From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 9 - November 1992

It's a 2 pole universe
By Phil Scott, USA

(Phil completed his work with the Church successfully in 1968, class
4, OT-5, L-12 and some random stuff not the least of which was the HPE
and I course. Got terminally fixed with Idenics in 1991 (Thanks John
Galusha and Mike Goldstein). Is supervising a nest of spies and
operatives infiltrating the 8-D viewpoint and connection into the
'Church'. Currently makes his living hassling with the Russians about
explosive resistant drilling platforms, and building special
machinery. Eats sushi, drinks beer, fondles his woman, and sadly,
continues to still be a general enturbulating influence, a boil as it
were on the ass of mankind.)

Why did Ron use the term 'terminal' for indi vid uals? Terminal
implies a connection to a larger whole or network. Ron used the term
because we have the option of being part of one of two basic larger
'intention universes', an attachment to the theta universe, and/or,
the mest (Mest: matter, energy, space and time; the physical univers
around us. Ed.) universe. Notice I said 'and/or'. I am referring to
ones capabilities. One can have all sort of mixes, some optionally and
some reactively.

A person's viewpoint, goals and targets however are an entirely
different matter. One is either viewing life from the theta universe
as senior viewpoint -and location- or the mest universe as senior
viewpoint and location.

In my experience this differentiation of 'priority viewpoint and
location', is what I have come to earth to learn, in all of its
nuances. I came to understand the traps and liabilitiess of holding a
'mest universe as senior' viewpoint, and to discover the mechanics of
that trap made eternal by ones own priority and habit system.

One is a 'terminal' on the theta dynamics system of Life, one can
reach a point of 'seeing' or at least visualizing these relative
positions, the 8-D (Eighth dynamic (God, supreme Being, Infinity,
etc.). Ed.) pervasive static with the Life intention and looking from
there, quite knowingly, and able to move at will in, around and
through any mest, thought or whatever without liability and at cause.

Or one is focused on, inside of, contained, by and effect of the
creations of others, the mest universe, reactively. The latter is the
prevalent condition.

The priorities founded in either universe are the difference between
night and day, freedom and enslavement, creativity and destruction ...
. Ron has defined them brilliantly in his charts and descriptions and
in "Science of Survival". Jesus described them brilliantly as well.
Ron stopped his address at the shallower levels of the 7-D however,
leaving his adherents to sort out the higher level ramifications

Few however have managed to do the 180 degree about face turn, brought
on by a ruthless pursuit of truth that plants one squarely in the
theta universe, face to face with void and in love with, and alignment
with 8-D intention, beingness and truth.

My work has led me to search out not just the substructures involved,
but the stucture, the basic of the basics of the mechanics of
entrapment, the 'abstract cores' a term Don Juan Matus (A Yacqui
indian living until recently in the Sonoran Dessert area of Mexico,
who apprenticed anthropologist Carlos Castaneda (University of
California, Los Angeles) over a 15 or 20 year period in abject
ruthless behaviour.) has coined.

I have found these structures and the mechanics humans use that keep
us duplicating these structures tightly around us, and lock us into
the 'mest is senior' viewpoint and location. Knowing mest is not
senior is not the solution, its like an alcoholic knowing alchohol is
bad for him, that alone will not help, he needs a realignment of his
priority system to break the bond. He needs to 'see' the structure.

Addiction to mest

Us average homosapiens are in a similar position regarding an
addiction to focusing on and sensing mest. The solution lies in a
realignment of our priority system and in breaking the habits that
stick us there, -not- in perpetual involvement in tweaking the details
of the bank (not to say that processing does not have an extremely
vital place in ones evolution, its just sticking there that poses the
fatal liability ... I'd say after 15 million hours of trying processes
one might be well advised to look for these more basic structures, the
abstract cores at the center of his entrapment).

These -are not- incidents, they are just ones decisions, and they are
quite mundane decisions, made perhaps 10 million times a day for
possibly billions of years ... one is -not- going to -run- them out.
One can spot the error however and learn of the 2 pole universe,
investigate its various manifestations (beings pervade each, and one
has vast potential for Life giving or Death dealing influences from
those quarters, requisite discrimination requires thorough knowledge
of LRH's data series and Science of Survival, part one).

Understanding of 8-D

The Primary glitch I've seen on these lines is the almost totally
pervasive Scnist view that one -is- God himself in some way or
component. And its true, one is pervaded by the 8-D, part of it.

What is not generally realized, or achieved in my view, is that one
can adopt the 8-D viewpoint, and one can pervade the universe in that

There is a wider influence; one does not personally define 8-D
intention for the whole universe and its 800 quintillion inhabitants
and zillions and zillions of insects and molecules. One therefore must
be in alignment with a wider power than oneself. Subservience (Oh, my
God, I said the bad word ... ) is required.

