From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 9 - November 1992

Philosophical Considerations (4th article on the three kingdoms)
By Todde Salén, Sweden

Buddhism & 2nd Empire

The seeds for the first Empire was according to buddhist tradition
planted by the 3rd Great Buddha (Dharma). Each great Buddha performed
his work using several human bodies. We have no history books from the
times of the third great Buddha. Thus we know no invidual names of any
of the bodies the third great buddha occupied. But there are religious
traces of his work. In the great religions of the Orient you will find
the name Dharma all over the place (the root word for Dharma in the
indo-European language is -dher-, which has the meaning "to hold firm"
and the word Dharma is used for fundamental law or basic laws of life.
In Scn we would call it stable data).

The religious principle of the dharma is to give to mankind the laws
of life to study and learn and with those laws create great
civilisations. Thus the great 1st Empire civilisations are founded on
the principles of Dharma.

As more men were organised into 1st Empire civilisations a foundation
was created for planting seeds of the 2nd Empire. The teachings of
Guautama Siddhartha, Socrates, Jesus Christ and hundres of others
disseminated messages like "Love your fellow man", "Do onto others..."
etc., that are the basic building blocks of the 2nd Empire. It was
only when the American and French revolutions established a new kind
of civilisation based on human understanding and human rights (the
ARC-triangle civilisations) in the 18th century that we got a real
live 2nd Empire civilisation based on the principles taught by
Gautama, Socrates and Christ. And that is the kind of civilisation we
call the 2nd kingdom (of course we also had the ancient Greek
Democracy, but it actually ceased to exist until it was given new
birth with the renaissance).


LRH taught us that all cycles of action can be looked at in terms of
"theta-mind-body-product". Each of the 3 empires can be looked at in
this way. When you study the roots of the 2nd Empire you will notice
that the theta part did make itself noticed in the history of the old
Egyptian civilisation already some 3.500 years ago under pharaoh
Echnaton (whose name orginally was Echnamon, but was changed in honour
of the new "only God", whose religion he tried to introduce to a
people, who was not yet mature for it). If you are interested in this
subject I would recommend the book "Sinue" by Mika Waltari about this
very interesting period in the history of ancient Egypt.

Pharaoh Echnaton failed in erecting a 2nd Empire civilisation in
Egypt. As soon as he died the 1st Empire of ancient Egypt
reestablished itself. It is interesting to notice that the Israelians
under Moses left Egypt around that time period.

The analytical mind

The next effort to plant the seeds of the 2nd Empire, that has left
traces in the history books and which also was more successful was
when Gautama Siddhartha reformed the religious thinking in India and
introduced Buddhism. What Gautama successfully managed to do was to
teach his fellow man to use their analytical minds. The early monks of
buddhism were trained to use their minds for analytical thought. And
they spread this way of thinking across the then known world in the
centuries that followed.

Socrates in ancient Greece used very similar methods of training the
philosophers in the schools of Athens (Academies). And in Greece we
had the first system of democracy used to govern a country.

When Jesus Christ later used his even more successful approach to the
problem he used a more mystical method of teaching. It did
nevertheless in the two thousand years that followed, change the world
from being basically run by 1st empire civilisations into a world run
by 2nd Empire civilisations. Actually all the various earlier efforts
to erect a 2nd Empire Civilisation joined hands when the American and
French revolutions created the modern western 2nd Empire civilisation.

The process of creating men who think with an analytical mind is not
yet over. The vast majority of men on this planet today are in their
thinking process governed by one or two-valued logics, even if the
number of analytical minds operating on our planet is steadily
growing. The great purpose of the the 2nd Empire civilisation however
is not only to make human beings learn to use their analytical minds
for 3-ways logics, but also to continue the development into gradient
scale logics (3rd Empire mind level).

This dream of having people around you who think in gradient scales
and thus act on reason instead of on impulse or emotional outbursts,
is the dream that makes old Scn's and analytical people of all kinds
of schools and religions hope for a better future for all of us - the
thousand year empire.

To lay the foundation for the 3rd kingdom we have to train thousands
of human beings in gradient scale thinking as well as organise such
beings into true groups that are able to take control over the planet
and by their knowledge and abilities rise the level of civilisation to
the heights of the KRC-triangle.

2nd empire

The first seeds for this second kingdom was planted by the 4th great
Buddha (using bodies of men like Gautama, Socrates, Christ etc.) and
as they have grown a new kind of mind has been created for man. This
is the mind Hubbard called the analytical mind or the ARC-mind which
thinks in higher logics than 2-valued logic. It goes from three valued
logic (Yes-Maybe-No) to multiple valued logic which finally end in
"logics in gradient scales" (infinity valued logic).

Our modern western civilisation with it's schooling system that
develops analytical thought and self-determinism in the human being,
is a 2nd Empire civilisation. It is based on the principles of the ARC

The human mind of the 2nd Empire (analytical mind or ARC-mind) is very
different from the human minds of tribe morals and 1st Empire slave
mentality. The ARC-mind is based on logic and analytical thought,
while the more animal mind of the 1st Empire is based on emotionalism
and symbolism.

Everybody who has an analytical mind has some awareness of how the
ARC-mind works. But neither the ARC-minds or lower levels of mind are
aware of how the Picture mind of the 1st Empire works. The easiest way
to explain to a standard ARC-mind how a picture mind works is to make
him think how his own mind works on the subject of sex and eatingness.
In those areas we use the picture mind (even if we often add ARC and
even higher levels into them to turn those games into better games).


