>From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 6 - May 1992

Freie Zone e.V., Munchen
By Bernd Lubeck, Germany

Dear Reader, Dear Friends,

Antony asked me to write something about the association we founded
last year in Germany. we called it "FREIE ZONE e.V.". It is a
registered association (e.V.) according to German law. It was
initiated by seven founding members, but in the meantime we expanded
quite a lot.

What are the Purposes?

Well. The situation is, that the name "Scientology" in the meantime,
became a synonym for a fascistic, criminal group which is exploiting
its members and which is dangerous to society in general.

Of course you can think "So what?".

The answer is, that this is the subject which changed lives for quite
some of us. We can turn it around and call it what ever we like. But
nevertheless, a portion of our own peace and freedom seems to be
involved with it. We think that it cannot only be considered as a
technique or a philosophy. It is also an idea which stands for the
freedom of each single thetan, especially on earth in its current
situation. Scientology was and is hope. It is the viewpoint on all the
dynamics connected with the game, no matter who else is misusing it.

That's what we think.

With this association, we at least want to try to change its repute to
the better and guide the attention to the areas in which Scientology
could help. We want to make it known by publicly talking about our
opinions and applications in the free zone. We do not defend the CofS.
We want to make known, that there are groups outside of the Church
which are practising Scientology. The target is differentiation
between the subject and the CofS.

I never met LRH, I only know him through his writings. And by these
writings I always could see that he had a broader viewpoint than just
the Tech he developed. He wanted to change something here on earth. I
do not need to share, but I can understand the viewpoint of people who
do not want any further connections with either the name of
Scientology or with the name of LRH because both are shock elements in
today's society.

I personally consider Scientology as something which had a mission and
this mission was to raise the level to more sanity in using its
philosophy and tech - and it's target was mankind.

At the moment it looks like a failure. It is getting destroyed by it's
own management and the free zone got split up because of
disagreements. There are no "big" disagreements amongst us but they
are big enough to cause commlines to be broken. It sometimes looks
like the old thing between the catholic church and the protestants.

For those who want to know: The membership contributions are 120 DM
per year. There is a possibility to become an ordinary member or a
promoting member. The difference is simply, that ordinary membery is
actively contributing and a promoting member support the association
by its membership contribution.

Not all share the purposes of the association. There is nothing wrong
with that. We talked a lot about it amongst ourselves and we came to
the conclusion, that this is what we want to do. In all the years the
free zone now exists, we never went public telling what we have to
say. It was never tried to get public opinion even slightly changed
about Scientology and getting the truth out.

Currently we have members in some European countries. It is not
limited to Germany or Europe. It is also not limited to a specific
frame of mind within the free zone. It is open to people who would
like to support and contribute to the purposes of the association. We
would be glad to have members from all over the world. The more
members we have, the stronger is our position in society.

We would be very glad to hear from you.

Write to: FREIE ZONE e.V.
c/o Bernd Lübeck
Gustav Heinemann Ring
8000 Munchen Germany


Update - April 1999.

New Address.

Free Zone Association
P.O. Box 1215,
D-83524 Haag i.Obb.