The way one achieves this alignment is all important. The individual,
from his viewpoint and bad habits of 'being in mest' will not see one
trillionth of a trillionth of the 8-D and broad life force intention
He might be able to see some of his own, early on, but thats it.

If he attempts to define, confine, describe or behave as -he- sees
fit, without communion with the pervasive life intention in the
universe, God, LRH's 8-D, he will be acting -in his own self interest-
and about 99,99% opposed to the balance of Life in the universe (on-
going overt acts ... followed by denial and ridicule of God or
pervasive, external to oneself, Life force).

He will be in connection with and influenced by the -created-, not the
-creator without- and (same) -creator within-. This untoward mest
influence and his lust for things, thoughts and other solid objects,
sensations, etc. assures his containment and unhappiness with his
effect position. The more a person is stuck in the mest universe focus
and priority, the crazier a theta universe priority seems, if it is
real at all. These people can be seen in ridicule of the 8-D, and
focused on the human aberrations involved in churches to support their
invalidative views.

Ways out

There are several quite easy to implement doors out of this situation.
They open direcly onto the 'void' (as I experience it). From this
pervasiveness, one is free and uninfluenceable at will, and
understands then, at that point the countless nuances of the trap he
was in, and the futility of hand ling the symptoms, not the cause, of
the situation. It becomes absolutely crystal clear, one sees the
issues quite cleanly.

Prior to that, one is tending to rationalize his predicament, many
times in my experience, at the expense of anyone attempting to lend
him a hand, and with tremendous and turbulent energy.

I hesitate to place the raw alignments, drills, observations, and
'processes' on paper that they might be ridiculed, held up to be
worthless or worse. Its also not fair to one seeking.

Accordingly I have given reference to 6 or 8 very specific books (not
authors alone, many authors once having spotted key stuctural
components of the trap, have fallen in their efforts to assist others,
into addressing the incidental issues in life ... its fatal thats
all). [List follows this article.]

Efforts to 'tell' their adherents to total freedom failed. Its not
something you can 'tell' a person. It is is something a person needs
to discover on his own power. One can point a bit for him here and
there, thats all.

Additionally none of the authors referenced were without a key fatal
flaw, one that has resulted in few if any of their adherents making
complete progress ... to the void. Most, however, were obviously in
the void themselves, to relatively major extents, from my perspective.

My previous letters regarding those references point out the key
alignments required to debunk the data so that it will be useful, not
just another claw in the trap.

I haven't included all 200 or so references, because I have forgotten
many, many were too full of flaws, and many were incidental enough to
take the focus off of the vital targets ... just one more way to end
up looking at the pretty rocks and not getting out of the cave.

The techniques available for pervading the void at will are covered
fragmentally in these references however, as one discovers them, culls
and align them, one then is able to appreciate -his own discovery-,
and that can be my gift to you, keeping mouth shut past this point.

This discovery is, in my way of thinking, the most breathlessly
exciting, harrowing, wonderful, terrifying, powerful experience in the
universe. ... I can't degrade it by saying I can give it to you. I
most assuredly cannot.

It is the courageous seekers reward, and he alone will travel the
road, and suffer the travail and attain the goal, and know the peace,
and 'see' for himself or herself, its the reward of the warrior and
its fully on the warriors path and winds high and narrow.

There is a requisite beingness and mental set.

The issue for you might be, do you want a trick to key out on, or
permanent, and personally at cause, liberation, grace and 'power'. (8-
D aligned power is not the 1-D priority power we have all been sold by
the culture, and 8-D aligned power is not the bluster or stickiness
one sees with the TV evangelits. 8-D aligned power is silent).

One generally is pretty stuck to the 1-D power trip, we are so weak
when we are not operating from the void, that we think we must hang
onto, and defend, our 1-D power, even if lying and distortions are
involved. These last, are the long stainless steel screws we put in
our coffins, the path to total freedom is on a base of total truth,
and the absolute courage required to implement it. Lacking that, there
is no path and not the faintest glimmer of total freedom. (The guru's
with the affected voices included.)

Anyone approaching me with problems or questions that I can see spring
from an -actual- walk on this path, will get my undivided (no fee)
attention. These are very worthwhile activities, and I'd be completely
honored to discover more or help.

UPDATE (Added after I received the original article. Ed.)

Recently I have been working with a lady and her mother, at their
school in Houston working with hyperactive children and their parents.
I suggested a drills program (wasn't TR's) that I thought might work
and it did, remarkably well, and to levels that I consider to exceed
OT levels in some respects.

