From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 10 - January 1993

Gravity and the 2 Pole Universe
By Phil Scott , USA

Gravity came up as my PTS item in life repair - it wasn't of couse the
totally right item, but has come to the front lately as one of the
prime physical mechanisms of spiritual entrapment in my view.

This article is an attempt to summarize some of my work in this area,
developing processes etc. this article is not more than 5% overview of
what I see as the key structural factors.

I've used the most obvious terms possible in order, hopefully, to
point up the grand scheme as I see it. Particle physics terms, and the
almost suppressive debate issues, fueled by those faced into the
material universe, will be avoided entirely. (LRH's advice that
material universe physics closely parallel theta universe physics, is
a key strand in the golden rope that one can use to align other data,
to gain workable solutions.)

Observations First a few observations that you may take or leave:

Masses tend to do one, sometimes all of the following: Coagulate,
cluster together, attract one another, become collectively denser.
There are several mechanisms; one is gravity (which I think might be
an interaction of resonant frequencies emanating from objects in
direct proportion to their mass, their harmonics tending to stabilize
of course, resulting in a slight contraction or repulsion of the
masses involved).

Examples might be clouds, notice the edges are defined. If there were
no gravitational or other attractive forces in play the edges would be
diffuse, even in still air. Planets, galaxies and black holes are
other examples. It's old data. Einstein's extrapolation of light being
affected by mass gravity is another. The black hole is a pole in the
two pole physical universe and possibly a factor in the spiritual
universe as the attractions to it are not restricted to mass as we
know it. Einstein's predictions are now further born out.

One of the tools I use as an engineer is the tool of 'extrapolation' -
extending a visible process to its unseen extent. Condensing my
observations to a sentence, it might be possible that other fields and
forces (thought, postulates, mental mass etc) are affected and behave
similarly. Mental mass attracts mental mass, and then an
agglomeration, and the agglomeration is not handleable because it is
too random for any linear process to unravel.


A few experiments: If it is true that thought and masses generated by
a person can collect in one's space and additionally, attract thought
and other mass from the environment, it would be true that a person
was quite solidly massed in, and easily restimulated, onto not only
resonant chains (groups) of his own past generated thought -but-
restimulated onto those in the area as well - a person could even
scavenge mass from the environment, and form a sea of suspended energy
(mass) (ridges) around himself.

In my case, after some consideration I decided to take a look into my
own theta space for this accumulation of more or less random mass.

The situation revealed itself in layers, described below.

A. My experience was that at first I could only see large non-descript
dark areas usually related in some way to, or restimulated by, some
current scene. These were easily identifiable as 'upset' or extreme
upset areas (in 1982 before I had resolved my case).

I decided that one could simply disrupt the mass, and I discovered
many ways to do so. The key thing I found out was once one starts to
disrupt (scrub out or disintegrate) a mass one must continue until it
is completely, 100%, gone, any remnant will somehow act as a seed for
it to regenerate, sometimes in seconds (I've not sorted out why).

On easy masses, one can mock up an eraser or scrubber and scrub it
over the mass until it's gone, if it regenerates behind the scrubber,
go faster. If it won't scrub, try piercing it with beams, if it is
resistant to wide beams, try narrower beams, really solid stuff
responds to softening up with needle thin beams (by millions) then
"scrubbing". One is simply breaking up the energy field with a mocked
up mass in motion (the eraser) or disrupting it with beams.

B. After several months I had eliminated all of the masses to my great
relief, and began wondering if that's all there was to life - There
was more. On looking I found less dense masses to handle, these not
related to any trauma, just masses of solidified energy of all types
and stripes.

Many months of this revealed a limitless supply and progressive
freedom as they were handled, but no end was in sight.

C. One can postulate the limit of the mass field (there is a limit to
every -thing-). Then one simply sweeps around, in sectors, with beams
projected to that limit.

Sometimes on resistant masses or sectors, one can "punch" a beam
through the mass, to its limit, and after softened up repeatedly in
that manner, one can sweep the beam.

One can get quite fast at this and clean out several quintillion
square miles per second, one can even hone in on the area of another
person and sweep it clean.

A clean space is possible. The buffers are gone, however. It was all
very interesting, and quite a relief, but I had no more game and it
didn't particularly add to my abilities. And as I found out later it
didn't handle one's own internally generated postulates. (Idenics in
1991 handled those.) I'm giving this to you as a demonstration of
theory and possibly a way to handle some otherwise resistant 'stuff',
thats all.

