From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 9 - November 1992

What Every Pc Should Know
By Hari Seldon, Trantor

Responsibility for case

In Scientology the Auditor and C/S were responsible for the pcs case.
The pc often was left in mystery about his case (except if the pc was
also a trained auditor).

In the 50's and 60's all pcs were more or less trained, but in the
70's and 80's pcs usually went the solo-route and knew nothing or very
little about the tech. If Auditors and C/S were extremely trustworthy
this would not be a problem. The question is: "Are C/S's and Auditors
such very reliable beings?".

In free Scn (as well as in the Church) we have human Auditors and
C/S's with human aberrations and minds. The free SCN situation of
course is different from the situation in the Church. But can the pc
trust free Scientology so much more that the pc can leave his case
with 100% confidence in the hands of the free SCN Auditors and C/S's?

I am not trying to say that no pc ever could find such reliable C/S's
and/or Auditors. What I am trying to point out to you is, that you had
better understand a little about your situation if you really want to
progress on the bridge to total freedom.

Tech trained pcs

Every pc should know enough about the tech to be able to inform
himself about what is going on with his case. Are you progressing as
you are supposed to? Do you get the kind of C/Sing and Auditing you
need to become OT?

If you know about the difference between your case as a thetan and
your case as a human being ("Ivy" no. 5, page 6) you have the basics
for telling if you are being processed correctly or not. But there is
more to know in this area to be properly informed. Probably you need
to know the essentials of the C/S-series that LRH wrote in the early

To help you along I will give a brief summary of some of the
essentials of C/Sing:

Types of cases

The pc, who is interested in his thetan-case and willing to talk about
it to the Auditor (real definition of -in session-.)

The pc who is only interested in his human case and only willing to
talk about it to the Auditor. (The pc wants to be -interesting- or is

The pc who is not willing to talk to the Auditor. (Out-ruds or out-

The pc who is not interested in his case. (Low toned thetan.)

Looking at these types of cases we can at once cross off no. 4. He
considers he cannot improve, that God (or destiny or karma) has
already created his life and he cannot do anything to change anything
anyway. So he is not a pc at all.

Case no. 3) just has his rudiments out or does not understand what
Auditing is all about. You handle such a case with ARC and patience
until the ruds are in (so the thetan-case can be handled) or by
education until he understands what auditing is all about and how it
can help him (the thetan).

Case no. 2) has been a stumbling block for C/S's and Auditors. In
Scientology we very often failed to understand that this case was
never possible to get "in session". This is the pc whose rudiments did
go out when you ran him on the standard bridge or who continually
demanded to have something in his life handled or endless life
repairs. Such a pc has no reality on past lifes or disregards the fact
that the major part of the charge on the case comes from his track.
The problem is that to resolve his human case (and stabilize it) he
has to be de-PTSed and that cannot be done, if you do not handle his
thetan case. The thetans greatest problem as long as he is trapped in
a human body is that he is the effect of the short human life span.
And the biggest problem of the human being is that the 1st dynamic is
a lie (it is always effect). Thus the solution (long-term and long-
lasting) for the human case as well as for the thetan case is to
handle the thetan case.

The uninformed pcs viewpoint on his case makes it impossible to give
him lasting case gains. You have to handle such a case by educating
him into a reality of what we are trying to do with Auditing. He has
to understand (ARC) that his human case (the case from this lifetime)
contains basically no charge and therefore is of very little interest
(for the thetan) to handle. The only effort we spend to handle his
"human case" is when we handle his rudiments or educate him on the
tech. And we only do this to make it possible to reach his thetan-

There is another area where we seem to "handle the human case" and
that is the grades (up to grade 4). But the reason we handle these
grades is that we are actually blowing locks on his whole track, as
the processes on the grades are aimed at charges that are common to
very many lifetimes. And it is that charge that reads on the E-meter
and gives TA-action.

The clever C/S and Auditor thus makes case-type 2 & 3 turn into type

Types of Auditors

The next thing you need to know to make sure you progress on the
bridge is: "What kind of Auditor do you have?"

The Auditor who runs processes standardly with ARC to EP. (completes
cycles of action on the thetan case).

The Auditor who runs only the human case on his pcs and thus prevents
his pcs from getting up the bridge (makes his pcs get never ending

The untrained Auditor (is really a student Auditor).

Auditor type 3 usually can be trained to become a type 1) Auditor. But
a type 2) Auditor is almost hopeless. He will run ruds and repairs
endlessly (if you pay him by the hour he makes good money doing this)
without ever getting you arrive at the solo-levels or the top of the
bridge. If he does let you arrive at the top of the bridge you will
not have reached the cause level you need to suceed on the OT-levels.
So even if you did finish OT 3 under his case-supervision you will not
have made it.

Cof$ failed OTs

In the Cof$ this has happened a lot. The vast majority of people who
went all the way up the bridge in the Cof$ never made it. They started
their OT-levels without having had the case gains or training needed
to succeed. I.e. you need a certain cause level in life to succeed on
the OT-levels. You must be given the responsibility to handle your
case when you start to solo-audit. The only help you can get on the
OT-levels is education to get a better grasp of the technology. But
you have to learn to handle your own thetan case with your own K-
nowledge, R-esponsibility and C-ontrol, if you are ever going to make
it as an OT.

If you need reviews to handle your case or assistance to handle the E-
meter or session on the OT-levels, it is only because you were not
properly trained or audited up to that level. There is no other reason
for failure than non-application of the tech (except if you are a pc
type 4. If so the tech wont work for you unless you change your mind).

Hope this helps you straighten out your (thetan) case. We need your
assistance as an OT to fulfill the purposes of SCN and life on this