From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 8 - September 1992

Power of Theta (or Power of Thought)
(Also Power of Postulates)
By Hari Seldon, Trantor

In Scn we were taught by LRH that an OT could postulate and thus make
things come true. When somebody claims that scn or Auditing did not
work out for them, they are actually saying that the scn-system did
not make them able to control their own postulates.

Scn or Auditing has never worked on anybody unless the person
contributed to that workability by somehow postulating the results
into existence.

Scn or Auditing is only a system by which you may or may not be able
to trick a thetan to get his power to postulate to work again.

But this is not always easy to do. The thetan happens to be stuck in a
maze of postulates and counterpostulates (we call these GPMs)

As the the thetan reaches outwards these tend to 'key-in' and the
thetan withdraws back into inactivity and irresponsibility.


In the wog-world they know about this factor, but they do not realize
what it is all about. They have something that is called the 'placebo
effect'. The medical profession already knows that when they
administer medicine to patients, there is always a certain percentage,
who will get well only because they are given something. It does not
have to be any effective medicine at all. It is enough to give them
sugar pills or whatever. As long as they have been given some kind of
medicine, some percent get well.

What is actually happening is that the thetan is postulating himself
well, while he has been given a reason for not being responsible
himself for getting well. If you really want to help other people
become more able (or less sick) you have to assist them on a gradient
to take over the creation of the ability (or health). You make this
road into a gradient by giving them reasons (excuses) that they can
use (blame) instead of having to take the responsibility themselves.
To make a reason (or excuse) is much lower on the scale of
responsibility, than accepting responsibility. (Ref: Negative Tone
Scale level "Responsibility as blame".)

The auditing technology of Scn is such a system. It is a gradient
which allows the being (thetan) to gradiently get back the ability to
be responsible for the power of the thetan (his ability to postulate).

Placebo does not work on everybody. Scn Auditing technology does not
work on everybody. Thetans are not all of the same quality. Some human
beings have high quality thetans inside their minds others do not.
Those human beings that are run by able beings can be helped with Scn
auditing. Those who are just meat bodies without real theta power
inside will not be helped by sugar pills or Scn Auditing.

There are of course human beings who can be helped by sugar pills, but
still cannot benefit from Scn Auditing technology, just like there are
those who can benefit from Scn Auditing without recieving any aid from
placebo pills.

Human beings are different. Thetans are even more different than human
beings ever were or will be.

Boosting case-gains

The real trick is to discover "Who or What can have gains from Scn
Auditing?". This is not a L&N question, but it is obvious that
education in Scn Auditing technology increases the possibility of
getting real case-gains from Scn Auditing. Also working with the
technology or assisting in spreading the message to others helps
people to become more susceptible to case-gains from Scn Auditing.
(The law is that all out-flow of Scn or Auditing creates the thetan as
more cause and thus increases his KRC.)

A very fundamental but not very well understood principle here is that
the pcs ability to believe in the technology is a very important
factor. And the more the pc believes in the workability af Auditing
technology, the better it works on him. This is something you
accomplish with training. And that is why training is such an
important step for the pc, if he wants to gain from going up the
bridge. Even the person who already benefits from Auditing will be
greatly assisted by training, as his case-gains will increase and also
get more stable the better trained he is. You could say that receiving
Auditing is Flow 1, giving Auditing to others is Flow 2 and training
people to become Auditors is Flow 3. When you make yourself a part af
the game of exporting the technology of Auditing to others you are
yourself benefitting tremendously from that game and that is Flow 0.

I hope that these words will inspire you to further thoughts along
this line. There is a lot of theta power around in this area. There
are many cognitions awaiting for you if you can think and create
postulates thet come true in this area. It is not as easy as
purchasing Auditing, but it sure works better if you want to become

LRH probably had many interesting insights into this that he never
revealed to you. I am not going to reveal any more of this to you
either. It is up to you yourself to get trained and processed enough
to complete this line of thoughts. If you can you are close to OT. And
I am talking about the kind of OT that is not the effect of Matter,
Energy, Space, Time or Life. The kind of OT that was very well
described by Kemp in Ivy 5. (in "Kemps Column")

Making the able more able

Human beings are never OT. A lot of the thetans trapped in human
beings cannot be reached by Scn Auditing technology at the present
stage of development. Do not worry about them. They are not a problem
that belongs to the thetans that are somewhat alive on this planet
today. The primary problem of thetans in human bodies on this planet
is to advance up the bridge of Scn and approach OT on a gradient. You
can start out by becoming OT in your own mind. That you can do with
the assistance of Scn Auditing technology properly administered to you
by a well-trained Auditor, who is able enough to allow you to go free.
But you will not make it unless you train yourself properly to handle
and read the E-meter (so you do not depend on other Auditors for your
stability and case-gains).

If you -know- the technology of Auditing well enough, if you are -
able- enough in handling your E-meter and if you allow the Auditing
technology to be properly administred to you, you can make it, as long
as you are some kind of a thetan.

Scn was designed to make the able more able. That is the mission of
Scn on this planet. If Scn succeeds in accomplishing that we will have
made it. The able beings that have been made more able, can then reach
into the next lower layer and help those that are stuck there.

There is no easy shortcut on this road. All the steps have to be
taken. No cheating will work. Only hard labour striving towards real
OT will result in the mission being accomplished.

If you have missed the bridge by being persuaded that the tech does
not work, you can repair that by studying the tech and then by
administring it to others.

If you believe those who say the tech does not work, the placebo
effect (i.e. your own postulates) will make you uncreate the
workability of it. If you teach yourself how it does work, the same
placebo-effect will make it work for you, both when you give it to
others and when you receive it.

As you advance up that bride the placebo-effect becomes stronger and
stronger. One day there is no more placebo-effect, but only your
postulates working. When you have arrived there, it is your duty to
use your postulates to help others go through the same (or some
similar) program.

PS. I will accept no responsibility for your own postulates (placebo),
that the tech is not working. If you however believe in the tech I
could accept some responsibility for helping you get along on that
gradient to OT.