be totally in favour
of the method since the book is basically directed to him and the
staff should be in agreement with the conditions laid down. I feel
that it stands the best chance of success in a comparatively small
undertaking since getting the whole of a large staff to work in
harmony is not a very usual state of affairs.

Even if this occurs there can still be troubles arising from outside
sources. The author has lived in America for many years and it may be
that in the "land of the free" there is less outside interference than
in this country. This can bring about a condition of near economic
disaster and the interference from the not always understandable
regulations of the EC - European Community.

I believe that this, basically, is the system on which Scientology
Organisations have worked for quite a long time and when I was in
contact with them I was not over-impressed by their efficiency.

I still think that it is workable but it has to have the right people
throughout the whole organisation to make it work.

The second work I found very much to my taste. It begins with pleasant
fantasy as to how the "works of the Gods" was found. Next comes a
visit from an Extra Terrestrial who talks to the author and although
he records the interview it is found to be badly recorded. The visitor
takes away most of the material but one polaroid is overlooked and it
is the translation of the symbols on it that lead to fifty - I suppose
one could call them aphorisms - little gems of wisdom written with a
gentle sense of humour. Each can give food for thought and are well
worth pondering to get the utmost out of them.

As one who is environmentally conscious and concerned with the
conservation of such things as paper I suppose that I ought to object
to the fact that only one side of the paper has been printed the other
being blank. This could of course have been remedied by even more of
these delightful words of wisdom. Then, too, each page has only a
small amount of text in large print on it - bad for the environment
but impressive in getting the message across.

I hope you like it as much as I did. It's a work I shall treasure for
its content and for its aesthetic appeal.