From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 6 - May 1992

Letters to the Editor

Letter from Holland to readers and writers.

We have now had several -Ivys- and the comment we got from several
subscribers is that it is more or less disturbing that writers of
articles are sometimes rather critical about each other's viewpoints.

Could it be that this stems from being such a long time in the Church
of Scientology, where staffmembers certainly had to swallow their
critical remarks in order not to be punished or whatever, that it
became a stuck flow, which is now allowed to flow freely? (This is
just an idea.)

Ninetynine percent of the members of the Excalibur Foundation in
Holland were never on staff and are looking at this phenomenon with
astonishment. When we, in the Free Zone, got started in the Spring of
1988, we really felt free to do something about the mess on this

After three years we have learnt that it is really possible to cause a
positive influence -in- the common universal consciousness. From our
viewpoint one can do a lot more when we -all- concentrate on that
consciousness level which we are all part of. When people are trapped
in the game of seeing their fellow men as opponents or even enemies,
then we shall never be able to get out. Because that is a trap that
always is wide open, and when you are trapped already, you can only
see a game of minor importance instead of using your intentions all in
the same direction to create a clear view of the whole scene. (Which
is: Our Planet, which is supposed to be a place to live instead of a
place to die.)

We, and all people who are trying to create a positive effect, no
matter how, are the ones who shall create this effect.

Please, let us not think that our own viewpoint, process, study or
therapy is the Columbi egg. That's what nearly all religions and other
trends, including the Church of Scientology did, and it did not work!
To make a comparison: When you take a look at your body and think that
your heart should do the same work as is required of the liver, or
that the kidneys should do the work of the lungs, what kind of a human
body would that be?

It's my firm belief that we can create a world wide effect by putting
positive intentions into the universal consciousness, but we have to
relieve our dualistic style of thinking to begin with. Let's respect
each others' efforts to create, according to their own abilities, the
greatest good for the greatest number of Dynamics. We are able to help
men grow beyond the level of "an eye for an eye", etc. simply by
accepting that there are different viewpoints, which can nevertheless
work in the same direction.

It's not necessary to use the same "language". It's only necessary to
be a true fellowman to reach our main goal.

When I read this over, it gives me a little bit the feeling that I am
preaching. My purpose, however, was to voice something we noticed and
which several subscribers had questions about. I should be pleased to
get reactions, if possible.

I want to end off with a completely different matter, two questions:
1. What's the explanation of factor 8 "and thus there is light"?
2. Who knows something about the research behind the level OT2

Elly Poortenaar

Excalibur Foundation, Holland