From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 9 - November 1992

New Realities
By Mark Jones, USA

Where Are We Headed as an Earth Civilization

In his recent article in IVy no 7. "The Time Has Come", Ray Kemp
raised some interesting questions regarding science, genetic
engineering and a "waning" stable datum. Indeed the rather rapid
deterioration of societies indicates a vital need for reevaluation of
humanities course and our actual willingness to become actively
involved in it.

Scientology's goal to clear the planet has not progressed very far in
it's philosophy and basic operating principles for it is carrying
forth the same intolerances and prejudices of the Judo Christian and
Moslem religions. Each recognized man's potential for evolving to
higher states, but each insisted that "our way" is the only way. Those
who had not adopted "our belief system" were regarded as infidels,
savages, raw meat, etc, and in many instances, efforts were made
through war, ostracism, inquisitions, etc. to eliminate those whose
beliefs were different. We see strong evidence of this today, as races
fight races, and those of differing philosophies fight or attempt to
discredit those of others.

Need for Gurus

As long as individuals believe themselves to be disconnected from or
not in touch with their own spirituality, and need a Christ, a
Mohammed, an LRH and a prescribed philosophy to follow, they are prone
to identify with "the belief system" and cease to grant beingness or
tolerance to that of others. In the final analysis, all of the above
have been used as instruments of power and control over the beliefs
and actions of others. Science has added new means to enable man to be
more at cause over matter energy space and time, but has done little
to enable man to become more tolerant, more compassionate, more
caring, more loving of himself or his fellow man, or to change his
limiting beliefs.

One can take almost any area of the world at this time, whether it be
in L.A., where the many with dark skins believe that they are victims,
and those of white skins believe that those of dark skins are down
stats, who should be "declared in a condition" and forced to work out
of it. There is little or no recognition by those with white skins
that those with dark skins may in fact share mass consciousness
beliefs that they are victims, stemming from their slavehood days, and
are likely to continue to believe and act like victims until they are
able to change their shared beliefs. Now there are even less shared
beliefs amongst the white skins that compassion and benevolence toward
their less fortunate spiritual travellers should be seriously
considered than there was during their great depression in the 1930's.

Whether we choose to look at South Africa, the factional breakup of
the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, or the Near East, we see similar
patterns. Men and women, some of whom may give lip service to having
love for their fellow man, of granting of beingness, of compassion, or
of benevolence, busy destroying each other because of differences in
their commonly held beliefs. Far too often religious and political
leaders foster this opposition as a means of maintaining control and
power. Some urge population proliferation on a planet in which water,
food and other resources are in critically short supply. Even in our
own arena in which we've co-acted with close and trusted friends in a
common cause, we've seen how a simple robotic change of beliefs of
former friends can cause them to regard us as fair game.

Childrens' beliefs

When we guide our children's careers and evolvement, we ask them what
they want to do, when they grow up, and then guide them into deciding
on what type career they want to follow. Only minimal attention is
given to helping children decide what beliefs they would prefer to
have by which to define themselves as beings and the spirit in which
they intend to play the games of life. A vital, but largely neglected
part of education, is that of helping them identify the qualities they
would like to have as beings, i.e. self respect, self worth, self
trust, self confidence, tolerance, intuition, awareness, love of self
and others, compassion, gratitude, generosity, humility, magnamity,
forgiveness, etc, and how to form the beliefs or continuing postulates
to bring this about. We guide them in deciding what to do, but not the
type of person to be.

Teaching them how to go about deciding and creating these
characterists in themselves is essential. Once this is done, help them
decide what activities they would like to pursue.

Science may develop ways to change mankind's DNA, improve his genes,
or send him to Mars, but until men and women learn how to change their
intolerant beliefs of themselves or others, life on this earth is apt
to be a far cry from that of heaven or nirvana.

Fortunately, most of the belief system to which mankind subscribes
have some foundation of basic beliefs which are loving and altruistic,
i.e. "he who be without sin strike the first blow", "love thy neighbor
as theyself", "continue to love one's fellow man in spite of all the
reason's why not", "man is basically good", "only create those effects
which another can experience easily", etc. In so many instances
negative and limiting beliefs have been adopted and stored
subconsciously which override these. By guiding individuals or groups
to discharge the significance and emotional content of the limiting
intolerance and hateful beliefs they have adopted, and enabling them
to reestablish the loving and altruistic beliefs which are consistent
expressions of their divine or spiritual nature, individual and mass
consciousness changes can be brought about. Because we are all
connected via our vibrations, and in that sense, one with each other,
making these changes in our universe will affects all others. We can
also effectively assist others in doing this.

Mass conscious beliefs

Individuals hold mass consciousness beliefs in their subconscious.
Fortunately, those beliefs which are contra-survival can be identified
specifically and generally, and change to corresponding ones which are
survival. This does not appear to require a one to one individual
address by a counselor, but shows promise of being able to be
accomplished by working with groups or by providing cassette tapes for
individual reprogramming.

Negative or limiting postulates carried forward as beliefs are a major
cause of individual failures and frustrations. Those shared in the
mass consciousness are a major cause of the intolerance and conflict
of groups.

The time is ripe for those who are motivated to take effective action
to make this planet one which is much more filled with love and
understanding for individuals, and for ethnic and other groups. If you
are genuinely interested in becoming more at cause and less at effect
of limiting and/or deteriorating forces, please outline your area of
individual interest. To the best of your ability, list the continuing
postulates or limiting beliefs that you, or groups with which you are
familiar must hold to be creating the undesired conditions that you or
they are creating. I'm willing to provide some written instructions
and guidance. On a gradient, we can make a difference. It can be done.