From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 8 - September 1992

Philosophical Considerations - (3rd article on the three kingdoms)
By Todde Salén, Sweden

Three Kingdoms - Three Levels of Awareness

In January 1951 LRH published an article called "Dianometry - Your
Ability and State of Mind". It was a brilliant essay on observing man
in a wider scope than just a case for Auditing. LRH hinted at the
importance of more than intelligence and ability to make men valuable
to society.

From a "three empire viewpoint" it is interesting to notice that he
implied that an analytical mind (ARC-mind) needs to be governed by
something higher or more sane (we would say more KRC-minded). He also
discussed the evolution of logic from one value logic to two value
logic, three valued and finally gradient scale logic. The 3rd Empire
of religion is supposed to be governed by gradient scale (or infinity
valued) logic.

Later in the article he goes into a discussion of three types of mind:

Class C: That mind which is aware. It neither adjusts to or attempts
to adjust it's environment.

Class B: That mind which is aware it thinks. It adjusts to it's

Class A: That mind which is aware it thinks and how it thinks. It
adjusts to it's environment and adjusts it's environment to itself.

Class C is the mind of tribe hunting packs and ordinary members of the
1st Empire (but not necessarily it's leaders). Class B is in the same
way the type of mind the ordinary member of the second Empire
possesses. Finally Class A is the type of mind needed to form a third
Empire on our planet. Auditing (or Live Meditation) and training is
supposed to create in the able human being such a mind.

If you want to read more about what L. Ron Hubbard had to say on the
subject I recommend you to get a copy of Tech Vol I and read page 68-
83, it is quite interesting reading.


Man is different from other animals (meat bodies) in that he possesses
a mind that can think analytically and has a language that he can use
to communicate and increase ARC. Other animals are just meat bodies,
while man because of his mind is a theta-being. A theta-being is
defined as a thetan that has lost his certainty of his own beingness
and instead identifies himself with some kind of identity (beingness).
If the thetan still is aware enough to think and act on some kind of
self determinism (even if only on the 1st dynamic) he is a theta-
being. If he had no real self-determinism at all he has sunk down into
lower levels (animal levels where he is controlled by his mind instead
of by self determinism) and is simply a meat body or worse.

Organised Theta-beings

When theta-beings are organised into societies and cultures they can
together be very powerful indeed. It is such powerful societies of
organised theta-beings that have sucessfully trapped thetans (free
beings) and thus reduced the amount of free beings in the universe.
According to Hubbard the unorganised free beings are almost extinct
today. (Tape lecture "The Free Being"). Obviously organised free
beings (OTs) still exist and it is with their offer to give us a
helping hand through the technology, that we have inherited from LRH,
that we who lost freedom as thetans when we were trapped into meat
bodies, now can gain such freedom again. But to stay free we have to
learn a lesson that we so far have failed to learn. That lesson is
that we have to belong to an organisation of free beings and support
each other if we want to stay free. If we sucessfully apply the
inherited technology (including learning to apply it to others) and
grow in KRC with it, we can qualify ourselves for the organisation of
free beings, that for some reason has decided that we deserve a
helping hand.

The Road to Truth - A Way Out

Thetans trapped in meat-bodies or existing as theta-beings on this
planet are being offered a road out of the trap. Those of us who have
gone through the levels of the 1st and 2nd Empire and thus are today
equipped with a working analytical mind are being offered further help
to advance the development of our minds into OT-minds (KRC-minds).

The first step was to create some kind of civilisation (1st Empires).
That has been accomplished and hundreds of millions of beings have
successfully graduated from that programme. The second step was to
evolve analytical minds en masse through 2nd Empire civilisations.
That step has been succesfully started and today tens of millions of
human beings (theta-beings) have successfully graduated from that
programme. Each year many more are joining these ranks. It is to these
theta-beings existing on this planet today that we should turn our
attention and deliver live meditation (auditing) and training. As we
do so we are creating beings who can erect a 3rd Empire civilisation
(the thousand years Empire), that will end the current era on this
planet (the buddhist era). The beings who graduated from the programme
may then advance into the next level, which is to join the
organisation of free beings (organised OTs), that exist outside of our
civilisation and planet. The very organisation that is currently
giving you the opportunity to get out of the trap you have been stuck
in for so long.

You may call this "going to heaven", "entering the Bodhi-world" or
whatever you want. It still means that you are going to start a new
cycle of action for yourself in this universe. The reason you lost
your self-respect and awareness (lost your identity of true self) is
that you refused to learn to cooperate with other free beings. That is
the basic aberration in yourself that you have to overcome, if you
want to gain true freedom as a thetan.

Ethics Conditions

You have to go through the lower ethics condition formulas as a being
and "learn to know thyself". Treason: "Find out that you are!" or
"exteriorise!" Enemy: "Find out who you really are!" - suggest you run
the OT levels after having done the lower grades and trained as an
Auditor. Doubt: Find out if you want to become a member of the
organised free beings. Liability: Do your ammends, i.e. get trained
and assist in the broad task of getting the famous "show on the road".

To live as a theta-being on our planet is not the worst experience you
ever had. It can actually be quite fun and pleasant. To live as an
organised free being is an unknown experience for those who have
failed to do so in the past. The reason you are trapped here on this
planet, is that you failed to belong to such an organisation. You have
to realise that you need to get educated into a new kind of beingness
to be able to join the ranks of such organised free beings. You get
that training when you train yourself to become an auditor (or


You do not need to understand all of this. Understanding (ARC) after
all is not the highest level of the mind. KRC is higher. The KRC-mind
(mind-level of the 3rd Kingdom) is far superior to the ARC-mind. As a
matter of fact the ARC-mind needs to be directed by KRC or it will be
trapped by the 180-degree vectors of the MEST-universe. (Reference
Tape Lecture: "Flows - Reverse Vectors of"). Just look at the poor
psychologist and how their ARC got them totally lost. The ARC-mind is
incapable of understanding the KRC-mind. just as the CCH mind cannot
grasp anything of the ARC mind. The step from ARC to KRC is much
greater than the step from CCH to ARC. The ARC-mind has severe
problems understanding the CCH-mind. Only the KRC-mind can understand
and control lower levels of mind. (Perhaps explains why there was poor
understanding of the CCHs, despite Ron having explained them very
clearly in the 17th ACC. AAP.) Properly performed (C/Sed) auditing and
training will direct the ARC-mind towards KRC and thus will start
building a KRC-mind (OT-mind) in the theta-beings, that are being
processed towards a higher level. Each time a process is run to it's
end phenomena another brick has been added to the foundation of the
3rd Empire.