The success was achieved through scepticism and lack of education and
with kids in a group processing arrangement over 8 hours time (four
sessions). The drills were derived from the handling I had to do on
myself to recover from other practices as currently enforced (I know
that is a coy statement). The viewpoints and data required are
contained in the reading list that follows. I have written technical
materials and a progress sheet, and would be interested in delivering
the service more broadly. Both of the people I am working with hold
advanced degrees. One lectures nationally, and both were impressed
with the results.

My having to take on some engineering projects has temporarily put a
hold on progress in this area however. I also noticed one interesting
thing in my work with chronic fatigue syndrom patients ... people like
to hang onto their problems. LRH gets my complete respect for
overcoming that situation with his reg and organization approach.
These do have that one outstanding redeeming value at least, I and
many others still owe him for it.

A few drills:

Very briefly the group is drilled on isolating mest objects by various
means, then noticing the nothingness between the objects.

The group is drilled exhaustively on viewing these spaces, then being
in the spaces, then moving away, then vastly away, then viewing from
all sides at once ... etc. etc., to knowingness and ability in the

This is escalated gradually to include theta universe objects, then
thoughts, then differentiating these in innocuous situations.

With these skills developed, progressively more troublesome situations
are addressed. The gradient is increased gradually to severe past
trauma, and after the individuals in the group cognite on structure,
present time trauma and real time situations are handled.

This is a byproduct. However, the real valuable final products are: 1.
A way to instantly become cause in any area and 2. Breaking the habit
that is at the base of ones chronically 'at effect' condition.

Successful coaching (delivery) requires ones personal cabability and
experience in the area and the ability to sense rightness and bring
the person you are working with to a win.

The -habit- of focusing on mest, thought, etc., is broken. The error
is realized (focussing / sticking). The mechanics of contraction are
realized. The requirement of a causitive situation are realized. This
example is a bit too abbreviated - The drill theory section and
special handlings is 20 pages - there are 30 or 40 other drills. The
issues of 8-D versus random 'alignment' are discussed.

Book list:

Books recommended, with cautions noted, in recommended sequence.
However some might benefit by reading them out of sequence or in
reverse order. This reading list is carefully culled from a much
larger list.

LRH Data Series One primarily, and the rest of the Data Series (Found
in "The Management Series", the important parts are in all editions.
Ed.) and vast portions of his other writings and tapes ... but one can
get distracted onto the details of 'subroutines' and miss the basic
structure and basics of the trap. LRH mentions these basics several
times but I think it is too simple and obvious for most to appreciate.

LRH "Science of Survival" part one, theta mest theory. (Lacks
reference to 8-D comm, viewpoint and alignment, but LRH does address
the subject slightly elsewhere).

"Secret of Life" by Roy Masters. Foundation of Human Understanding,
Venice, Calif. USA (His work is better when aligned with and screened
through the LRH and other references listed here. I don't recommend
his 'meditation', just the 8-D viewpoint presented)

"Psychology of the Esoteric" by Bagwann Shree Rajneesh. Bohdi Tree
Book Store, Los Angeles, Calif, USA. (Incredible, but lacks 8-D
viewpoint, which is a key to the side door out of this universe).

Carlos Castanedas Series of books detailing his involuntary
apprenticeship with Yacqui Indian Sorcerer Don Juan Matuse. An
experience and a gold mine, but delivered for those able to discover.
For others it is utter nonsense. His viewpoints and comments on the
'Assemblage Point' around page 168 in his most recent book took me
five years to assimilate, through multiple lower level
'understanding'. I recommend reading the books in the order written
and forgoing assinine judgements. The activities described are not all
what they first might seem to be. One needs to figure out just exactly
who are the black magicians referred to in the Journey to Ixtlan (book

The Lensman Series (out of print Science Fiction) by EE Doc Smith
(Donut maker). Sci Fi stores, used book stores. Worth the trouble, and
very entertaining. The theta capabilities described are actual and
extrapolated open the door to a new reality.

"People of the Lie" by M Scott Peck, PhD. Any book store. Terrifying
insight into the face of the dark side.

"The Words of Jesus Christ of Nazereth". Any book store. It's not
written for the aggressively corrupt to understand without personal

Highly recommended other services: Idenics, in Denver, USA, with John
Galusha and his course, and a visit with Dennis Alsop, Stockton,
California, who has stretched the envelope vastly.

These books stand out. They are probably 2 or 3 more of equal value
that I have forgotten to mention. And several hundred with assorted
key rightnesses, but plagued with fatal flaws (best spotted by
glorified abstract wordings and references to wands and pyramids and
wearing purple or whatever).

An understsanding of mest universe physics, particularly those
realating to gravitic attraction and as related to harmonic
interaction is a vital key to understanding theta universe physics. I
hesitate to mention authors in this area because of the several mest
universe viewpoints presented, it can be worse than a liablity.