From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 8 - September 1992

Comment on Ron

In Otto Roos's debrief from the early 80's (which we had intended to
republish, but somehow business in other areas has prevented it) Otto
talks of how he offered to c/s Ron's case, and when he did so, had an
eight foot high stack of folders, in which there were many overlisted
lists, done under research auditing. Frank Gordon has read Otto's
debrief, and makes the following comment in a letter to me:

Otto is insistent upon the effectiveness of exact application. But I
don't believe he recognises sufficiently the difference in
understanding (and ability to apply) between someone who has actively
researched a process (himself) and someone who is just "doing exactly
what he's told".

Secondly, on the "8-foot stack of mis-run case". I think Otto
overlooked that Ron had a continuing overt because of his policy of
using discreditable information (culled from folders, etc.). And
naturally, no one else should get a hammer-lock on -him-. In The
Essentials of Auditing Series (nine cassetetape lectures, especially
tape #6101C24 "Pre-session 38; Witholds & In-Sessionness Lecture #2 of
the 3rd South African ACC) "The entire Hitlerian Kingdom ...was run
totally on ... blackmail) he mentions how effective this was when used

I'd file this under -interpersonal control mechanisms-. Don't mention
this and I won't mention -that!- Or, Don't push my buttons, and I
won't push -yours-. Interesting area.

Otto's debrief came in a time of euphoria, and was probably received
rather uncritically. We had suddenly gained enormous freedom,
communication lines were makeshift, and many of us still suffered the
reality the church had programmed us into of "never look at anything
within -our- group critically". It therefore might be a good idea for
someone (perhaps me) to find time to republish this important document
(and a few others from that era). Otto has recently written that if he
rewrote the debrief now, some things would be different.