From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 9 - November 1992

Classic Comment
By Terry E. Scott, England


When you apply the tech to another field, you are apt to resolve long-
standing problems in that area - and that fact is tribute to not only
your personal progess through the tech but also the power of the tech
itself. There's a "but!" that goes with this gain, yet not a bad one.

This holds good, provided an opponent is not hard at work, in fields
both mundane and exotic.

As I have indicated before, back in the Fifties a Scientologist friend
of mine introduced me to his other passion: astrology. Tolerantly, I
listened to what he had to say and as I did so I became fascinated.
Certain parts of it made sense and seemed to work in one way or
another. Of course, Roger Templar was into "real" astrology, not the
kind of stuff that even today is found in weekend supplements and
women's magazines.

Roger had already taken a Scientologist's viewpoint towards astrology,
applying tech and philosophy in a way that helped to bring order into
the chaos within the subject. For even "real" astrology, though a
million miles better than its popularisation would suggest, is whacky.
It is full to the brim of authoritarianism, of "everybody knows" and
of ideas that have been incompletely explored.

Well, I became fascinated by the subject, eventually ranking it second
only to our tech. Beyond a certain point of study, it does start to
earn its keep under its ancient title of The Royal Road.

But I do not plan to go into great detail on this in a short article.
A book? Yes, indeed. In due time. But I want to make this point, and
it may be an uncomfortable one. It is true for astrology and could be
true for other subjects too.

When you apply the tech to any other subject that conforms to natural
law - that subject, thus refined and expanded is liable to spill light
into corners of the tech. To help refine the tech.

That's what I was getting at in the start of this article. If you
apply the tech to, oh, gardening, you are liable to discover things to
do with gardening that intimately concern the tech.

You won't make earth-shaking discoveries every time. You might simply
validate a point of tech in a quiet, gentle fashion. But if you are
dealing with something as extremely old as astrology, wow!