From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 10 - January 1993

Philosophical Viewpoints (5th. article on the three empires)
By Todde Salén, Sweden

Beings from the 3rd Kingdom

If you have read the "Foundation Trilogy" by Isaac Asimov, you know
that beings from the 2nd Foundation stepped in and handled serious
problems that had to be handled for the 1st Foundation to develop
according to the "plan".

In very much the same way we have here on planet Earth had free theta-
beings step down and enter our various civilisations and societies to
help us develop according to the plan for mankind. (In religious text
books such beings have been called "gods", "angels" or "Bodhisattvas".
The word "angel" has the basic meaning "messenger" and Bodhi means
"enlightened" or "one who delivers a basic law or message. ) Some of
these beings have been remembered in our history books, but most of
their appearances are today forgotten. Names like Gautama, Socrates
and Jesus are however not easy to forget. They were clearly beings of
a higher awareness level. They accomplished the planting of seeds that
slowly grew and eventually gave birth to the 2nd kingdom - our modern
western civilisation.

Understanding other mind-levels

The viewpoints of modern western man are limited viewpoints. Most
people belonging to our modern western civilisation have a very hard
time understanding minds of people who belong to 1st empire

The viewpoints of people belonging to a 1st empire civilisation make
it basically impossible for them to understand the thinking process of
the analytical mind of our second empire civilisation.

In the same way it is quite difficult for a member of our modern
western world equipped with an analytical mind developed to fit into
an ARC-triangle civilisation, to understand how the mind of a being
from the 3rd Kingdom functions. Even if I was able to explain the way
a mind of a being from the 3rd kingdom functions, I would not try.
Instead I recommend you to study the subject of gradient scale logic
or multivalued logic.

This is the last article in this series on the three kingdoms. It is
difficult to describe the minds of 3rd empire beings. I will leave it
to each one of you to discover for yourself how a 3rd empire being
thinks. It is possible for you to discover that all by yourself. You
only have to walk on the road to truth and develop into a real OT.

Hubbard no doubt was a being from a higher level of awareness (at
least he was under the influence of such a being). He was however not
a perfect such being (he did use a 1st dynamic human beingness or was
at least influenced by it). I do not know how or why he was chosen for
the task he performed. I must however confess that I admire him
strongly for the effects he caused, even if I cannot understand why he
did not perform better.

The ethics of theta

Some of us who today live on Planet Earth may have belonged to the
same ranks. The reason we are still here is probably that we have
arrived in lower conditions. One such low condition says that you have
to "Discover that you are". Since we are talking about live thetans
this particular condition is passed when you have discovered that you
are a thetan and not a human being. In other words you go through this
condition when you exteriorize (become aware that you are a thetan and
not the body). In Scn we were very happy each time a pc exteriorized.
It was a nice case-gain. In the subject of Ethics (as taught by LRH)
it meant the thetan went through the condition of treason.

The next higher condition was the condition of Enemy and its formula
is "Find out who you really are". Again we are looking at thetans and
thus this means you have to discover for yourself what in buddhism is
called your true beingness, is. Not your human beingness, but your
theta-beingness or what in buddhism is called your true self or bodhi-
nature (not your human nature or 1D). In Scn we accomplished this
ethics condition by climbing up the bridge. This was called handling
the case. And your case is out-ethics as a theta-being.

You may by now start to wonder about, when you will go through doubt
and liability to get back to a higher plane of existence (or level of

Well, ... above Enemy you have the condition of doubt. If you decide
to contribute to the 3rd Empire as you go through the condition of
doubt I hope to participate in that game together with you.

If so, we now have a chance to continue our rise up the conditions by
stepping back into the ranks of beings who work for the greatest good
of the greatest number of dynamics. If we do that then we have the
Liability formula to go through. Can you find a better amends project
to work on than to continue the work that Hubbard started for us? I

Hubbard mentioned in a policy letter "An Open Letter to all Clears"
that it has been our failure to organize that has led us down the
spiral. So one of the things we have to learn to do is to "Learn to
work together" and not allow our impulses to individuate to again take
control over our lives in this universe. Can we do that?

Well, ... again I say: We have no other choice if we want to again
become free beings and survive as such. However it is not as human
beings we can become free. It is as human beings we can train
ourselves to become self-determined and organized to have a chance of
making it as free beings after we leave our bodies (die).

Purpose Clearing

Hubbard talked a lot about GPMs and Goals/Purposes. He indicated that
if you could create real theta goals and purposes for yourself you
would not need as much GPM-handlig, but could instead let those goals
and purposes do the clearing for you..

The goals and purposes given mankind to create the three kingdoms are
all you need to busy yourself with lifting yourself out of the swamp
of ignorance. By working towards these goals you will get out of the
lower ethics conditions. You do that by first receiving the tech and
then delivering it to others.

I believe that is the meaning of life on Earth for us beings who
became meat body beings (human beings) instead of remaining theta-
beings. We have been given an extra chance for some reason. It is up
to each one of us to grab it.


A being equipped with an ARC-mind is not likely to get out of the trap
he is in without assistance. Such assistance has to be offered from a
KRC-mind if any freedom is going to be arrived at. A trained Meditor
(Also know as facilitator or auditor. Ed.) who knows how to deliver
live meditation (Similar to viewing or auditing. Ed) is what it takes
to get out of the trap we are in. However the pm (pc in Scientologese)
has to have arrived at a high enough awareness level to be able to
receive the helping hand.

What differentiates a human being with an ARC-mind of good enough
quality is his ability to give and recieve live communication (i.e.
ARC-triangle comm. that increases ARC). By getting your prospective
human beings to learn to deliver live meditation (auditing) you can
select out those human beings who are able to truly advance on the
road to truth and rid yourself of those who have to wait until the
thousand years empire is erected when the resources are greater and we
can "clear" a higher percentage of human beings.

This article ends my "Three Empires series". Note that there is a
conference in Goteborg on the subject on the 5th and 6th Feb. 1993.