From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 10 - January 1993

The Problem of Going OT

By Hari Seldon, Trantor

Let's start out quoting L. Ron Hubbard: " The degree of complexity is
the degree of non-confront".

On the "Road to OT" you are increasing your confront of the human
mind. As your confront on that mind increases, you start to realize
that it is not as complex as you first thought, but that it is really
quite simple.

In actuality your mind is changing. It is becoming less complex and
more simple. And as it changes in this way, you are becoming more and
more cause over it. You are becoming more and more OT.

In this successful application of the technology of LRH you are
getting a problem. It is mainly the human mind on the 1st dynamic,
that is being handled and confronted. But life involves much more than
the 1st dynamic. So instead of having 1st dynamic problems, you are
now starting to confront problems on other dynamics. There happens to
be 2nd as well as 3rd dynamic problems. By going clear or OT on
(mainly) the 1st dynamic, you have not arrived automatically at any
high level of simplicity or cause over the 2nd or 3rd dynamics.

This describes what the problem of going OT is all about.

8 Dynamic beingness

A thetan -is- not a 1st dynamic being. He -has- 8 dynamics to be
responsible for. Thus he runs into problems of the other 7 dynamics,
as soon as he starts to handle his 1st dynamic problems. As a matter
of fact the 1st dynamic is not existing all by itself, but is heavily
intermingled with the other dynamics. Thus he already has entangled
himself with the other dynamics while walking on the road to OT on the
1st dynamic. One area he got involved in is the subject of the 3rd
dynamic, which assisted him in walking on the road to OT.

No matter what he feels about that 3rd dynamic he has built up a debt
to that 3rd dynamic which is not really "paid back", if he has gained
any kind of stable state of OT.

He also has a debt to the 4th dynamic (civilisation or culture) in
which this 3rd dynamic existed to assist him in going 1st step OT
(i.e. OT on the 1st dynamic).

There are very many ways that the thetan can pay back this debt. He
can pay it back by flowing POWER to the 4th dynamic (i.e his society)
or his 3rd dynamic (for instance his local community or the group that
helped him go OT). He can also do it by flowing POWER to his 2nd
dynamic, so it can then function better and thus continue the POWER-
flow to the 3rd and 4th dynamics.

He can also flow POWER to the 7th dynamic by assisting other thetans
in their struggle to get OT. If he choses to do this he will need to
get trained as an Auditor. If he choses to do this he will at the same
time solve another of the hard to handle problems of going OT. This
problem is the problem of the simplicity of the human mind.

Simplicity of the human mind

Once you have made it to OT and confronted the human mind enough to
discover its simplicity, you at are once running into a problem of
dissemination. Suddenly you understand the human mind and can explain
it very simply to others (looking at it from you own viewpoint).
However a standard human being has not confronted and handled this
problem as you have. Thus others do not follow your way of reasoning.

We are entering the subject of gradients here. You must allow the
other person to confront the problem of the human mind on a gradient
that suits him or he will never make it to OT. If you fail to present
it to him on a proper gradient your effort to help will rapidly become
failed help (which will inevitably lead to problems).

The problem really is that you have arrived at simplicity while the
others are still in complexity on the subject. It is the standard
problem of the professional who feels it is all very easy and simple,
while the amateur has huge problems doing even the simplest little
thing. If you do not realize this you will fall into the trap of
invalidating the knowledge and confront you have gained. Far too many
of the beings who went through the Cof$ programmes fell into this
trap. They confronted some of the confusions of the human mind and
started to regard these problems as "easy". Thus they felt they had
been tricked to pay a lot of money for simply being made to see
something they "already knew" (which is of course true, even if it was
hidden under confusions in their minds). As a result they invalidated
the technology and the 3rd and 4th dynaminc efforts that have been
made to give them these gains.

Probably the only way that anybody can maintain a high level of ARC
for the technology is by continually applying it. And only the active
and trained Auditor can do this. Because as he applies the technology
he is continually reassured about its effectiveness and workability
when he is confronted with untangling the confusions of the human mind
all the time.

My (repeated) advice to you is: Get trained!