From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 10 - January 1993

Thoughts Inspired by Bob Ross's "Going Toward Cause" (in IVy 6.)
by Britta Burtles, England

Knowledge and expertise

I consider it is immensely important to have training and become as
expert as possible in the basics of auditing, as well as OT3, NOTs,
Solo NOTs and all other upper level material, as well as LHR's
philosophical writing, some of which we refer to as 'the basics'. I
firmly believe in the truth of sayings like: "You want to be the best
auditor you ever had" and "Only if you become an expert auditor, you
will attain the maximum gains from the upper levels, and only then you
will make it" and "50% of gains come from auditing and 50% from

As I see it, training has four goals:

1) to acquire the knowledge and understanding of what is happening
while one is being audited, and why. One is thus better able to be a
responsible pc (pre-OT) and one has more and quicker gains.

2) to audit oneself as successfully as possible, in order to 'release'
the material and become progressively more 'oneself'.

3) to audit others and thus help them to improve their 'be, do and

4) to regain the knowledge we once had and lost. Ignorance, 'Not-
Know', got Mankind where we are now. Knowledge is one of the 2 main
tools that will get us 'back to the future', back to where we came
from: being -cause-. The other tool, of course, is repair, i.e.

The more knowledge I have, and the more expert I am with the material
LRH left us, the more I can chose to be at Cause, hence the KRC-
triangle. Only with knowledge and expertise can we become free again
to progress to an existence in a more advanced universe than this one,
which is based on the laws of force and MEST.

Choice of roles

Maybe we should have the ability to leave our roles on earth at our
choice. I strongly doubt, however, that at this stage of the 'game' we
have that choice. We probably had it and, hopefully, will regain it,
just as we will regain other advanced abilities, like to walk on
water, or to levitate - maybe fly, to name a few. Some very highly
advanced human beings probably have, and operate, that choice already
now, as Bob Ross mentioned. However, I consider that even those have a
limited choice, i.e. they cannot leave their roles on earth
permanently. They keep coming back, at their level. Eventually, when
we all have achieved the highest level of enlightenment, then we will
all have the choice to leave this physical universe permanently. In
other words, the 4th Dynamic responsibility prevents us from leaving
permanently -now-.

Desire for freedom

I consider our 'desire to change the condition of the body and mind'
is not at all a 'whole other subject from the desire or struggle for
Freedom'. I think they are closely connected and interdependent. Just
one symptom of it is that more than 75% of all illness is

Being audited

I have never found that being 'under the control of an auditor',
conflicted with, or hindered me from being 'at cause' in an auditing
session. On the contrary: To me auditing always meant: I am
responsible for having a case, I am responsible for getting rid of it,
I have to do the work of looking and finding that which needs to be
as-ised. Bob says: " some point or another the pc has to take off
on his own." I think pcs always are totally on their own anyway.
Auditors cannot do even the tiniest bit of their work for them.

I have always been immensely grateful to LRH for creating the Tech,
and I was always immensely grateful that there were expert auditors to
bring the Tech to me. I never experienced an auditor who was so heavy-
handed as to make me be effect. I cannot really understand how one can
'at effect' be successfully audited at all. My auditors were never at
cause in my sessions. They couldn't do the looking and searching for
me, and just let me get on with it. I had to do it all by myself; and
jolly hard work if often was, too. And if that wasn't me being at
cause, I don't know what was. My auditors never disturbed me, always
stayed discretely, silently 'in the background' and let me search
around, find and give them the answer without ever making it in the
slightest appear as if they were controlling me. I was always totally
free to work it out and come to my own conclusions and cogs. 'At
effect' in auditing?! What next?!

I have now been audited for 28 years by auditors who where properly
taught and did a fantastic job of it - judging from the wins I had. I
have also been a solo-auditor for the last 20 years and had fantastic
gains from it. On balance I would say: I prefer being audited for
these reasons:

1. I can concentrate totally on my case, i.e. the work I need to do.

2. I don't have to keep switching hats and attention from auditor to

3. I don't have to have attention on metering and admin.

4. I have a terminal who listens and acks my comm. Since ours is a 2-
pole universe, I find it more pleasant and useful to talk to someone
other than myself.

In conclusion I would say: One has to recognise oneself as cause, and
responsible cause at that, in order to get things done, whether one is
being audited or auditing oneself.

Processing cannot become 'less and less helpful', like Bob says, as
long as the auditor observes all the rules a good auditor would
observe, and as long as the pc is interested in having something
handled. I consider a pc who creates or misowns bank in order to run
it, is irresponsible, asking for trouble and could get it. That's all.

Common Experiences

Bob Ross says: "Not everyone had the R6 experience. Not everyone had
the OT2 and OT3 experience". I strongly doubt that. (What does LRH say
about it?) I agree, however, that 'not everyone went through the same
implants', and that an auditor has to always 'audit the case in front
of you'. The pc will then experience having moved 'toward cause'. I
also agree that the road out is by greater and greater simplicity. But
I consider it is the way out for all human beings. Those who think the
way out is through more and more complexity, are just taking a detour.
They will have to eventually come round to simplicity, and will, I
think, enjoy the experience with relief.