From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 6 - May 1992

New Realities
By Mark Jones, USA

On Accelerating Evolvement

Most independents share a common goal, to accelerate their own and
others evolvement. The wealth of data which LRH originated and/or
integrated provides a depth of insight and procedures to assist in
accomplishing this. In compiling the first technical cross index for
C/Sing in 1970, later published as a bulletin, we found that some of
most basic data was not always easily accessible for case handling. In
addition, as the procedures and the "bridge" became "standardized" and
economic stats were given greater priority, the organizational focus
was diverted from more in depth exploration and application of many of
these basic insights. Now, in light of other advances, such as those
in quantum physics, it can be useful to review and apply in more
workable ways some of these basic principles.

Postulates - the Root Cause

LRH provided some very useful insights to help accomplish this in some
of his early works. For example in an article entitled, "An Afternoon
With Ron", ("Dianetic Auditors Bulletin", Vol. 2, No 7, Jan 52
Official Publication of the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation, Wichita; An
Afternoon with Ron. Tech Vol. I page 196.) he stated that, "There is a
postulate present in every incident describing what the individual
believes is wrong". Further, in this article he stated, "Running the
incident will eventually cause the postulate to come up, and it's much
better just to let it come up than to force it. But if your PC is
having a rough time of it and you decide that you'd like to remove a
particular bothersome postulate, just ask if there is such a postulate
there. He will either observe that he is to some degree dramatizing it
and will look for it hurriedly, or he will not recognize that he is
dramatizing it. If you find that it is necessary to feed postulates on
a suggestive basis, it is because the incident is soggy with emotion".

Later, in an article "Cause and Effect" ("The Dianetic Auditors
Bulletin", Tech Vol. 1, pages 208-213, Feb 1952, Cause and Effect.) he
wrote, "Postulates lie at the -root- of cause and effect. Of primary
importance is the individual's desire to be affected by life. At some
time he decided to be affected by his environment, since he was not
getting fun out of being cause. He wanted life to push him around
awhile. He got his wish. Life affected him. Those postulates should be
found". Under Full Responsibility in the same article he wrote, "The
goal of full responsibility is not attained by simply making new

In an article on "The Theory of Training in Scientology" ("The
Magazine of Dianetics and Scientology" from Washington, D.C. Issue 85,
ca. late November 1958. "Theory of Training in Scientology". Tech Vol.
III, Page 344.) he wrote, "It should be understood that all things
proceed from postulates, and that these postulates go from
simplicities to complexities. Therefore, it would be surprising if
Tibetan Lamaism didn't contain some of the data of Scientology. By
working with the data which is simplest and earliest one does the odd
thing with Scientology of taking a new, freshly born science and
undercutting any older philosophy". In PAB 56 ("PAB" 56 8 Jul 1955,
Tech Vol. II, Page 240.) he emphasized that, "All conditions are
postulated conditions".

In 1956 he wrote, ("The Magazine of Dianetics and Scientology" from
Washington D.C. Minor 5 (1955), ca. mid June. "The Hope of Man". Tech
Vol. III, page 215.) "there is not doubt any longer in my mind that a
postulate made by an awareness of awareness unit is a higher
manifestation than any energy space manifestations and that the
postulate is totally and entirely in control of space-energy
manifestations. A thought is the most senior thing there is".

How Beliefs Relate to Postulates

LRH did not appear to use the word belief. However, from the
definitions of a belief it can be inferred that it is essentially a
postulate which is continuing to be created, and from and through
which an individual perceives and interacts with existence. A belief
is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary as "mental acceptance
or conviction in the truth or actuality of something".

It would appear to be obvious that in a growing science dealing with
postulates as a basic element, providing a means for a person to find
and change the limiting postulates from which he is creating his or
her experiences and reality would be a step forward. The earlier ways
to do this were to find what the pc was dramatizing, as above, or to
search the time track to uncover and handle the incidents in which a
person adopted a limiting postulate and has continued to create it as
a belief. Both are workable, but the latter is quite time consuming,
and most people are constrained by limiting beliefs about the amount
of time and money they can create.

Fortunately, as a result of more recent discoveries in bio feedback
and metaphysics, it is now quite feasible and simple to guide and
enable a person to find his limiting postulates, including the most
basic, and to discharge the emotions connected with them. Quantum
physics has confirmed what metaphysicians have said for centuries,
that all existence is connected through vibrations. Each individual
creates his own unique vibrations from his beliefs. Particular parts
and aspects of existence, including his environment and body resonate
to his vibrations, resulting in his unique experiences and his
physical and emotional state. The continously available feedback from
his experiences and his bodily and emotional states reveal what his
basic beliefs, i.e. continuing postulates are. The limiting or
negative ones can be readily identified, the "soggy emotions"
discharged and limiting postulates can be changed to new pro-survival
and expansive ones.

Unfortunately, approaches based on belief handling which have been
widely promoted to independents via hard sell tactics appear to have
lacked certain key elements necessary to pinpoint limiting postulates
and to make lasting changes. In addition, because of the complexity
involved in learning the procedures of application, they proved to be
costly and time consuming. These factors tended to discredit the
approach. Yet, even with these limitations, some people made very
positive changes in their lives.


However, since what one is experiencing in life, both externally and
internally, can be so readily used to pinpoint limiting postulates
(beliefs), and very simple but effective procedures have been evolved
to make lasting changes, the integration of the early LRH data with
new insights has provided a promising breakthrough. Using it, a raw pc
can be hatted in twenty minutes, and quite often achieve major changes
in his life in five hours. Perhaps, even more important, it provides a
simple and highly effective means for a person to continue to use it
for his evolvement, either solo or with guidance.

Since so many independents are dedicated to assisting themselves and
other individuals in making the most progress toward their evolvement
in the most expeditious manner, finding and changing beliefs or
continuing postulates provides another highly effective tool.