A vital target

To me understanding, visualization, "seeing" of the structure of
entrapment is the senior issue. Case gain, skills, or abilities
without this structual understanding is useless long term, such gain
without understanding may eventually drive one to quit trying to
understand and further seal one's fate.

A fatal linkage

Currently it seems that there is an "intention" connected with
everything. And one of the prime intentions a person has (and possibly
mass has) is "to do what it's doing". Maybe in the case of matter we
should not call it intention, but we could call it the established
mode of operation, the structural predilections. In the case of
gravity, effective beyond the visible physical bounds of the mass, and
very importantly, effective on fields and energy we have considered
"massless" (LRH however had not made that mistake).

It further appears that a person can adopt any attention, or copy any
flow, or assume any set of priorities. As one becomes attached to
matter, objects, bodies, thought, one by default adopts the intention
of that pole of the universe and is drawn along those lines to
increasing mental mass, and in the end to masses and agglomeration to
that dark terminal. Us humans serving the dark forces (99% or so) are
readily identifiable by our operating basis, goals, activities and
intentions. The dark side knows no limits, it is indeed the pit
described by Jesus of Nazareth. EE Doc Smith's (The Lensman Series)
Edorians are more than a slightly interesting analogy. One notices the
polar relationship of the sensual seeking at one end of the pole and
the discoverer at the other, a key point of distinction throughout the
various shades of gray one is faced with in life.

Certain light is a flow emanating from only slightly less dense than
black hole sources, a valuing of it, is a worship of its material
source with those liabilities. We have the wand and crystal folks
entering here, confusing sometimes this light with life and other love
and brightness. The focus is on or through these trinkets, the
seemingly innocuous early path to the dark pole.

(The original fatal mistake was in simply assuming a viewpoint.
Fortunately - once in the void - it is instantly reversible) (Assuming
a viewpoint is a contraction for the prior situation of limitless
pervasive occupation of the universe.)

True love, like an exit to the void, is a silent all consuming rumble,
one's mate has permeated the infinite void, the celebration is swift,
silent, and eternal - an exclusive focus on the body, thought
components have serious liabilities.

Stepping through the slit in the curtain

One can read somewhere in Carlos Castaneda's book "Journey to Ixtlan",
I think, the account of Carlos sitting at a table in a cafe in a small
Mexican town. Don Juan was guiding Carlos to the unexplainable
(unbeknownst to Carlos), the opposite, infinite other pole of the

I won't disservice you summarizing Don Juan tactics here, or Carlos'
responses, I will provide an outline to enable you to recognize the
section. Don Juan was telling Carlos in abstract form (for the 1000th
time) that the Tonal or the Nogual? - "Is the napkin of the Tonal or
the Nogual, is your thought that the room is hot of the Tonal or the
Nogual" etc. etc. exhaustively.

Both Carlos and I, having said no to the Tonal maybe a hundred times
in many of its forms, left the universe of man, of planets, of
considerations, and of thoughts - I've not been quite the same since,
for 2 or 3 days I was almost unable to speak, it seemed totally stupid
to even think of doing so.

Only L-12 compared

The Nogual is truly indescribable. Since then, 1978, I've found other,
faster ways to the Nogual, but none as breathtakingly complete. My
earlier reference, Psychology of the Esoteric by Bagwann Shree
Rajneesh, details what I call "straight to the void" tactics - quite
effective, and but with only oneself and world's guidelines for
alignment not much of a victory. From a structural viewpoint however,
8-D-aligned, the data is priceless.

Release to the void is the mirror image of the power one has sought in
the material universe. Maybe that will help clarify what I mean by
saying that Life, the void, and the infinite are found 180 degrees
away from our habituated operating basis, grooved in viewpoints and
concerns with ourselves, happenings, thoughts, processes and ideas.

Summarizing a concept - there are liabilities in concerning oneself
with his, or anyone else's case, processes etc., without an
understanding of stucture to the point of resolution. That's what I've
tried to touch on here. Obsession with any subject, or attachment to
any thing, thought etc., etc. faces one away from freedom and towards
the dark pole ... from there it's usually a matter of time until the
terminals snap together. In Castaneda's Journey to Ixtlan we had the
procession of people, going in one direction almost exclusively, and
the lone warrior in the opposite direction - one wonders just who were
the black magicians.