From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 10 - January 1993

Hari Seldon's "Standard Tech" (in IVy 6)
By Britta Burtles, England

The source of scientology

Wherever LRH got his inspiration and ideas from, be it Buddhism,
Christianity, Greek philosophy and others, it was still he who created
Scn. and the Tech. I do not understand why Hari Seldon is so reluctant
to say LRH is the source. Or why he says "No 1st dynamic can be a
source of Scn. or the Tech". Why should a human being not have created
Scn. or the Tech? Other great human beings have created and thus been
the source of other religions, philosophies, movements and bodies of
knowledge. ... It is true to say philosophers, prophets, savants and
other enlightened human beings have had ideas which he found useful in
creating Scn. and the tech., like any other philosopher uses some of
the ideas of great people who have worked and thought before them, to
create something new. Like a building is "created" from many building
blocks. That's how LRH, too, has used the "building blocks" of great
men, of philosophers and scientists, to create Scn. and the tech. But
it was he and he alone who has put it all together to a workable
system - all four tech.s (ethics, auditing, admin. and study) and much
more. Various times he has told us and acknowledged that many people
helped him in his work, and that with the help of thousands he was
able to achieve so much. Of course it took a very special kind of
genius to create and be the source of what he put together for Mankind
in Scn. As far as I am concerned, there is just one answer to
"Who/What is the source of Scn?" and that is: "LRH".

Just to be on the safe side, I looked it up in the dictionary
(Websters "New World") where it states among other definitions for
source: "any person by who something is supplied" and "a person who
provides information". - I rest my case or rather his, since he cannot
do it for himself any more, although that, which he is the source of,
is doing it extremely eloquently on his behalf.

On second thoughts

We can also look at it this way: One of the Axioms states "the static
has the capablility of total knowingness. Total knowingness consists
of total ARC". This describes our 'Native State'. Another axiom states
"The ultimate truth is a static", and LRH paraphrased that to "The
only truth you will ever find is you".

He said that he was only telling us what we once knew anyway. We had
total knowledge at the beginning or even before the beginning,
considering his dictum "before the beginning was a Cause". We gave up
total knowledge to be able to play 'games' in this universe (know to
mystery scale). Now we have regained this knowledge through
Understanding via ARC. Hence the importance of study and training. He
also told us it was our common agreements which created this physical
universe where we are now.

What I am trying to say is, if we look far enough, further back beyond
LRH, the creator of scientology and the tech, we could say 'the source
of the tech is you, is I, is she , is he, is -all of us-.

LRH laid the foundation

I agree with Hari Seldon when he says: "... to step in now that he has
laid the foundation is so easy".

He also says: "... I can continue to build further on the foundation
he erected ... ". Maybe he can. It would be fantastic. However, I have
not so far come across anybody who could. After having been connected
with LRH's work as pc, pre-OT student and auditor for 28 years, after
always having greatly admired him for his achievements, just recently
I have cognited on how he was able to do what 50000 years of thinking
men and women before him could not.

After reaching a rest point on solo NOTs and finishing the L's I
suddenly awakened to, or cognited on, various aspects of the 8th
Dynamic. I developed the desire to find out about the founders of the
other great religions on earth and started to read a basic book
explaining Islam. This in turn switched me on to a particular frame of
mind, - or should I say frame of spirituality? - resulting in a stream
of cognitions which in turn resulted in my first article "Thoughts on
Responsibility" (IVy 8).

Then it so happened that I received through the mail various LRH
articles which I had read many times before and liked and understood.
However, reading them now, it seemed to me as if I had never read them
before, or as if I only understood now what he was talking about in
those articles. They were a total eye opener to me. As my next
cognition I suddenly realised how it was possible for LRH to be the
source of his creation, although so many before him had done a lot of
thinking, writing and practising in such related fields as psychology,
psychiatry, psychoanalysis and others.

The Religious Man

Apart from being one of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of this
century, apart from being well versed in physics and apart from having
many other talents, as far as I can see now, he was a deeply religious
man. And that's what I consider was the source from which his ability
stemmed to "see" the mental and spiritual laws which we refer to as
"the basics", and which are the necessary link between this our flawed
physical universe and a more advanced universe where the laws of force
and MEST don't rule; this other universe which, as thetans, we are all
aware of and attempting to reach. Since he had vision and 8th Dynamic,
i.e. religious awareness, combined with his other talents, he was able
to "forge" the tools necessay to open up " the road to truth" for the
rest of us.

Total Freedom

He did talk about "Total Freedom" and I assume he meant, Scn. would
get us there. So far none of us have reached it, and connected to this
"mortal coil", we won't, but could get very close to it, as we can see
from the few well known great ones, Jesus Christ being one of them.

As I see it, there are two possibilities: Either there is still a lot
of processing "material" untapped in his writing, or someone will have
to tune in onto that kind of wave-length and produce more of it from
which further processes for further advance towards total freedom can
be developed. In either case I consider the person able to do that
will have to be one who is, like him, deeply connected with the 8th
Dynamic, and able to think, feel, and mainly "see" from that vantage
point what Mankind needs next in its endeavour "to work out its own

As far as the "spirit of truth" is concerned, LRH said: "The only
truth you will ever find is you". As always, he hit the nail right on
the head and expressed it simply and concisely. That's all there is to

Hari Seldon says: "the Tech we were taught in Scn. works on certain
types of cases." I am convinced it works on every type of case, i.e.
on every human being, at maybe different times, when a person is ready
for a particular piece of tech.

I totally agree with Hari Seldon about the way he disseminates and
handles newcomers to the subject.

The Subject of Religion

As you can imagine I also totally agree with him when he says, talking
about Scn., "All this is really the subject of religion". I always saw
Scn., not only as a philosophy and science, but also as a religion.
And now that I have cognited on the 8th Dynamic and on the
significance and source of the phenomenon and genius that is called L.
Ron Hubbard, I am doubly convinced that Scn. is a religion. It
underpins all religions at present known on earth.

I also agree with Hari Seldon that we must not "reshape" or alter-is
the tech, or we might lose it, as LRH warned us, since other techs
have got lost through alter-is.

The Road to Truth

As I said before, LRH passed on to us the amazing and beautifully
simply phrase: "The only truth you will ever find is you." I see the
dynamics like a circle, the 1st and 8th joined together. The "road to
truth" is thus to me the road to discovering the basic self, i.e. the
1st Dynamic, through training and study of "the basics", as well as
through auditing where lots of case material is shed and the basic
self remains. In the process of this "purification" or "repair",
attention units are freed up and become available to the being. Now
the person can "look" around with more certainty and less anxiety or
insecurity and, armed with the newly acquired knowledge through
training and study of the "basics", discover the delights of the other
7 dynamics and the richness of interaction with and contribution to
them. Via the 8th Dynamic, we are all progressing on the road to truth
which continues beyond the borders of the Mest universe into infinity.