Yet "tribe-moral-minds" human beings and 1st Empire minds human beings
still exist and create 3rd dynamics within our present modern western
civilisation. In criminal groups, who steal from the society without
concern for the greater 3D or 4D we have human beings governed by
tribe-moral minds that think in black and white logic.

In bureaucratic organisations where each individual adjusts to his
senior and commands his junior we have 1st Empire civilisation minds
in operation. It is the hierarchical system at work. The individual in
such an organisation is always willing to sacrifice his self-
determinism and honour for the sake of the organisation. It is not the
way the minds of members of the 2nd Empire function. When human beings
are building the second Empire, they do it by delegating
responsibility to each individual in the organisation and trusting
their fellow man.

However if there is a lack of trustworthy induviduals, you will not
get a working 2nd Empire civilisation only by delegating
responsibility or trusting your fellow man. Instead you will get
corruption and criminality. I.e. as is today happening in Russia,
where the effort to create a 2nd Empire civilisation is failing as
long as there is a lack of individuals with ARC-minds available.

Seeds for KRC

Our philosophy of life can use the modern western civilisation to
plant seeds for the 3rd Empire. We can use the society to recruit
individuals who sit around in bureaucratic organisations or other
organisations. If such individuals happen to have a working ARC-mind
as well as enough self-determinism to break away from their "flock"
and start in on the project of developing their KRC-mind by the system
of our philosophy of life we can add another brick to the foundation
of the thousand years empire.

The human beings that are members of a 1st Empire bureaucracy or some
other 3D in our second kingdom are not very self-determind. They are
more or less caught in a trap created by their material needs and
demands from their bodies. They will not break away from their
positions in the 2nd Empire with out reason. Thus their ARC-minds have
to be developed into KRC minds before they will start to assist in
creating the 3rd Empire. For some individuals it takes a long time to
take the step out of the safety of big organisations and into the
adventure of building the 3rd Empire. This is all governed by the
karma of each individual. We can change this karma by our processes of
meditation (or auditing), but it is the individual himself that has to
do the changing of his own karma, even when we assist him.

As an individual learns to think more sanely by developing his ARC-
mind into a KRC-mind, we are getting a recruit for the 3rd Empire. As
the number of such recruits increase the foundation for the 3rd Empire
is steadily getting more agreed upon and thus becomming a reality on
this planet.

Genes & Menes

Modern science has discovered the genes that control the development
of bodies. Modern science also has looked into the subject of language
and memory. Here they find no genes carrying the meaning of words or
culture from one generation to another, yet that does take place.
Lacking words for the spiritual transformation of data from one
generation to another and even between cultures they have invented a
new word to explain what is going on. The transformation of the blue
prints for building bodies are called genes. In the same way the
transformation of ideas and data from the 3rd and 4th dynamic minds
through time is supposed to be done by -menes- (-me-mory ge-nes-).
Using Hubbard technology we could probably call the genes "Genetic
entity somatic mind" and the menes would then be "4th dynamic somatic
mind programs". In any case the menes would be something of a higher
order than bodies and 1st dynamic minds. They would be of the same
level as those 4th dynamic minds that change the genes of mankind to
slowly give the human race larger hands, shorter legs, longer arms,
smaller toes and fewer wisdom teeth among newer generations. The menes
are in the 4th dynamic mind and not in the 1st or 2nd dynamic minds of
human beings.

Analytical minds are menes

The process of building up the analytical minds of human beings is
going on right now. As each new generation has replaced the older one
for the last few thousand years there have been more and more human
beings equipped with analytical minds. And as the number of human
beings who can think better and better in terms of higher logics than
2-valued logics increase, we have more stable democratic societies on
the planet. These 2nd Empire civilisations are our stepping stone onto
the next and final step in the evolution of man and in the purpose of
life and mankind here on planet Earth .

The purpose behind all this is to create a system (civilisation) that
can drag degraded thetans out of the swamp of ignorance they have
gotten themselves trapped in by their own actions (karma). Once they
are getting back on their theta feet, so they can stand firm and now
help others, who have had the same bad fate, they can get themselves
organised into a theta group (7th Dynamic) that can help thetans in
other parts of the universe to get dug out of their misery.

The ARC-triangle civilisation can equip human beings with ARC-minds.
It can help mankind move closer to full understaning (Knowledge) of
the laws of life (Dharma). When you have reached such a level of
understanding you are a Bohdi in that area. When the state of Bohdi
has been reached by very many people and they can join themselves
together into a true group, that can civilize the world, we have
erected the 3rd Empire, the 1,000 year kingdom that all the great
religions of the world have predicted. This is what Christ said would
happen when the holy spirit of truth was active in the midst of men.

That is the subject of the next article in this series.

PS. Of course a few short article like these on such a vast subject
cannot ever aspire to give all the data about the transformation from
hunting pack minds to 1st and 2nd Empire civilisations minds.
Hopefully it will give you an idea of how deeply the trapped thetans
of planet Earth have fallen into the swamp of ignorance. Even so those
thetans who have occupied bodies on this planet since civilisation
begun here some 10,000 years ago, are the thetans that have their
anchor-points best out in todays 2nd Empire.

Considering that only a few hundred million human beings have existed
as total population on the planet until the 18th century (when
population increased above one billion for the first time in history),
this means we have at the most a few million human beings alive on the
planet who really have their anchor-points out in the 4th dynamic at
all. Of couse a vast majority of these are still limited to two-valued
logic in their thinking process.